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I've been shaking out the couch cushions since I found out I didn't get the scholarship, trying to find the money to go to London in the spring. The program application was due last Friday, so I got that in, and waited for them to call me in for my interview.

Tuesday was my Spanish final, and while I was waiting for my ride home I checked my messages. Got one from the nice lady at the district office. Unfortunately not about the interview. They didn't have enough people apply to the program, so they had to cancel it.

I'm bummed out, disappointed, and trying not to get depressed. I kept it together through Wednesday, which was my last final, but yesterday it really started to hit me that I'm not going. Nobody from here is going.

In other news, Mom has bronchitis, Sam still hates the new kitten and is making her displeasure felt by hissing and yowling when she passes the room he's in, and leaving little presents for me in the middle of my bathroom (aka crapping on the floor.)

I'm beyond ready for this year to be over. For lack of anything better to do, and badly needing distractions, I'm spending most of my time reading and playing LEGO Star Wars: the Complete Saga, on my Playstation, which I can't recommend enough even if I am stuck on the next to the last level of Revenge of the Sith.

I'd really like to get some writing done sometime, but my brain just isn't in gear right now. I think I strained it a little too much with the finals. And the huge bundle of fun and stress that has been this semester in general.
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So I've been meaning to update for ages- the usual, school is dumping work on me, we've had health issues around here- I have tendinitis in my left shoulder and am possibly getting a cold.

And today's Mom's birthday, so I was going to do my usual "hello flist, it's Mom's bday" post... but.

She was out on the front porch smoking a cigarette (she hasn't smoked inside since we bought the house) and heard a kitten crying across the street. It's a bit foggy and cold outside, and she called it over. It came. And started purring when she petted it.

So she put out a little dish of Sam's food and some water, and... the poor thing is starving. It looks to be in pretty good shape, good weight and all, but its paws are white and they're pretty dirty, and its claws are in about the same shape.

So, um, now it's in the garage with a big bowl of Sam's food, which it seems to love, some water, a cat bed we bought for Sam that she never used, and a litter box, which it knows how to use. And we think it might be an ocicat like Sam.

We're going to put up signs to see if anyone's missing a kitten, give it at least over the weekend for someone in the neighborhood to call us, and in the meantime it can stay in the garage- it's not that cold, and cute as the kitten is, it's not going anywhere NEAR Sam until we get it checked out by the vet. And we're trying not to get attached in case a.) it belongs to someone, b.) it has one of those horrid cat diseases, or c.) Sam hates it. But we're already kind of joking about how it could be Mom's birthday present.

One of Mom's coworkers is infamous for rescuing stray cats, so Mom's going to see if she has any advice we haven't thought of yet, when she gets into work, but I know a lot of my flist are cat people, so please hit me with anything you've got.

And either way, if the cat can stay here or not, we'll make sure it goes to a good place. We're putting "call for description" on the signs, 'cause I'll be damned if some random person just decides they want the kitten. I don't want to hang onto some little kid's pet, but otherwise, it came to us. And it really seems to like Mom. (Started purring before we got the food. :)

It's garbage day, of course, and the garbage trucks scared the poor thing off the porch once, but it came back as soon as the truck was gone.

So... I guess we'll see. We're really trying not to get attatched, but OMG it is CUTE! I'll see if I can get pictures later.

Anyway, have to dash- Mom wants to be to work on time-ish today, they're having a breakfast potluck for her, but if she's too late they'll eat all the good food, the turkeys. :)
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I'm awake much earlier than anyone who went to be dhwen I did last night ought to be, but I've got to go into school this morning to sell back the math textbook o'doom. If I don't go in with Mom, I have to take a bus both ways. And, you know... no.

I really can't wait until I'm done with this and can come home again, though. I couldn't get to sleep until around 1AM, and I had to get up at six. *whimper* Plus, I've been waiting for a call back from my doctor (the actual MD) all week, so I haven't been able to nap. Talked to her yesterday, thank Gods, and the only person who might call today is the person who does her scheduling. Whose call I can very easily return. Which is good, because I'm going to come home and fall back into bed.

In other news, my entire family is leaving town for Chrismas, or not coming here, in the case of the out of town family. Even my grandparens are leaving- they're going to go stay at my aunt and uncle's place near San Francisco, while aunt and uncle are out of state with his family. They asked us to go, but Mom only gets a day or two off at Christmas, and I think they're starting to realize that I am nowhere near crazy enough to go out of town with them, without her. Or significant other backup.

Speaking of Christmas, we got the tree up and put lights on it, but haven't gotten around to the ornaments yet. Yeah, we're lazy. Unfortunatly, Sam thinks the tree is great fun, especally if we turn the lights on.

She's, um, trying to bite the fake tree branches, and the shiny lights.


Her new name is going to be "Sam, get away from the fucking Christmas tree!" in about another two seconds...

Funny, and yet really annoying, when all you really want to do is sit on the couch and read or watch TV, and every other minute, there's this telltale rustling from the tree...

Ugh. Guess I should finish getting dressed now.
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Dear silly humans,

This is Samantha, the cat, speaking. Yes, I, being smarter than your avarage feline, know how to use the computer, and after scaring away a very ugly goat, have made my way here to this "livejournal." Worship me.

My human has been very busy working at the table which is used for eating ("kitchen table") with the paper that I am not allowed to play with ("homework") and the rectangular thing which she punches and swears at a lot ("graphing calculator".) She has been too busy even to pet me, and yesterday when I tried to play with the writing impliment ("pencil") she yelled at me and threw me off the table. Me!

There is someone responsible for this, known as the "math teacher". If I find him, I will bite him.

My human, if she had time to say any such thing, would tell you that she misses her human friends (why, when she has me?) and that there are things she should have done this week, known as "tags", "posts", and "writing prompts" but that with this thing known as the "exam" hanging over her head, she has not had time.

My human begs your indulgence, and says that over something called the "Labor Day Weekend", she will be catching up on these things. She should also catch up on petting me, for I am the world's cutest kitty, and require much love, adoration, many pettings, and so forth.

Would you like to pet me? Or retrieve my toys from under the couch?

Oh, yes. My human also states that today, several long boring hours during which she will not be home to pet me, after her exam, she also has her honor society meeting- she hopes. And thus she will be on campus "all freaking day." She is going to attempt to take someone named Anna ("the laptop") along- I wonder why she isn't taking me instead. Oh, yes. Because I don't like strange places or people.

My human is wise.

You may now worship me
Samantha, the cat
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My cat owns me.

No, seriously. I got up this morning, said hi to the kitty, fed the kitty... and she started rubbing my ankles like crazy. She likes me a lot, but she doesn't usually do that much of that. So I got her a couple of cat treats. She ate them. And meowed at me.

And I realized that Mom usually puts one or two in her food dish, and I forgot.

Owned, I tell you.

She's cute, though.

In other news, my history teacher, being the nice, scatterbrained woman she is, forgot which of her classes she gave an extension to on their papers, and was more than happy to take mine when I turned up with it at her office before class. Didn't even want to see my doctor's note. Score!

My birthday was yesterday, and I had a very nice one. The weather was beautiful when I woke up, and we had all the windows open for a couple of hours. Mom took the day off to hang out with me. Even drove me to school and picked me up after class, so I didn't have to take the bus or wait three hours for her to get off work, which was really nice of her. Then we grabbed lunch, and went to Baskin Robbins to pick up the cake. Ever seen an ice cream place with twenty people in it, and one person behind the counter? A bit insane.

Went home, watched the news. Bird flu may kill us all before the government figures out what the hell to do about it. Of course, I love the guy they interviewed- some kind of expert in something- who said he didn't think that quarantining people would help. Okay, dude, tell you what- when the first person comes from overseas with the bird flu, they can stay at your house.


The local news anchor, idiot that she is, seemed most concerned by the fact that "In a worst case scenario, malls and sporting events may be closed." Oh, Goddess, the horror. Please. If it gets that bad, that's the least of our problems, and we can all cope. Buy your crap from online like I do, and they can have the police bomb squad's robots deliver it. Or the mailperson in a biohazard suit.

I mean, I'm just saying, you know? I'm aware the locals are morons- I once knew a guy who worked for one of the local TV stations, and even he thought they were idiots. Said he was always telling them not to ad-lib stuff into their reports, but they did it anyway even though everyone told them it was stupid. So, I know they're not the sharpest knives in the drawer, but yes, if the bird flu comes to town, our greatest concern should be the mall closing and sporting events being canceled. Because, you know, in that case, my first worry would be that I couldn't go to the Fresno State game.

Although, if Mom misses Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young this July, I can't be held responsible for what she might do, because I'll be hiding in my room with the cat. Especally since the last time she saw them on tour, Neil Young was having one of his tantys off doing his own thing, and not touring with the others.
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This is going to be another one of those really fun weeks. In the sense of not really. I have a history exam today on material I'm sort of shaky on, a short paper due Thursday, and the weather sucks. It's cold and raining, and I really, really don't want to go out and stand at the bus stop. Or walk the couple blocks to campus from where I get off the bus. And as if this wasn't enough fun, my stupid kidney is acting up again.

Oh yes, and, I just remembered, I have to register for the fall on Thursday, too. I'm hoping they actually have the schedules printed by now. They have them on the school website, but said website has this habit of crashing when it gets overloaded- ie, when the entire student body goes searching for classes on the web because there was another delay in the printshop.

Lovely. It's pouring again, and I have to go out in an hour.

And about half an hour ago, I think the moron construction people poured the concrete to fill in the section of sidewalk they took out a week or so ago because they'd cracked it while they were building the house. It's been sunny for ages, and they have to start working on this crap now?

I seriously do not get people.

I really don't want to go out there, either. It's cold, I'm cold,and it would be so much nicer if I could just stay here, and hang out with Sam. Who is currently curled up asleep on my bed, and is absolutly adorable.

Which reminds me, I promised cat pictures, didn't I? I only have one I really like on the comptuer, though there are some cute ones on the camera I need to download.

Samantha (and some of her toys) )

The picture makes her look like a tabby, but she's mostly osecat- those are actually spots. She's got an extra claw on her front legs, too, at about the 'wrist'. We're not sure, since it's been so long since we've had a cat, but we don't think that's normal for housecats. She's a sweetie, though. And I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot of her, because she's just too damn cute. :)
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Gods, what a week.

I had, as usual, about a billion things I'd meant to have done by now. But between the major history test I had Tuesday, and the stuff with the cat, I just haven't had time (or felt up to doing anything much.)

We've had the cat less than two weeks, and for a while now it's been pretty obvious that she doesn't like something she's eating. Poor kitty had dry heaves and baaaaaad gas, so we took her to the vet yesterday afternoon. I was worried about her all day, I could hardly even eat. The cat (her name is Samantha) was rather traumatized by the whole vet thing, though she was pretty good when they gave her two shots, and then we still had to make another stop- to buy her some new pet food. She likes the new stuff very much- it's some kind of gourmet pet food made with real tuna, and she pretty much inhales it.

So, Sam is doing better, I survived the test...

...and tonight Mom and I are going to see Bon Jovi in concert. Have to leave in about half an hour. Ahhhhhhhh!!!

I have one more ficlet to write for [livejournal.com profile] licenseartistic for last month. Oops. I'd meant to do them Tuesday after the test, and type them up when I got home, but I was too freaked over the cat to write. I got one done last night, and two today. That still leaves one. I know what I'm doing for the fic, I just have to write it out. Which, of course, I don't have time to do now.

I think there was something else I was going to say, but I can't remember it now. Catch you guys later!
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I've been hellishly busy lately with school stuff, but I'm still alive. :)

My aunt and uncle from Mass. are coming out next weekend. I'm really excited- I haven't seen them in over a year, and they haven't seen the house yet.

We ordered blinds, but they may not be here in time fo the aunt and uncle's visit. So they get to see the sheets we have taped up. :)

We've been collecting cat supplies for the past few weeks; now that we have everything we need, we're finally going to get a cat, the weekend after my relatives visit. We haven't had a kitty since we moved into the duplex up north and had to get rid of ours because our "friends" thrashed the place so badly with their 8 billion pets that we weren't allowed to have one there. (Yeah, I'm still kinda pissed about that. Sarah was the best cat ever.)

The California Feline Foundation has a shelter in town, so we're planning to go there. It's a no-kill shelter, which is great because I cannot deal with the pound. I know they have animals there that really need homes, but it's just too sad and depressing, and I always want to take them all home. Which isn't practical at all, of course.

I told Mom I'd check the CFF out online, but I didn't have time to do it, so she had to do it herself this weekend. Whoops. But she found some good stuff. The cats come with all their shots, tested for all those nasty diseases you really don't want to adopt a cat that has, and microchipped, which we'd planned to have the vet do. So that's awesome.

I'm really, really excited. Two weeks and we can pick out a cat- or let the cat pick us, more like. That's how we got Sarah, and she was the best pet I've ever had.


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