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Ugh, seriously? Every time I log into Livejournal, they've changed something else, and not for the better. There's annoying stuff I can't even find an opt-out for anymore. Example: I was just notified that someone (that would be me) uploaded a new icon to a journal (that would also be mine.) Duh, you guys?

I swear, I'd give that site up entirely if there weren't a few communities I was interested in joining or keeping up with, that aren't on DW.

Also, the ridiculiousness that is them charging $15 just for me to be able to use a username that's deleted and purged. Ugh. If it's been deleted and purged, there shouldn't be a problem. And nope, you guys can't have the $15 because I am never giving you money again, you've pissed me off so much. I came up with another username instead.

And then discovered that the community I was thinking of joining hasn't really been active since 2011. *sigh* And I just wrote a fic for these people, too. And created an LJ so I could join...

It's not my day for journal stuffs, apparently.
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Dear Disabling Students,

Do you think it would be too much trouble for you to send my last Stats exam before the final BACK to my teacher? Because right now I have a big fat zero for a test I probably aced, it's bringing my grade down when it just went UP, and I'm FURIOUS.

I've spent most of the day having panic attacks, freaking out, and curled up in my chair sobbing, but I'm really over that, and now I'm just PISSED. I know it's the end of the semester and you're busy, and I DON'T CARE. I need to know what I got on this test so I know what my grade is going into the final; I expect it to go up and I'd planned on doing some celebrating this weekend, but nooo, you have to get all stupid and lackadaisical about everything as usual, just when I most need you to actually DO YOUR JOBS.

It's actually really easy. I took the test. I saw you put it in the envelope. Now put the envelope in the prof's mailbox so he can POST MY FREAKING GRADE.

I'll be back on campus on Tuesday to take my Stats final. I'll also be seeing you charming people. So you might want to have it fixed by then. Just sayin'.

No love,
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Gacked this from my pal [livejournal.com profile] ashkitty, who gacked it from someone else:

Privacy PSA
A friend just shared some disturbing info:

1. Go here: http://www.spokeo.com/

2. Type in your name.

3. Be appalled by the amount of personal info (name, address, phone #, age group, names of family members who live with you, or the fact that you live alone) they've gathered about you and are providing for the world to see. They even provide a map to your house.

To opt out, you need to go all the way to the bottom, find the little tiny gray 'Privacy' link, click that, go through their hoops, go to your email, and confirm through your email.

(My friend found that the 'not-a-bot' code was impossible to read. If you guess right, you won't know, because the screen won't change, so you just have to keep trying until you get an email confirmation message that you want to opt out.)

Snopes.com's listing said that, during their trials, clicking the link emailed to them took them back to the spokeo.com privacy page, and the records to be blocked remained intact. So, be aware that it might not work.


I went and looked me up, and was appalled at what they knew about me. I managed to delete my record, but I had to try three browsers before the whole removal page would load. Also, you can only use the same email address a couple times to remove a listing, AND if you try too often to remove one, it'll cut you off and tell you to try again tomorrow. Trying sometimes = mistyping the not-a-bot random letters/numbers.

I was able to get rid of mine, Mom's, and two listing for Grandma, one old, one current. Got stalled on getting rid of Grandpa's. Some of the info they had was so wrong it's funny, like my uncle and a woman I've never heard of living in my grandparents' apartment with them. Less funny, the complete phone number and the random creepy facts they know about us.

I'm a little less freaked out now that I've been able to get rid of some of this stuff, but... oy.
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In a word? Argh!

I'm not sleeping much lately. Went to bed around 4:00 or 5:00 this morning, and woke up around 9:30. And that's actually more sleep than I got the night before, or the night before that. It's really too bright in my room to sleep in the mornings, so if I wake up I usually stay awake. That's not new, but I'm going to strangle the 'new' neighbors. They've been here for a while, but I'm starting to think that the place next door has some Curse of Annoyance on it, because everyone who's ever lived there has driven us nuts.

They are getting better, though. The first people who lived there had loud fights and louder make up sex, both with the windows open. *facepalm*

We had various members of that family for a while- some kind of divorce/breakup, I think. Don't miss them- they also had bratty kids they never kept an eye on, and had this habit of slamming the side door to their garage so hard it rattled stuff on my desk (and not so incidentally scaring the CRAP out of me.)

The current renters? Fireworks. Little and not so little crackles and booms, on and off for the past week. I woke up this morning, and it's trash day, so at first I wasn't really annoyed. Then I realized that the garbage trucks don't make crackle/pop/BOOM noises.

The neighbors do. Middle of the day, middle of the night, whenever. And I know, tomorrow's the 4th and everybody always gets a little crazy around here with that this week. But seriously, people? Waking me up?

Just don't steal my fucking lightbulbs like the last morons did.

eta: Oh for fuck's sake! The idiots are fighting. I can hear them over my iPod. *facepalm*
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Okay, so here's the semi-condensed version of the story. I may not have mentioned this before, it seeming to be too much to try and explain when I was supposed to be busy getting ready for school, but I've been having these weird reactions to foods for the past... uhm, year or two? And by weird reactions think: "Oh shit, is that anaphylaxis?" We've been pretty sure it's a food allergy, and I kept meaning to bug my doctor about it, but for a while it was only a kind of minor reaction, so I kept putting it off. Then last month I had to go chat about prescription refills, and I thought hey, as long as I'm here, let's have that talk about the allergies.

She said it could be a number of things, and sent me for blood tests. We decided to run the blood tests for respiratory allergies while we were at it. So I went for the blood tests, and they came back... normal. All of them. According to the lab I'm not allergic to grass, pollen, mold, pet dander, or any of the major foods they tested for.

I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt on the food tests, since I don't think I am allergic to milk, eggs, peanuts, etc. But no allergies? Yeah, right.

So they referred me to an allergist. We have a couple big allergy clinics here in town, though I see them advertised so much I wondered about them a little, you know? But my regular doc's office hasn't steered me wrong yet with a referral, so I figured I'd give it a shot.

My first appointment was last week, and let me tell you how much fun it wasn't. I went in expecting to mostly talk about my food allergies, and the respiratory as a sideline, kind of "as long as I'm here..." But their main food allergy guy wasn't there, and they really wanted me to see him. I'm faceplaming at the idea of two allergists, but you know, whatever. What's one more specialist, really? So I agreed to come back and see the food allergy guy, and we proceeded with the exam. Doc checked my ears, nose, throat, the glands in my neck, tapped on my sinuses, and said, "I think you have a sinus infection."


I do? ...Yeah, I do. See, here's the thing. I know I've been tired- okay, exhausted- since finals week. I've been tired, feeling really draggy, and haven't felt like doing anything. It's also been hellishly hot, and I always feel a bit like this when it's hot. And it's not that I disgree with the guy, because looking back on the last couple weeks, I really don't. If I think back I can see that yes, I was a little too tired, and yes, my sinuses did hurt more than they usually ought to, and yes, there were the headaches, and, and, and... I'm just kind of flabbergasted that I missed it. I think I would have figured it out eventually, in another couple days maybe, but I still felt kind of stupid. *headdesk*

After we had that little chat, I got to have some more fun with testing. They gave me a peak flow test- here, take a deep breath into this machine, blow it out as long as you can, then take another breath- and apparently the reading sucked. Color me shocked; I've never been really good at stuff like that. So they made sure I was doing it right- I wasn't- and tried again. Still not happy with the results. So I got five minutes on a Nebulizer, breathing in some slightly not so great tasting gas, then got to hang out for ten minutes while it kicked it, then another peak flow test. Better results, but still not great.

Next: Allergy skin tests. I was expecting this, and I was expecting it to suck, but.... wow. Just- wow. I'm trying to think of how to describe it... It wasn't the most uncomfortable medical procedure I've ever been through, but let's remember what I've been though. I think it actually might be the worst thing that wasn't done to my eyes. 90 skin tests, in groups of 5, which breaks down to something like 18 groups of 5 tests. Just little scratches really, from needles with a drop or two of some allergen on them. On my back. All over my back. Maybe if I wasn't so little it wouldn't have taken my whole back, but it did. Some hurt more than others; I remember the one on my lower spine being particularly bad. Some were just uncomfortable. Some started itching or burning right away, some took a while. I think one or two might've been minor itches, but most if not all of them were really bad.

The waiting after the tests was almost worse. There I was, wearing a one size fits nobody paper gown, lying on my stomach trying to both keep my ponytail off my back and keep the gown from gaping in places it shouldn't, for fifteen minutes that felt a hell of a lot longer. Itching like crazy and wishing I could scratch something, knowing that was a bad idea. Finally, someone came to read the test and wipe off the numbers they'd used to label the tests. Hell, at least they didn't draw a grid on my back, like some poor patient I saw on House once.

Shockingly, I am allergic to things. Grass and mold type things. Really? you say. I know, I know, it's very hard to take in. So nice to know those massively expensive blood tests worked, too... Anyway. After a sinus CT to confirm my infection (the whole time I'm seeing dollar signs flying out the window...) I finally got to escape. With a prescription for antibiotics, nose spray for the infection, and a sample of the asthma inhaler I've been using on and off since November. And the promise of more tests when I see the food allergy guy.

Yesterday, I was supposed to see the food allergy guy. He only works two days a week, and I made sure the appointment I made was for one of those days. But guess who wasn't there yesterday? *facepalm* I figured since I was already there, I might as well see whoever else felt like dealing with me. Wasn't real happy, though. The upshot? Enter Allergist #2 (naturally the guy I saw last week wasn't in the office, either.) Allergist #2 checks the peak flow. Doesn't like the peak flow. Cue Nebulizer. More peak flows. Still not happy. Allergist #2 actually comes in and watches me do the peak flow. Couple more times. Lots of frowns and "hmm"s.

Upshot? They think I have asthma. Asthma! He wanted to run the blood test to check for food allergies, but I explained I'd already had it. Naturally my doc's office sent the referral but not the test results, but I told Allergist #2 all the tests were negative. ALL of them. More frowns and a "Hmm." I left with more goodies- another fast-acting inhaler sample, a sample of a daily-use inhaler... and scripts for both.

Oh yeah, and in two weeks I'm supposed to see the food guy. (Allergist #3?) Did make them put down a note to call me if he's not gonna be in, so I can reschedule, but I really hope he's there. If you're only working two days a week, you know, working two days a week would be pretty cool. So in two weeks I fully expect a round of food allergy skin tests... and I hope a diagnosis.

My luck? It's probably "asthma, and btw, here's an Epi pen and a list of stuff you should never eat again." So far everybody has asked me if I carry an Epi pen, and frowned when I said no, so I expect to end up with one of those. *facepalm* I'm really still processing this, and I'm not sure it's totally sunk in yet.
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It's the day of my biopsych final, and the stolen-credit-card-mess is the thing that wouldn't die. The bank in its infinite wisdom (later for them...) marked two charges that were legit as fraudulent. Even after I told them, IN WRITING, that said charges were okay. Which is just annoying, except for the fact that they were Paypal charges. Paypal, wanting to 'protect' me from these 'unauthorized transactions' has frozen my account TWICE in the past two days- once for each 'bogus' charge. With me so far? I talked to the bank on FRIDAY, and they put the charges back. Okay and dandy as far as they're concerned, but Paypal filed chargebacks to my poor harmless eBay sellers. Who would now, obviously, like their money. And I would like them to have it.

So what do I have to do? Print two affidavits, get them notarized, and fax them to Paypal. THEN (I hope) this crap will go away.

Did I mention that today is the day of my COMPREHENSIVE BIOPSYCH FINAL? And I really wasn't that stressed about finals week, because I got to skip the Women's Studies final (could have written the test myself anyway...) and the anthro one was a take-home test? But now, NOW I'm stressed. And pissed off. And annoyed.

And trying not to worry about it too much right now, because, hello, psych final. Which I'd like to pass. I'm not so much worried about it in terms of "OMG might not pass" but more like "argh this is a lot of material and I need to concentrate on it."

I'll be glad when it's over, as if that wasn't obvious.
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Argh! I really hope this !@#$ing credit card thing isn't going to end up needing its own tag. Today I got a little package in the mail with my 'sample' of some dietary suppliment thingy, Acai Berry or some such nonsense. Enclosed is a packing slip that informs me I have 15 days to cancel this 'subscription' or I'll be chared $83 something- $94 with shipping! It also says there's a 30% 'restocking' fee if I return it.

We'll just see about that!

What creeps me out is that it came addressed to ME, at my house. Why would that be? Wouldn't whoever got ahold of my credit card number want the crap they bought sent to THEM?

On the plus side, good luck to those idiots with 'charging' me with anything else, since the bank closed the account yesterday.

I just feel like I'm losing my mind. I don't need this right now. Not that I ever need it, but...

So upset my hands are shaking. I think I'll go do something else for a while.
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Argh! Argh, argh, argh!

I got this automated phone call from the fraud prevention department at my bank, and I figured, probably no big deal, because last time they were just being a little paranoid.

Turns out? Not so paranoid this time. There's a bunch of charges on there, weird stuff I sure as hell didn't do, mostly little but they were adding up. This woman at the bank was reading off charges to me and I'm going, "No, no, OMG WTF? No, no, okay that one's actually mine... that one too. No, no, OMG!" etc, etc. Long story short, they stopped payment on all that crap and closed the account. I'm to destroy my credit card and any of those 'courtesy checks' I happen to have. (Of those I have none, I always shred them when they show up.)

I suppose I'll go feed my now-useless credit card to the shredder in a bit, but right now I'm a little freaked out. I know it's obviously the best thing to do, closing the account, and I should get my new card in 7-10 days, but this is really inconvenient and annoying.

I'm ALWAYS careful of how I use my card online, and have never ever given the number out over the phone, and I use Paypal for all my eBay stuff, so I'm left wondering what online store I bought from lately got hacked. The bank, of course, isn't likely to tell me if they ever figure it out.

I'd meant to post something today, but this was not what I'd had in mind. And I wasn't having the best week before this. *headdesk*
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This just in- thanks to [livejournal.com profile] vayshti for IDing my virus. Now I know what it is, and it's one of the 31(!) things Spybot Search & Destroy got rid of. In theory we should be good now, but I'm running the scan again just to be sure. 'Cause, really? I don't wanna play anymore.

Edited to add:
Oh, for fuck's sake...
For those of you not following my chat with [livejournal.com profile] vayshti in the comments to the first post about this !@#$ing virus.... Um, I'm gonna be here a while. There are some 250+ registry values that have to go, containing as they do a nice Trojan, and for some asinine but unknown reason I have to delete them one at a fucking time. Whose freaking idea was THAT?
Anyone wants me, I'll be over in the corner beating my head against the wall.
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Okay, so here's the short version of the story. I'm surfing along the other day, Saturday morning I think it was, and all of a sudden IE is going NUTS (yeah, more then usual) and I'm getting crazy popups everywhere, half of which are for porn sites and viagra, the other half for 'virus' scans, or messages warning me that my system is infected and I'll get in trouble with my boss & my spouse (no lie, one of them told me this.)

Turns out, I have the latest virus sensation that's sweeping the internet, some IE malware bug. Which I've now been trying to get rid of for three days. Most of yesterday was spent trying to get Anna to boot at all- she took this opportunity to have one of her little "haha, I'm trying to make like a Gateway and blow up" moments. I refer to these as Anna's little nervous breakdowns.

Anyway. Went out Sunday and bought the biggest, baddest new version of Norton I could find, which I'd been meaning to do anyway. Took it home, took a long nap, got up and started trying to install it. Turned out my older Norton stuff was SO old I had to uninstall it all before installing the new software.

I could have been smart and uninstalled things a piece at a time, replacing them with the new software before moving onto the next one. I wasn't smart. I downlodaded a huge Norton uninstaller, proceeded to run it, and let it reboot my system.

Cue crashes, fatal system errors, and lots of swearing. I went to bed Sunday night with things still screwed up.

Somehow yesterday I got it from fatal system errors to Anna's usual nervous breakdown crap, which I kind of know how to fix- you leave it alone for a few hours, come back, and keep trying to boot from a disk until it takes instead of crashing.

So now we're back in business, kind of, except that I can't use IE for anything without getting popups and freaking Norton the hell out. Add to this the fact that my connection's making like I'm back on dialup instead of DSL. Put it to you this way- I'm writing this on Mom's laptop, which IS on dialup, and it now seems to be running pretty fast to me.

So. I've run Norton, couple times. Run Adaware, couple times. Downloaded Spybot Search & Destroy today and am now running that. When that's done I figure on upgrading downloading Windows updates, upgrading IE... and downloading Firefox. It's not like I LIKE IE, just that it's all I've got, unless you count the anciet (4.7) version of Netscape I use mostly for my email. ...Yeah. I don't like change sometimes, what can I say?

Anyway. In case anybody's been wondering where I've been- well, there you go.

Oh, and if anybody's got any suggestions- been there, had this and got rid of it?- HELP! Email's about the only thing I can still get to without risking more crap trying to download itself, so I should be okay for reading comments.

And can I just mention how much this is sucking? I don't have that much vacation time left, and this isn't how I planned on using it.

...and sorry, I guess that was the 'not so short' version, but this has kind of been annoying me and I wanted to vent a little.
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I know I say this every year, but I hate this bloody time change, I really do. 'Daylight Savings Time,' my ass. Haven't they figured out yet that 1.) the days start getting longer this time of year anyway, and 2.) We have the same number of hours of daylight no matter WHAT time they say it is? It's such nonsense, and I wish California was one of the states that had figured that out and gotten rid of it.

I didn't get to bed till 1:00AM last night, which was technically the artist fomerlly known as midnight. And I know that whatever time my clock SAYS it is, it's actually only 5:30 AM, and I should still be asleep for another half an hour.

I can't remember how long it took me to get used to the time change and stop bitching about it last year, but I suspect I have a ways to go yet.
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So the promised clarifications post has, as of 9:43 my time, 4719 comments. I fully expect that to max out. When I looked at it last night, it crashed my browser, so it's getting its own second IE session opened.

I have no real news beyond that, because they're not saying anything, and what other users/groups are saying, other people are following and linking along much better than I could having barely been up for an hour.

What I have is a bit of a rant. Been a lot of these around lately, I know, and I'd love to use my LJ for what I got it for, but I've got to get this off my chest first.

So. LJ has a problem with fanart depicting Harry and Snape. Not a pairing I'm a fan of, but there are lots of those.

HP fans, a lot of other fans, and a bunch of users just going, "uh, WTF is LJ smoking this week?" have a problem with LJ. And it's getting bigger, because every time they promise 'clarification', they muddy the waters. "We mean this stuff, not that stuff." "Yeah, [x] stuff is safe." And next time 'round: "We never said that."

Yes, you did, and you'll have thousands of people waving screencaps and the like in your faces if you keep, you know, lying.

Now, [livejournal.com profile] strangemuses reckons LJ/6A's got their lawyers scrambling to come up with the legalese saying what we can and can't do on LJ, which is what we really want to see. And I think she's probably right, which begs the question- If they weren't ready to change the ToS, Why the FUCK did they start going after this stuff before they had the TOS to back it up?

Nobody (okay, most of the still reasonable people) is saying that LJ doesn't have a right to decide what content they want on their site and what content they don't. What we're saying is that when they decide to change the rules on us, they should do it like, you know, they're required by California law to do. Tell us, for fuck's sake! You do that, you look as professional as we all used to think that you were. We all read the new ToS stuff, think, either 'hm, I can live with that' or 'no, that's not going to work for me', and stay or go. Quietly, no mess, no fuss, maybe some people bitching about LJ/6A, but nothing like this.

That's right, LJ, if you're reading this. You could have avoided this whole thing, or most of it. You'd still get some disgruntled users, but you know, whatever.

(And the [livejournal.com profile] lj_biz post did crash my other browser session, and nearly forced me to hard restart my entire computer, which it doesn't really like, so, you know, ta, LJ.)

Moving on.

Last night when [livejournal.com profile] strangemuses and I were talking about this, she said something about seeing a comment (I think?) indicating that even flocked posts containing content LJ didn't like would get us banned, but like a dork I didn't ask her for the link, because the post wasn't crashing my browser then. Anyone see anything like that, or is my sleep deprived brain remembering wrong? Also, there was something about it being retroactive... hidden in comments, of course, to 'clarification' post I can't get to anymore. Argh.

If that's in there, and wasn't just stuff she and I were speculating on (and I don't think it was) then this, well, sucks.

Again- I feel like I keep saying this, maybe because it's not sinking in with the LJ leadership, apparently- nobody's saying they can't ban whatever the hell they want on here. They'll lose some people, but that's life. But to do it this way, expecting us to follow these invisible rules, and make them retroactive? And saying that locking it up as best we physically can on their site, isn't good enough?

That's one rant. Yes, there's another.

Not only does the legal definition of porn exclude fictional characters, be they in art or print, 6A is basically lumping all of us who're bitching about this as unfair in with the pedophiles. And that really fucking pisses me off.

Let's start over, huh? Hi. I'm [livejournal.com profile] urbandruid. I like Harry Potter, among other things. I can't draw for crap, but if I could, I'd probably draw stuff LJ wouldn't like. I write erotic fanfiction sometimes. (Not with underage characters, because that creeps me out.) I don't want your kids to read it any more than you do, so I'm careful about what I do with my fic, where and how I post it. I just recently went back and friends-locked the one adult story I've posted on any of my journals in the past year. That's all I can do. If that's not enough, you need to tell me. And my friends, before they flood your posts with cat macros again. (Which, btw? I think is funny as hell.)

Also? I'm not a pedophile, and I really honestly have NO WORDS for how much it pisses me off and disgusts me to be lumped together with them. And yeah, I know LJ said that [livejournal.com profile] burr86 was just 'letting off steam'- then they turn around and call us the same names he did, only without the capslock of rage. (4841 comments, as of when I went back to check that idiot's username in their post at *checks* 10:14 AM pacific.) I think it's brilliant that you want to keep real porn off of your site- I don't want it on mine either. Trouble is, you don't seem to get what porn is, and isn't.

It isn't the same thing as obscene content.

See, here's the thing. You can (again I say this) ban whatever you want on your site. But if you're going to coach it in legalese, would you please give your lawyers some IV caffeine (I'm sure they need it by now) and ask them to look it over and show you the numerous places in your statements where you, quite frankly, just need to get your thumb out? I've seen other users say this and I'll echo it- if you don't really know what you're talking about, don't try. Your users are a hell of a lot smarter than you, right now you've probably pissed off people in almost any field, and they'll be more than happy to tell you where you're talking out of orifices you shouldn't be using for that. Again.

Between the cat macros.

Oh, and one last thing. A special no love to [livejournal.com profile] brad, Brad Fitz, who I used to think was pretty cool in the days before he sold out to Big Brother 6A. Okay, Brad, we get that you're bored with LJ, you're leaving, you don't care. But the contempt and the disdain with which you spoke to people who used to be your users, not these assholes'? Really fucking sucks. "They said it was porn, so it's porn." When people tried to correct you, you didn't want to hear it. Your attitude is, "They say it is, you say it isn't, I don't have time to dig through and find out." And you clearly don't give a shit. Nice. (In the sense of, "Okay, you're an asshole. You gone yet?")

And still 6A doesn't get why we're mad? Maybe they need those caffeine IVs too. Might help. Or not.

In a word, guys? Duh.
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I'm still trying to put all my stuff away and catch up on sleep- by which I mean I've been home since late Monday afternoon, and I'm still spending most of my time sleeping, or very very out of it. And I'm discovering that while I was gone, LJ had another freakout.

I'm used to them doing stupid things, but this really takes the cake. I guess I missed most of the excitement, but I'm still staring around in total bemusement going, "What? No, really, WTF?" I seriously have to wonder where they come up with this stuff.

Anyway, still alive over here, just really really tired. I'm still not 100% sure what my name is, and I think I've been volunteered to help the relatives pack up some more stuff for their move. Though if I'm passed out asleep when Mom gets home, maybe I'll get to skip that. Ugh... I love my family, but they're like, "Oh, good, you're back. You just got home from LA 10 minutes ago? Oh, okay- c'mon over, we still need lots of help!"


So. Am joining [livejournal.com profile] fandom_counts with all the journals I can remember I own, and then I'm going to take a nap.
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I'm still here, but school is kicking my ass. Not in the sense of being overwhelmed, just in the sense of being totally buried under all of the crap I have to do, half of it by next week. I have to register for fall, and summer if I'm doing anything over the summer, on the 14th. I vaguelly had this figured out- and then I decided to shake things up, and transfer to UC instead of a CSU. I want to go to Berkley. Have always wanted to go to Berkley, actually, but now I think I'm going to try to do it.

So I thought, okay, transfer reques are different between the two types of schools, let's go see the guidance councelor type person to make sure I have all my ducks in a row.

Not only did she only tell me a bunch of stuff I already knew, we seem to have a little bit of a disagreement (or, you know, a major one) as to what in fact constitutes a duck.

Plus I know some of the stuff she told me was flat-out wrong.

And because apparently she only works afternoons, I hung around after my 10:00-11:00AM class, to see her at 3:00PM. Figured on getting done with her at 3:30, and decided I'd just wait for Mom to get off work around 4:30ish.

The only part of yesterday's plan that worked out the way it was supposed to was Mom picking me up on her way home from work.

My councelor is an idiot. Not as much of an idiot as the one she replaced, but really not that bright, either. I know I need 2 semesters of a foreign language for UC, which I don't exactly have. I have one semester of French I scraped through, and I will not be taking French 2. And they have to be the same language, naturally. So I told her I want Russian, and by the way, does she know if the local Christian college still lets city college people into their summer schools, because they're the only local people who have the Russian classes.

What I got was "Russian is a VERY hard language to learn," and a strong hint that I couldn't do it. Anyone who knows me- she obviously doesn't- knows that telling me I can't do something is a very good way to make me want to stick a pen in your eye, and do it anyway. With bells on if possible.

That's one. Then she tells me, when I ask a question I already know the appropriate answer to, that there's no need for me to retake the math class last semester's meltdown caused me to fail, because I don't need it for the psychology major, and "you would just be wasting time." For additional support, she cited the argument that "Your GPA will come up after this semester to at least 3.0, and that's a perfectly fine GPA."

I don't know how she failed to notice my jaw hitting the floor. First of all, I want to go to UC, and not everyone who applies gets in, disabled or not. Second of all, I'm an honors student with my eye on a future spot in a very competative government internship program. A B avarage ain't gonna cut it. I also think my honor society advisors might have something to say about the B avarage...

Do I want to retake the math class from hell? Not really. Am I going to retake it? Not really seeing a lot of options that I find acceptable.

This idiot also takes a look at the general education requirements, which are different for UC vs CSU, and tells me that I do indeed still need a Speech class. Goes to the trouble to write out a slip for me to register for Speech in summer school. Not a bad idea, I guess, except that it says in all CAPS on the GE checklist "Oral communication - CSU only."


And they pay her for this.

Thank Gods I'm me, I read everything, question everyone, and have heard eight ways from Sunday from friends and my mother that sometimes your councelor is the last person you want to be listening to, about anything. I used to think I was just spectacularly unlucky to have been stuck with a councelor used to dealing with, uh, not to be as horrid as this sounds, but people with other, uh, less physical disabilities. But one of my old gaming buddies, who was going to the local CSU at the time told me he wasn't having much better luck with his personal guidance idiot.

Needless to say I'm not really pleased about having wasted an afternoon at school that I could have used at home to sleep, or to do my own research into transfering to UC. But I've learned a lesson from this. I now know better than to go out of my way to waste time with that woman.

It just pisses me off, because I thought she was better than the old one. Scary thing is, she IS. The old one would have fainted if I said I wanted to go to Berkley. At least this one just nodded, said "good school," and told me their disabled students program rocks.

...Maybe I should look into said program before I take her word for it.

*sigh* I think I have a lot more work to do.
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Dear LJ,

The last entry I posted before this, yesterday, was friends-locked when I posted it. I know that it was. So imgine my surprise when I came here to reply to a comment by one of my friends to that post, and found that it was open to everybody.

Let's not do that again, okay?

Not much love,
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It's doing it again. I replied to one of the comments to my last post, & it took a lot longer than it should've... & I don't hve time to keep c/p'ing, got to get ready for school. I'll try & fix stuff later, if the stupid keys are working again. (& there're some I've got to c/p, b.c. 'again' is 'gin' if I don't. So glad the grbge guys got me up erly, so I hd time to do LJ posts tht look like greek, or some kind of scry plebe code.

Dear anna/shadowtech keyboard,

I love you lots. Please work. Please just freaking work.
argh, I don't hve time for this. truly do not. 'a' key is making kinda sticky sound no hen I try to use it, others don't, but they're still not working either. Seriously, wtf?

frustrtingly yours,
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Okay, I wasn't going to do this. No, really, I wasn't. I have a week left until I start back to school, I have a ton and a half to do, and fandom wank doesn't make the list.

But we all know how much I like procrastinating, and this has really started to piss me off. So.

Cassie Claire. Yeah, you knew it had to be her, right? )
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So, I'm sick for a week, and Congress decides to send the whole Internet to hell in a handbasket.

I had no clue, until I read this LJ post, which all the US people on my flist ought to take a look at. What it boils down to, apparently, is that the big US telecom companies thought it'd be a really keen idea to make it so that they control whose pages load quickly, and whose can take forever. And unless your tiny ISP can pay, or your favorite site can pay, it won't matter if you have DSL or high speed or anything like that.

This pisses me off beyond words. DSL is on my list of things to buy for the house, right after the celing fans (it IS summer in Fresno, after all)- because the internet connection SUCKS out here. I zoom along at 28.8 on a GOOD day, and sometimes it's the low end of 28.8.

eBay thinks this is a bad idea. Google thinks this is a bad idea. Verizon, Comcast, and their friends, of course, think it's swell.


More info:
Washington Post article

Apparently there are TV ads, which make it sound like Net Neutrality- the status quo, what we've got now with pages loading as fast as you're connected- is a Bad Thing. I haven't seen them, but the goal seems to be to confuse people into suppoting this legislation. *repeated headdesking*

I emailed my congresscritters, sent the Post article to my mother, and when I'm a little more with the program, I'm going to spam the relatives. Grandma, bless her, loves a good political cause. (Most of my family does, actually.)

So, ah, in other news, I'm feeling a lot better now. Still have a little bit of a cough, and I'm still pretty tired- though that could be heat, and the fact I haven't been eating really well, as much as it could be anything else.

Off to feed the cat now...
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Mom and I went out to look at a condo tonight. It was... well, it needs some work, we sort of liked it, but we both also kind of have this gut "no" reaction...

Anyway. We come home, and there's a message on the answering machine. I figured it was Grandma.

No, it was someone I don't know, named Diane, or possibly Diana- it was a bit hard to tell, because, well... Diane/Diana was, as Mom said, "obviously feeling no pain."

The message was, more or less, this. "They left me all alone, in a room in the ER. *Said in a sing-song voice* So, I guess... call the ER, and ask... for Diane's room. Okay, 'bye."

I was like "WTF?"

And then I couldn't stop laughing.
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Okay, so here's the thing.

I think I'm cracking up under the stress of finals. Not as bad as [livejournal.com profile] scottiegirlc might be, but anyway... ;) I'm almost to the point of laughing hysterically at everything, and I can very easily see myself bouncing off the walls, explaining to my pals in Soc, "But we've got to save Spike!"

Bizarre dreams last night mixed Fresno City college and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Wait, what did I say about almost cracking up?

Z minus seven days. Which sounds like a long time, until you figure out that it's all rolling down from here.

Wed. May 12 - Class. Study. Algebra homework.
Thur. May 13 - Study. Algebra homework. Eye doctor's appointment.
Fri. May 14 - Algebra chapter 9 exam. Study.
Sat. May 15 - Finish Algebra review. Study.
Sun. May 16 - Finish Algebra review. Study.
Mon. May 17 - Algebra final.
Tue. May 18 - Study for Soc final.
Wed. May 19 - Soc final

I really don't think it would be so bad if they didn't expect us to learn the last of the new material while we're cramming for finals. Or at least while I'm cramming for finals. I know people who haven't even started studying yet. Their perogative, of course, but fifty review problems will not do themselves.

I wish they would, though.

Somehow I'll get it all done. It's not so much that I don't understand the Algebra, because I understand most of it, it's just that there's a lot of it.

Am still v. very worried about Spike, though.



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