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Jun. 12th, 2009 12:51 am
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It's funny, for someone with a visual impairment I'm being driven really freaking crazy by the fact that I don't have a graphics program on the Mac. Haven't had one since I got the thing in January. I have some really basic things that came with it, all of which suck, and a few demos I've downloaded, which suck only a little bit less.

One of the things I didn't think of when I decided to get the Mac instead of another PC was that they don't make Paint Shop Pro for Mac. *sigh* I miss PSP. To the point where I actually booted up the Gateway the other night and messed around with some graphics. Of course, when I got the images back to the Mac (a complex file transer system involving a USB cable, my old iPod, and a lot of crossed fingers and swear words) I found out I need to resize the damn thing. Which naturally I can't do on the Mac, because I went ahead and added text to the image. I can resize the base photomanip, no problem, but it'll fuck up the text but good.


I realized recently that I haven't done anything with urbandruid.net in.... um, a very, very long time. I have the redesign projects started, but they've been stalled because I kind of need a graphics program to get anything done.

So I'm downloading a Photoshop trial, and I hate to say this, but I feel like I'm on dial-up again. It's been going for at least half an hour, is at 17%, and is estimated to take another 1 hour, 31 minutes and 21 seconds. On DSL! I realize it's a big file (1,012.84 MB) but still, this is ridiculious. This damn thing had better work, that's all I can say. If it doesn't...

It really has been driving me nuts, not being able to mess around with manips or make icons or other random stuff like that. And I have no idea where I'm going with this post really, except that I'm bored, I still have almost an hour and a half to go, and I felt like ranting about this. So there you go.
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This is really random, but does anyone know a cure for the hiccups that actually works? I was getting ready to go to bed last night, and they just started up on me. And refused to go away for at least a half an hour. I know it's some kind of muscle spasm that causes it, which would imply that you need to relax the muscles, but cranking my electric blanket didn't seem to be doing it much good, until it decided to go away on its own.

The human body is so odd sometimes...

I have a million things to do, and, true to form, I'm not really doing any of them. I only discovered- last weekend, I think it was, that the last time I messed with the journal pages at Urbandruid, I accidentally uploaded the journal index over the main index page. And I think I screwed with the journal last in... uh, well, September, from what the error logs tell me? No one mentioned this, of course, but it's hard to blame them- when I haven't updated the site in forever, why visit?

I'm working on cleaning up and redoing a lot of stuff on the domain now, but it's so much work that I just want to bury my head in the sand.

Of course, this is how I feel about most things lately, so...

Depression is still kicking my ass, though things are starting to get a bit better. Mostly because I don't really have to do anything anymore. Except, you know, the million and one things that I dump on myself. Because I'm a mad overachiever that way. You think I'd have learned by now, but oh no, not me.

I'm trying not to take it too far, because starting to get better doesn't mean being better... but I guess we'll just see how it goes.
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I wonder if it's my nerves that made the corn flakes I had for breakfast this morning taste like cardboard.

Probably not. They tasted like that yesterday, too.

I have about an hour until I have to leave for my appointment with the eye doctor. This is crazy. I'm almost as nervous as I would be if this were the day of the surgery.

So to keep my mind occupied, I've been uploading files half the morning.

I'm sure I've missed some stuff, that there are mistakes I haven't found yet, but if you're not doing anything, check it out. Feedback is appreciated.


There's fic you guys haven't seen yet over in the HP pages, including those two multichapters I kept talking about. They're still kind of rough- well, alright, they're not, but I'm nervous about people reading them. And one of the things I forgot to do is rate them, but just a warning, Standing Stones is an 'R' for some violence, sexual content, and probably some language- may as well cover all the bases. Lost Bastion is a little better in that department; I'd say a strong PG-13, or so...

Um, yeah.

I'm tempted to delete everything from the server before I leave, until I have time to check it, but I won't do it, if only because it took too damn long to upload in the first place.

I'm nuts. But, you know, half of it is nerves over the doctor, and the other is the usual "oh my gods I just uploaded a huge amount of stuff" nerves.

I think I'm going to go grab some lunch now. Maybe it'll help stop my hands from shaking? :)
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I'm pretty sure something has died in my kitchen. I'm not keen to investigate too closely, though- think I'll just haul the trash out and hope the smell goes away.

My Buffy season 2 is in Richmond, Ca. Which is on the coast. It started out in Nevada. So here's my question. Why couldn't they just have gone on down the highway when they hit central California? Since, you know, I live here?

Buffy is taking the long way around, apparently. With my luck, it'll show up when I'm at the doctor's tomorrow. Since it has to come all the way back from some speck on the map near Berkeley (looked it up in the atlas, otherwise I wouldn't know this- Geography Girl I am not). It's not really important, but it is mildly annoying. Leave it to the post office, I suppose.

Anyway. I got this lovely Irina fic from [livejournal.com profile] dagnylilytable today. I read it when I was half awake, so I think I'm going to read it again before I send any comments. I like it, though. Five things that didn't happen to Irina Derevko. I should do one of those fics... or two or three. Looks like a lot of fun.

Oh yes. I need another fic to add to my "I'll write it someday!" list like I need a hole in the head. But at least it comes complete with title, right? :)

Remember how I said Urbandruid was one little document from being done? Hah! I forgot the incidental tweaking and oh-shit-gotta-fix-that which goes along with every new website design; the bigger the site, the more of that stuff there is. All day I've been finding little things, like the fact that some of my redesigned pages still have filenames like "test.htm". I know there's going to be stuff I won't find until after I upload it all, but I'm trying to minimize that.

So I've been working on little stuff for a couple hours now. I think I need a break. Possibly a long one.
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The Crusade Fanlisting is up.

Can't believe it actually took me a month to finish those codes. Lazy, I am.

I expect this one may give me a lot of work, but I guess we'll see.
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I have a killer headache that's only slowly going away with periodic applications of Tylenol. Sinuses- it's only one side of my head. Which feels like it's had an axe driven through it, but it could be worse I suppose. Could be my entire head.

And it's not like things are, you know, quiet around here. Idiot construction workers...can't believe there's not a city ordinance about noise, they're just supposed to 'politely' wait till 8:00 or something to start... And every time I look out there, there are no trucks, no signs, and nobody's wearing a t-shirt stating who they work for so or anything that I can call and complain.

Convenient, huh?

Finished Shadow Dancer - the Anna Sheridan fansite & fanlisting yesterday. One of my weirder obsessions, which I'm going to stop pimping now, but anyway... thought some of you might like to see.

Am very proud of myself for getting it up- the first official Urbandruid page. Yay!

By the way, I'd like to apologize to those of you who don't use laptops, and to whom the Urbandruid placeholder page looks really horrible. I thought about fixing it, but I'm basically lazy, and it'll be gone soon...

...oh, Gods. My self-imposed deadline for Urbandruid is in two days.

Unreal. I still have so much to do. And as always, I wanted to do one massive upload, viola, here it is. Never works. Never, ever, ever works.

So I suppose from here on out things will simply slip online.

I'm debating suddenly how to phase out sentri.net. Should I just delete everything, or leave a reference page up, or...? Who the hell am I kidding? The only people who visited sentri will know the new URL because I'll have given it to them. And I think the only site of mine ever linked to was the Gundam Wing one, which I so far haven't redone.

I tried, and it just didn't... I don't know. I planned too much for that site, never did it, and then there it was, a whole lot of not much. So I saved the fic, incorporated it into the overall fic site I've really needed to do for a long time...And I feel kind of bad about it, because I know some people in GW fandom will expect it to come back with the new domain, but I just can't. And there's no point to a whole site, the way I try to do them, when all there would be is fic. Fic I don't know when I'm updating, by the way- in a way I feel quite sorry for the 'Ghost Knight' fans, because it's not like I'm on a schedule for turning out chapters or anything.

I am, however, considering taking the design I made for the GW site before deciding to give up on it, tweaking it a bit, and resurrecting it as the Treize/Lady Une fansite/resource/ect of doom. It's a major project and I'm hesitant to undertake it, but it's not like I don't read every fic with that pairing I can get my hands on anyway...Yeah.

But I think I'm going to hold off on that for a bit, wait and see how I do with this fanlisting thing. I'm probably okay as far as the Anna FL and the seaQuest Captain Stark ones, as I can't imagine they'll be too terribly popular. But I somehow managed to get approval for the official Crusade FL.

Yep, that Crusade. It's not quite done, but when it is... It just struck me as rather sad that it hadn't already been done. And I had that nice design (the redesign of the old empty Crusade page) that I needed to do something with...

Right. Urbandruid. At least I know what I'm doing today.

New AIM is AurorDark, which I'll be on later if anyone wants to talk. Because, you know, I can't just work, I have to have distractions too.

Yay! Headache is going away. 'Course, now that I said that it'll be back...
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I am determined to finish two major projects by the summer solstice.

I am crazy.

Project #1 - Urbandruid.net. Which is getting there, but there are sections for which I have done next to nothing. Some of them I just think I'm going to scrap for now, and maybe not do at all.

Project #2 - The tentatively titled Harry Potter fic, "Lost Bastion." This is my post-GoF fic, and I really want to finish it before I read Order of the Phoenix. Never mind that some of the stuff in OoP would probably help; I am determined to do it my way.

Nobody ever said I was sensible, did they?

But the fic is coming along nicely, and with two sections for Urbandruid crossed off the list, probably three, things are looking a lot better.

I think the biggest problem I'm having with the domain is that most of what's left for me to do is essay-writing, for various fandom sites. And I'm having a seriously Harry Potter phase- it's the fic, and the OoP countdown- and the HP site is done. I suppose I could add some icons, but that would require the making of icons. Which I should do... I only have one HP icon, and you're looking at it. I need more Snape icons. Must have more Snape icons.

Obsessed? Me? Never! :)
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I hate this time change. Hate hate hate hate.

And whoever is outside in the apartment parking lot needs to stop hitting the goddamn air breaks for shits and giggles right now.

I need about another hour of sleep. Maybe I can get it in Bio? Wait...that won't work. I sit in the front row, prof's bound to notice.

I will get used to this, right? I must have done it last year, but suddenly my mind's gone all blank and fuzzy.

Note to self: Okay, when you get home you can have a nap, but then you've gotta revise the damned Trotsky paper.

*sigh* Comrade Trotsky and I are on the outs, I'll tell ya.

And I really need to finish Urbandruid. This not really having an active website thing is really starting to get to me. My fingers itch, and there's this little voice in my head saying "code me! coooode me!" Kinda like "Little Shop of Horrors".
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Finally got around to redoing the colors on the LJ, cleaning out my icons, and renewing my paid membership. I feel like I've accomplished something here.

And before my productive mood goes the way of so many before it, I am putting myself to work, mostly Urbandruid stuff, imagemaps and graphics and such. And it's funny, because the imagemapper was such a tedious thing when I started to use it- I have to make how many more rectangular areas?- but now it goes easier. I'm proud of myself now for finding uses for all the Star Wars pictures I've saved up over the years- never mind the fact I had to go digging for a few of them online, scanned another from a magazine... most of it I already had.

One more map, and the SW site is done.

You know, I've been thinking...I put an awful lot of time into this junk for someone who doesn't get paid... hmm. Perhaps I should go into web design? As a career rather than a hobby/obsession. If I can ever find a way to learn the stuff that persists in being just beyond my grasp. City College has a web design class, but I've got to get through Computer Literacy first.

Yeah, like that's gonna be hard.

New icon is from the little photo session I did last week, by the way. Full sized pics coming in just a bit.
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Having spent two days doing math homework and taking what feels like reams of notes for my history paper, I feel like I need a weekend to recover from my weekend. I remember now how much I hate the middle of the term, and why. I want to write, and not really the Trotsky paper. I'll be proud of myself when it's done, but right now it is a thorn in my side.'

Alias, fascinating depths of Irina, and I want to write out everything that's in my head, from "A Dark Turn" to here, finish "Waiting the Dawn", my "Ice and Glass" sequel some day. But none of it's happening this week, at least not until after the paper is done.

Urbandruid, for those of you keeping score, is moving along at a pretty good clip considering the little time I have to work on it. I'm still not sure if I'll meet my deadline, but at least it gives me something to shoot for.
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Since I dropped French, I have two hours to kill every Thursday morning. And true to form I only did a little homework, then went and pulled some HTML books from the stacks. Amazing how out of date some of that stuff is... found one book from 1999, which basically told me that no one uses frames and everyone hates them. A lot of help that was.

I ended up, once I got home, pulling the code from the old Sentri poetry page (a code which I was convinced for half the day that I must have swiped from Lindsay in the first place, till I realized I really had dug through it on my own) and tweaking it till it worked. It still wouldn't do quite what I wanted it to do, but I compermised, centered the images in their frames when what I really wanted to do was center the whole damn frameset. Turns out I could have done what I wanted to with an iframe, but Netscape can't read those, and I get so little traffic as is, I hate to turn half of it away at the door with a "sorry, get IE". And I hate Microsoft enough, still, that I didn't want to do that on pricipal. Though I may throw it together as an alternate, because it would make me feel better to have it look exactly the way it is in my head...

So I should be working on my Trotsky paper, or doing my math, or something along those lines, and of course I'm not. I'd rather hang out and waste time the way I always seem to, so that I can end up stressing over the paper all weekend, giving up sleep and food so that I can finish it on time. Or some crap like that. I don't mean to do these things, they just sort of end up that way.

Oh well. I'm glad tomorrow is Friday, anyway. I need a weekend.

Hit my head on a doorframe today; stupid metal frame between doors coming out of the bookstore coffee shop, I was swerving to avoid someone coming in the other door, had no idea the partition was there, slammed forehead and left eye into it. Thank Gods for the glasses, but I'm still waiting to see if my face turns as pretty as Mom's did when she hit that file cabinat at work last month. Went to student health, more rattled than anything else, but they said I was fine. No swelling or anything I'm aware of, but I haven't looked in a mirror in hours, so who knows what kind of color scheme I've got going on now.

I was going to take some pictures with the digicam this weekend, but if I'm turning colors, that's not gonna happen. I look bad enough these days.
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Fandom obsessive much? I just realized I have no non-fandom icons. Must do something about that in my (the joke's not even funny anymore) spare time.

Have spent half my afternoon & evening playing with Urbandruid stuff, working towards the semi-deadline of my birthday, aka May 2. As a present to myself, I would like it done by then.

It's coming, but slowly. As always there are sticking points; the fandom page is one now. Design wise I know exactly what I want to do, but not having done frames in about two years, I'm slightly rusty. I should really just dig up my old frames from Sentri's old poetry page and use them, but they won't do what I want them to, damnit.

Slowly it crawls along, fragment by fragment. I have all the frames on the page now; only problem is that their sizing bites. Gah. Giving up for the night.
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Do you suppose it would look stupid if I titled the writing section of Urbandruid "blue ink" despite its green-tinted graphics? Or should I turn the bloody things blue? No, I'm tired of looking at blue, and Urbandruid is definitly a green sort of thing, but the title... I'm still having trouble with those. You'd think I would be over this by now. But oh no. Not me.

I go about reading various and random bits of sentri pages; the B5 bit on Sheridan and Delenn at present. No, it's not helping.

Could keep it as water, I suppose, but-

Ah! Losing track of myself here, I'm confusing the writing site and the sub-section of same, the fanfic site, with one another. I don't know what the hell I'm calling the fic site either, but it doesn't need to be all-inclusive because.. Well, never mind.

So much to do, with the new domain... what I really need to do is make a list of some form so that I can keep it straight.

Sure I will. Someday.
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If I were to be doing anything approaching work or fulfilling obligations, I'd be studying for tomorrow's French test, or out with the digital camera, taking pictures in hopes something will hit me for Urbandruid. [livejournal.com profile] thenonsense suggested a tree with those little bars around it, which I liked a lot, but I can't find one. I want some strange combination of urban and not, and I haven't got it.

What I do have are some really nice pictures I took in Yosemite about six years ago, most of which lack any sense of urban, except one I've been playing around with- a lake in fog, with the road and a "no parking" sign visible. But it's just not cooperating for me here.

Update: Yay! Got it to do what I wanted to. Now we build outward from here...
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If it's not one thing, it's another. I've decided on a domain- for real this time -and now I've gone and confused myself on the registration of said domain. I want to go through the same people I have sentri.net registered with, and that's turning out to be a bit of a problem. So I had to email them and ask them how to do it.

Yep. Web Adept extrodinaire, that's me. Riiight.

Oh well. Will sort it out somehow, one supposes. Working on design ideas now, although I'm pretty tired. I have a new desk now, and it's either too tall, or I'm too short, or I need a new chair, maybe all three.

I have wanted to get rid of this damned chair for nearly seven years. Birthday present from my bloody grandparents, who thought it...appropriate. I, of course, hated the thing on sight.

At some point I will get used to this behemoth sitting in my room, and if my back would stop cramping up from the way I have to hunch over the keyboard, it would probably help.
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The hilarity of it all...someone's taken Tisiphone.net, and even has a placeholder: "i am on teh internet." Direct quote, minus the period. Huh. Strange, I'd almost talked myself into that one. It's down to the other two now (yeah, I know I said that before, but they kept cropping back up) and I suppose I had better decide before somebody else makes the choice for me. I think that would really piss me off.
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Bon Jovi, Vanilla Coke, graphics, & PSP. I play with names and layouts, fall in and out of love with everything several times.

I'm afraid I'm going to hate whatever I pick in a few years, the way I hate Sentri now.

I write the names on little scraps of paper, throw them in a bowl (actually my cauldron, but same difference), stir them around, pull one out. Like I want some Sign From Above to wave in my direction, but I don't know what I want that sign to say. I tell myself, okay, the first name you pull three times, is the one.

I do, and it's urbandruid. And I hate it. I hate it hate it hate it. And all I can think is that Lindsay is right, and maybe I won't have to be urban forever.

And it's funny but it's not true, not really... I mean, I could do a nice layout with pictures of the tree stump from last year and my crappy apartment complex and such, but that would only annoy me.

Down to two, then. Feel free to steal one; it will force me to choose the other. Although I may still murder you.

Derevko.net, or Tisiphone.net

Opinions? I'm on the virge of asking my mother, that's how desperate I am here.

Edit: Don't let the icon influence you or anything. ;)
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I think I finally have it figured out.

To be honest, I probably had it from the start, I was only distracting myself with other things, playing around... you know how it goes. But I know what I've wanted all along.

I have to pay a bill or two, and then that domain is mine. Yes, I know which one. I may at some point get one of the others, if they still appeal to me and if I know what the hell I'm going to do with it...

Of course, emailing Lindsay to tell her about this, I have more ideas for my second choice than I do for my first. It's just so perfect... Oh, hell.
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Despite not having done much this afternoon, I do feel productive. Domain choices are down to three, though I didn't do it; somebody took cynicism.net while I wasn't looking. I sit in the dark with Tarot cards, seeking inspiration, or a sign. Which one of the three?

I can't figure it out, so I read Jack Kerouac the way I did all last weekend (Desolation Angels, of which I can make very little sense), and chat with Lindsay.

My wrists hurt from typing those names over and over, again and again... But I think I've narrowed it to two.
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Killing time on the computer when I should be doing something more productive, homework or cleaning my room or balancing my checkbook- but so what else is new? A months' worth of logs and stats, sentri.net in all of its oddness, and I realize as I read them that I no longer know the purpose behind the robots.txt file; that there is no point to having a site online that you don't want people to find.

And I wonder why no one knows my name.

So I think that I will get rid of that, though what the point is with the domain's days so likely numbered... Well, the search queries that pop up amuse me. "Anlashok sentri", is one I just saw. Hell, that's half the path to the Babylon 5 site right there. People are strange, I guess.

A list grows, domains that could belong to me if only I could make up my mind. If only one of them would speak to me, really speak to me; I play with them in my head, write them down in pen, type them... waiting for something to hit me the right way. I have either too few choices or too many; I can't tell anymore.

I play with words and dot nets, dot coms (but I'm sort of used to my .net), and I feel like what I need is a second opinion, but Mom thinks I'm strange enough. Of course, back in the day I explained sentri to Mom using Adam's bullshit; "it's pronounced 'century'- no, you're still not getting it quite right..."

And I may have found something.


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