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Birthdate:May 2
Location:United States of America
This isn't everything. I can't imagine how it could be everything. It is bits and pieces, the here and there, little things I complain about, things that will not make sense.
The rest of it doesn't, either. - domain; nothing and everything

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[personal profile] ranger_i - the mun journal

I exist in a world of books and papers, piles of pens, CDs, notebooks. Action figures on my desk that fall over.
I try to make everything more than it is, head in the clouds, feet on the ground. A little in outer space, and yet still the solid earth. Too much time on my hands, or not enough. Paradox.
I write, I plot, I plan. I second guess, I analyze. I remember. Everything piles on top of me, the world is over my head, and sometimes that's how I like it best.
I'm a student; I have great delusions of what I might do if I ever get out of college. Always the grander scheme...

Quotes of the Moment:

Was there a category of insurance for having your boat stolen by an undead sorcerer while the owner was away attending a demon-inspired posse? If so, the rate schedule must be interesting.
- C. S. Friedman, The Coldfire Trilogy, book 3, "Crown of Shadows"

Dead men don't ride rollar coasters.
- Gil Grissom, CSI

Jesus is not a zombie, okay?!
- Seeley Booth, Bones, "The Man in the Morgue"

If you don't want to be noticed, you don't use a Star Destroyer.
-Talon Karrde, Star Wars: Heir to the Empire (Timothy Zahn)

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abigail hearns, action figures, adama/roslin, alan rickman, alastor moody, alfred bester, alias, andrew lafollet, anla'shok, anna sheridan, anne bishop, aurors, babylon 5, battlestar galactica, bellatrix lestrange, bester/carolyn, beverly crusher, bon jovi, books, bridger/westphalen, btvs, buffy summers, c.s. friedman, captain pellaeon, cats, celtic, celtic witchcraft, chocolate, chronic illness, cia, coldfire, coldfire trilogy, college, computers, crusade, darth vader, david weber, depression, digital photography, doctor who, dolls, dragonlance, druidism, druids, ebay, emily/hamish/honor, emily/honor, errant knights, evanescence, eye disorders, eyes, fanfiction, firefly, galen/anna, gaming, gerald tarrant, gestalt glitter brain, gilad pellaeon, grand admiral thrawn, green rider, gundam wing, hamish alexander, harry potter, history, honor harrington, honor/emily, honorverse, irina derevko, jack bristow, jack/irina, jacqueline carey, jaina solo, jean-luc picard, jms, john lecarre, john winchester, lady une, lois mcmaster bujold, lord of the rings, lyta alexander, mal reynolds, mara jade, marcus cole, marilyn stark, melissa etheridge, michelle branch, minerva mcgonagall, moody/penny, movies, music, mythology, narnia, neville longbottom, neville/susan, nimitz/samantha, obi-wan kenobi, obscure characters, obscure fandoms, padme amidala, paganism, penelope clearwater, photography, picard/crusher, psi corps, raistlin majere, reading, river tam, rob s. pierre, roleplaying, russia, sarcasm, science fiction, seaquest dsv, serenity, severus snape, sf/f, slytherin, snape/mcgonagall, snoopy, st: ds9, st: tng, star trek, star wars, stargate sg1, supernatural, susan bones, susan ivanova, talon karrde, tarot, technomages, the empire, the gap cycle, this alien shore, thomas theisman, timothy zahn, treize khushrenada, treize/lady une, trouble, ttdsdg, tyr anasazi, victor garber, villains, web design, wicca, witchcraft, writing, x-men movieverse

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