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Books read in 2012

172 read last year

1. Requiem For The Sun, Elizabeth Haydon
2. Elegy For A Lost Star, Elizabeth Haydon
3. The Assassin King, Elizabeth Haydon
4. The Bar Code Tattoo, Suzanne Weyn
5. A Game Of Thrones, George R. R. Martin
6. Across The Universe, Beth Revis
7. A Million Suns, Beth Revis
8. Shades Of Earth, Beth Revis
9. A Clash Of Kings, George R. R. Martin
10. A Storm Of Swords, George R. R. Martin
11. Diamond In The Rough, Shawn Colvin
12. Article 5, Kristin Simmons
13. Struck By Lightning: The Carson Philips Journal, Chris Colfer
14. Breathe, Sarah Crossan
15. A Feast For Crows, George R. R. Martin
16. A Dance With Dragons, George R. R. Martin
17. Ashes, Ilsa J. Bick
18. Without Tess, Marcella Pixley
19. Shadows, Ilsa J. Bick
20. Bloodlines, Richelle Mead
21. The Seeing Glass, Jacquelin Gorman
22. The Golden Lilly, Richelle Mead
23. Hex Hall, Rachel Hawkins
24. Demonglass, Rachel Hawkins
25. Spell Bound, Rachel Hawkins
26. The Wheel of Time, book 1: The Eye of the World, Robert Jordan
27. The Wheel of Time, Book 2: The Great Hunt, Robert Jordan
28. The Wheel of Time, book 3: The Dragon Reborn, Robert Jordan
29. The Indigo Spell, Richelle Mead
30. Skinned, Robin Wasserman
31. Crashed, Richelle Mead
32. Black Dawn, Rachel Caine
33. Wired, Robin Wasserman
34. The Wheel of Time, book 4: The Shadow Rising, Robert Jordan
35. The Wheel of Time, Book 5: The Fires Of Heaven, Robert Jordan
36. The Wheel of Time, book 6: Lord Of Chaos, Robert Jordan
37. The Wheel of Time, book 7: A Crown Of Swords, Robert Jordan
38. The Wheel of Time, Book 8: The Path Of Daggers, Robert Jordan
39. The Adoration of Jenna Fox, Mary E. Pearson
40. The Wheel of Time, book 9: Winter's Heart, Robert Jordan
41. The Wheel of Time, book 10: Crossroads of Twilight, Robert Jordan
42. The Fox Inheritance, Mary E. Pearson
43. The Wheel of Time, book 11: Knife of Dreams, Robert Jordan
44. Abandon, Meg Cabot
45. The Wheel of Time, book 12: The Gathering Storm, Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson
46. Parable of the Sower, Octavia E. Butler
47. A Time For Dancing, Davida Willis Hurwin
48. Underworld, Meg Cabot
49. The Mortal Instruments, book 1: City of Bones, Cassandra Clare
50. The Mortal Instruments, book 2: City of Ashes, Cassandra Clare
51. Parable of the Talents, Octavia E. Butler
52. The Mortal Instruments, book 3: City of Glass, Cassandra Clare
53. The Infernal Devices, book 1: Clockwork Angel, Cassandra Clare
54. The Infernal Devices, book 2: Clockwork Prince, Cassandra Clare
55. The Infernal Devices, book 3: Clockwork Princess, Cassandra Clare
56. The Fault In Our Stars, John Green
57. The Mortal Insturments, Book 4: City of Fallen Angels, Cassandra Clare
58. House of Night, book 1: Marked, PC & Kristin Cast
59. House of Night, book 2: Betrayed, PC & Kristin Cast
60. House of Night, book 3: Chosen, PC & Kristin Cast
61. House of Night, book 4: Untamed, PC & Kristin Cast
62. House of Night, book 5: Hunted, PC & Kristin Cast
63. House of Night, book 6: Tempted, PC & Kristin Cast
64. House of Night, book 7: Burned, PC & Kristin Cast
65. House of Night, book 8: Awakened, PC & Kristin Cst
66. The Bar Code Tattoo, Suzanne Weyn
67. Darkest Powers, book 1: The Summoning, Kelley Armstrong
68. The Bar Code Rebellion, Suzanne Weyn
69. The Bar Code Prophecy, Suzanne Weyn
70. This Alien Shore, C.S. Friedman
71. Honor Harrington, book 1: On Basilisk Station, David Weber
72. Star Trek: The Next Generation: Death In Winter, Michael Jan Friedman
73. Honor Harrington, book 2: The Honor of the Queen, David Weber
74. Honor Harrington, book 3: The Short Victorious War, David Weber
75. License to Pawn: Deals, Steals, and My Life at the Gold & Silver, Rick Harrison
76. Honor Harrington, book 4: Field of Dishonor, David Weber
77. Darkest Powers, book 2: The Awakening, Kelley Armstrong
78. Honor Harrington, book 5: Flag in Exile, David Weber
79. Worlds of Honor book 1: More Than Honor, David Weber
80. Honor Harrington, book 6: Honor Among Enemies, David Weber
81. Darkest Powers, book 3: The Reckoning, Kelley Armstrong
82. Star Trek: The Next Generation: Resistance, J. M. Dillard
83. Honor Harrington, book 7: In Enemy Hands, David Weber
84. Darkness Rising, book 1: The Gathering, Kelley Armstrong
85. Various Positions, Martha Sachs
86. Darkness Rising, book 2: The Calling, Kelley Armstrong
87. When We Wake, Karen Healey
88. Darkness Rising, book 3: The Rising, Kelley Armstrong
88. Honor Harrington, book 8: Echoes of Honor, David Weber
89. Star Trek: Mirror Universe: Glass Empires, Mike Susman et al.
90. Star Trek: Mirror Universe: The Sorrows of Empire, David Mack
91. Origin, Jessica Khoury
92. Star Trek: Mirror Universe: Obsidian Alliances, Sarah Shaw et al.
93. Percy Jackson & the Olympians, book 1: The Lightning Thief, Rick Riordan
94. Percy Jackson & the Olympians, book 2: The Sea of Monsters, Rick Riordan
95. Percy Jackson & the Olympians, book 3: The Titan's Curse, Rick Riordan
96. Percy Jackson & the Olympians, book 4: The Battle of the Labyrinth, Rick Riordan
97. The Last Academy, Anne Applegate
98. Yesterday, C.K. Kelley Martin
99. Percy Jackson & the Olympians, book 5: The Last Olympian, Rick Riordan
100. Project Paper Doll: The Rules, Stacey Kade
101. Heroes of Olympus, book 1: The Lost Hero, Rick Riordan
102. Heroes of Olympus, book 2: The Son of Neptune, Rick Riordan
103. Honor Harrington, book 9: Ashes of Victory, David Weber
104. Heroes of Olympus, book 3: The Mark of Athena, Rick Riordan
105. Honor Harrington, book 10: War of Honor, David Weber
106. Eve and Adam, Michael Grant & Katherine Applegate
107. The Kane Chronicles, book 1: The Red Pyramid, Rick Riordan
108. Parable of the Sower, Octavia E. Butler
109. Honor Harrington book 11: At All Costs, David Weber
110. The Wheel of Time book 13: Towers of Midnight, Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson
111. Parable of the Talents, Octavia E. Butler
112. The Wheel of Time, book 14: A Memory of Light, Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson
113. House of Night book 10: Hidden, PC & Kristin Cast
114. Ashes trilogy book 1: Ashes, Ilsa J. Bick
115. Ashes trilogy book 2: Shadows, Ilsa J. Bick
116. The Mortal Instruments, book 5: City of Lost Souls, Cassandra Clare
117. Ashes trilogy book 3: Monsters, Ilsa J. Bick
118. The Grisha Trilogy, book 1: Shadow and Bone, Leigh Bardugo
119. The Grisha Trilogy, book 2: Siege and Storm, Leigh Bardugo
120. The Hybrid Chronicles, book 1: What's Left Of Me, Kat Zhang
121. The Heir Chronicles, book 1: The Warrior Heir, Cinda Williams Chima
122. The Heir Chronicles, book 2: The Wizard Heir, Cinda Williams Chima
123. The Heir Chronicles, Book 3: The Dragon Heir, Cinda Williams Chima
124. The Heir Chronicles, book 4: The Enchanter Heir, Cinda Williams Chima
125. Slated, book 1: Slated, Terri Terry
126. Paper Towns, John Green
127. Divergent Trilogy book 1: Divergent, Veronica Roth
128. Ender's Game, Orson Scott Card
128. Divergent trilogy book 2: Insurgent, Veronica Roth
129. Divergent Trilogy book 3: Allegiant, Veronica Roth
130. Abandon Trilogy book 1: Abandon, Meg Cabot
131. Abandon Trilogy book 2: Underworld, Meg Cabot
132. Abandon Trilogy book 3: Awaken, Meg Cabot
133. Star Wars: The Thrawn Trilogy, book 2: Dark Force Rising, Timothy Zahn
134. The 5th Wave, Rick Yancey
135. Ender's Shadow, Orson Scott Card
136. Crusade Trilogy book 1: Crusade, Nancy Holder & Debbie Vigue
137. Crusade Trilogy book 2: Damned, Nancy Holder & Debbie Vigue
138. Ghost In The Wires, Kevin Mitnick
139. Crusade Trilogy book 3: Vanquished, Nancy Holder & Debbie Vigue
140. Morganville Vampires book 1: Glass Houses, Rachel Caine
141. Morganville Vampires book 2: Dead Girls' Dance, Rachel Caine
142. Morganville Vampires book 3: Midnight Alley, Rachel Caine
143. Morganville Vampires book 4: Feast Of Fools, Rachel Caine
144. Morganville vampires book 5: Lord of Misrule, Rachel Caine
145. Morganville Vampires book 6: Carpe Corpus, Rachel Caine
146. Morganville Vampires book 7: Fade Out, Rachel Caine
147. Morganville Vampires book 8: Kiss of Death, Rachel Caine
148. Morganville Vampires book 9: Ghost Town, Rachel Caine
149. Morganville Vampires book 10: Bite Club, Rachel Caine
150. Morganville Vampires book 11: Last Breath, Rachel Caine
151. Morganville Vampires book 12: Black Dawn, Rachel Caine
152. Star Wars: The Thrawn Trilogy, book 3: The Last Command, Timothy Zahn
153. Star Wars: Allegiance, Timothy Zahn

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