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Ugh, seriously? Every time I log into Livejournal, they've changed something else, and not for the better. There's annoying stuff I can't even find an opt-out for anymore. Example: I was just notified that someone (that would be me) uploaded a new icon to a journal (that would also be mine.) Duh, you guys?

I swear, I'd give that site up entirely if there weren't a few communities I was interested in joining or keeping up with, that aren't on DW.

Also, the ridiculiousness that is them charging $15 just for me to be able to use a username that's deleted and purged. Ugh. If it's been deleted and purged, there shouldn't be a problem. And nope, you guys can't have the $15 because I am never giving you money again, you've pissed me off so much. I came up with another username instead.

And then discovered that the community I was thinking of joining hasn't really been active since 2011. *sigh* And I just wrote a fic for these people, too. And created an LJ so I could join...

It's not my day for journal stuffs, apparently.
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Dear Disabling Students,

Do you think it would be too much trouble for you to send my last Stats exam before the final BACK to my teacher? Because right now I have a big fat zero for a test I probably aced, it's bringing my grade down when it just went UP, and I'm FURIOUS.

I've spent most of the day having panic attacks, freaking out, and curled up in my chair sobbing, but I'm really over that, and now I'm just PISSED. I know it's the end of the semester and you're busy, and I DON'T CARE. I need to know what I got on this test so I know what my grade is going into the final; I expect it to go up and I'd planned on doing some celebrating this weekend, but nooo, you have to get all stupid and lackadaisical about everything as usual, just when I most need you to actually DO YOUR JOBS.

It's actually really easy. I took the test. I saw you put it in the envelope. Now put the envelope in the prof's mailbox so he can POST MY FREAKING GRADE.

I'll be back on campus on Tuesday to take my Stats final. I'll also be seeing you charming people. So you might want to have it fixed by then. Just sayin'.

No love,

I miss PSP

Jun. 12th, 2009 12:51 am
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It's funny, for someone with a visual impairment I'm being driven really freaking crazy by the fact that I don't have a graphics program on the Mac. Haven't had one since I got the thing in January. I have some really basic things that came with it, all of which suck, and a few demos I've downloaded, which suck only a little bit less.

One of the things I didn't think of when I decided to get the Mac instead of another PC was that they don't make Paint Shop Pro for Mac. *sigh* I miss PSP. To the point where I actually booted up the Gateway the other night and messed around with some graphics. Of course, when I got the images back to the Mac (a complex file transer system involving a USB cable, my old iPod, and a lot of crossed fingers and swear words) I found out I need to resize the damn thing. Which naturally I can't do on the Mac, because I went ahead and added text to the image. I can resize the base photomanip, no problem, but it'll fuck up the text but good.


I realized recently that I haven't done anything with urbandruid.net in.... um, a very, very long time. I have the redesign projects started, but they've been stalled because I kind of need a graphics program to get anything done.

So I'm downloading a Photoshop trial, and I hate to say this, but I feel like I'm on dial-up again. It's been going for at least half an hour, is at 17%, and is estimated to take another 1 hour, 31 minutes and 21 seconds. On DSL! I realize it's a big file (1,012.84 MB) but still, this is ridiculious. This damn thing had better work, that's all I can say. If it doesn't...

It really has been driving me nuts, not being able to mess around with manips or make icons or other random stuff like that. And I have no idea where I'm going with this post really, except that I'm bored, I still have almost an hour and a half to go, and I felt like ranting about this. So there you go.
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It's the day of my biopsych final, and the stolen-credit-card-mess is the thing that wouldn't die. The bank in its infinite wisdom (later for them...) marked two charges that were legit as fraudulent. Even after I told them, IN WRITING, that said charges were okay. Which is just annoying, except for the fact that they were Paypal charges. Paypal, wanting to 'protect' me from these 'unauthorized transactions' has frozen my account TWICE in the past two days- once for each 'bogus' charge. With me so far? I talked to the bank on FRIDAY, and they put the charges back. Okay and dandy as far as they're concerned, but Paypal filed chargebacks to my poor harmless eBay sellers. Who would now, obviously, like their money. And I would like them to have it.

So what do I have to do? Print two affidavits, get them notarized, and fax them to Paypal. THEN (I hope) this crap will go away.

Did I mention that today is the day of my COMPREHENSIVE BIOPSYCH FINAL? And I really wasn't that stressed about finals week, because I got to skip the Women's Studies final (could have written the test myself anyway...) and the anthro one was a take-home test? But now, NOW I'm stressed. And pissed off. And annoyed.

And trying not to worry about it too much right now, because, hello, psych final. Which I'd like to pass. I'm not so much worried about it in terms of "OMG might not pass" but more like "argh this is a lot of material and I need to concentrate on it."

I'll be glad when it's over, as if that wasn't obvious.
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So the promised clarifications post has, as of 9:43 my time, 4719 comments. I fully expect that to max out. When I looked at it last night, it crashed my browser, so it's getting its own second IE session opened.

I have no real news beyond that, because they're not saying anything, and what other users/groups are saying, other people are following and linking along much better than I could having barely been up for an hour.

What I have is a bit of a rant. Been a lot of these around lately, I know, and I'd love to use my LJ for what I got it for, but I've got to get this off my chest first.

So. LJ has a problem with fanart depicting Harry and Snape. Not a pairing I'm a fan of, but there are lots of those.

HP fans, a lot of other fans, and a bunch of users just going, "uh, WTF is LJ smoking this week?" have a problem with LJ. And it's getting bigger, because every time they promise 'clarification', they muddy the waters. "We mean this stuff, not that stuff." "Yeah, [x] stuff is safe." And next time 'round: "We never said that."

Yes, you did, and you'll have thousands of people waving screencaps and the like in your faces if you keep, you know, lying.

Now, [livejournal.com profile] strangemuses reckons LJ/6A's got their lawyers scrambling to come up with the legalese saying what we can and can't do on LJ, which is what we really want to see. And I think she's probably right, which begs the question- If they weren't ready to change the ToS, Why the FUCK did they start going after this stuff before they had the TOS to back it up?

Nobody (okay, most of the still reasonable people) is saying that LJ doesn't have a right to decide what content they want on their site and what content they don't. What we're saying is that when they decide to change the rules on us, they should do it like, you know, they're required by California law to do. Tell us, for fuck's sake! You do that, you look as professional as we all used to think that you were. We all read the new ToS stuff, think, either 'hm, I can live with that' or 'no, that's not going to work for me', and stay or go. Quietly, no mess, no fuss, maybe some people bitching about LJ/6A, but nothing like this.

That's right, LJ, if you're reading this. You could have avoided this whole thing, or most of it. You'd still get some disgruntled users, but you know, whatever.

(And the [livejournal.com profile] lj_biz post did crash my other browser session, and nearly forced me to hard restart my entire computer, which it doesn't really like, so, you know, ta, LJ.)

Moving on.

Last night when [livejournal.com profile] strangemuses and I were talking about this, she said something about seeing a comment (I think?) indicating that even flocked posts containing content LJ didn't like would get us banned, but like a dork I didn't ask her for the link, because the post wasn't crashing my browser then. Anyone see anything like that, or is my sleep deprived brain remembering wrong? Also, there was something about it being retroactive... hidden in comments, of course, to 'clarification' post I can't get to anymore. Argh.

If that's in there, and wasn't just stuff she and I were speculating on (and I don't think it was) then this, well, sucks.

Again- I feel like I keep saying this, maybe because it's not sinking in with the LJ leadership, apparently- nobody's saying they can't ban whatever the hell they want on here. They'll lose some people, but that's life. But to do it this way, expecting us to follow these invisible rules, and make them retroactive? And saying that locking it up as best we physically can on their site, isn't good enough?

That's one rant. Yes, there's another.

Not only does the legal definition of porn exclude fictional characters, be they in art or print, 6A is basically lumping all of us who're bitching about this as unfair in with the pedophiles. And that really fucking pisses me off.

Let's start over, huh? Hi. I'm [livejournal.com profile] urbandruid. I like Harry Potter, among other things. I can't draw for crap, but if I could, I'd probably draw stuff LJ wouldn't like. I write erotic fanfiction sometimes. (Not with underage characters, because that creeps me out.) I don't want your kids to read it any more than you do, so I'm careful about what I do with my fic, where and how I post it. I just recently went back and friends-locked the one adult story I've posted on any of my journals in the past year. That's all I can do. If that's not enough, you need to tell me. And my friends, before they flood your posts with cat macros again. (Which, btw? I think is funny as hell.)

Also? I'm not a pedophile, and I really honestly have NO WORDS for how much it pisses me off and disgusts me to be lumped together with them. And yeah, I know LJ said that [livejournal.com profile] burr86 was just 'letting off steam'- then they turn around and call us the same names he did, only without the capslock of rage. (4841 comments, as of when I went back to check that idiot's username in their post at *checks* 10:14 AM pacific.) I think it's brilliant that you want to keep real porn off of your site- I don't want it on mine either. Trouble is, you don't seem to get what porn is, and isn't.

It isn't the same thing as obscene content.

See, here's the thing. You can (again I say this) ban whatever you want on your site. But if you're going to coach it in legalese, would you please give your lawyers some IV caffeine (I'm sure they need it by now) and ask them to look it over and show you the numerous places in your statements where you, quite frankly, just need to get your thumb out? I've seen other users say this and I'll echo it- if you don't really know what you're talking about, don't try. Your users are a hell of a lot smarter than you, right now you've probably pissed off people in almost any field, and they'll be more than happy to tell you where you're talking out of orifices you shouldn't be using for that. Again.

Between the cat macros.

Oh, and one last thing. A special no love to [livejournal.com profile] brad, Brad Fitz, who I used to think was pretty cool in the days before he sold out to Big Brother 6A. Okay, Brad, we get that you're bored with LJ, you're leaving, you don't care. But the contempt and the disdain with which you spoke to people who used to be your users, not these assholes'? Really fucking sucks. "They said it was porn, so it's porn." When people tried to correct you, you didn't want to hear it. Your attitude is, "They say it is, you say it isn't, I don't have time to dig through and find out." And you clearly don't give a shit. Nice. (In the sense of, "Okay, you're an asshole. You gone yet?")

And still 6A doesn't get why we're mad? Maybe they need those caffeine IVs too. Might help. Or not.

In a word, guys? Duh.
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Tired. Long week. Bad mood. Need to gripe a bit, feel free to ignore.

Dear Star Wars Insider,
I want my magazine. I can't believe it took you three days to tell me that "our records indicate your subscription expired in July/August 2006." Also, WTF? Logging into the site, I see "your subscription is good through July 9, 2007", and I can still see the members-only content. Sent you a polite email reply just now, but just so we're clear? What I really meant was "You are smoking crack."

Not much love at this time, (and I still want my damn magazine)

Dear local news,
Do you really have to be so stupid all the time? Learn to pronounce the big words correctly, and do try to remember that the county fair is not the biggest news on the whole planet. For some reason it bugs me when you lead with the fair crap, and how you're broadcasting from there (yay, you) and then go on to the minor stuff like the drive-by shootings and such. Morons...

No love.

Dear keyboard,
Damnit, I was just popping off your keys to clean you, did one of them really have to break? And I think it's really broken this time, those little plastic bits aren't supposed to snap off the keyboard under the keys, are they? Fuck...

Not sure what I'm gonna do about this one,

Yeah, no dear for you. I don't have time for you right now, I have too much work to do. Go the fuck away. I am working on you in my (ha, ha) spare time, but you're not the center of attention. Get over it. And did I mention the "fuck off" part? If I can't get this pile of homework done by Friday, I know who to blame.
Bite me.

Okay. I sort of feel better now. Time to go start digging into the homework, whee...
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Okay, I wasn't going to do this. No, really, I wasn't. I have a week left until I start back to school, I have a ton and a half to do, and fandom wank doesn't make the list.

But we all know how much I like procrastinating, and this has really started to piss me off. So.

Cassie Claire. Yeah, you knew it had to be her, right? )
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So, I'm sick for a week, and Congress decides to send the whole Internet to hell in a handbasket.

I had no clue, until I read this LJ post, which all the US people on my flist ought to take a look at. What it boils down to, apparently, is that the big US telecom companies thought it'd be a really keen idea to make it so that they control whose pages load quickly, and whose can take forever. And unless your tiny ISP can pay, or your favorite site can pay, it won't matter if you have DSL or high speed or anything like that.

This pisses me off beyond words. DSL is on my list of things to buy for the house, right after the celing fans (it IS summer in Fresno, after all)- because the internet connection SUCKS out here. I zoom along at 28.8 on a GOOD day, and sometimes it's the low end of 28.8.

eBay thinks this is a bad idea. Google thinks this is a bad idea. Verizon, Comcast, and their friends, of course, think it's swell.


More info:
Washington Post article

Apparently there are TV ads, which make it sound like Net Neutrality- the status quo, what we've got now with pages loading as fast as you're connected- is a Bad Thing. I haven't seen them, but the goal seems to be to confuse people into suppoting this legislation. *repeated headdesking*

I emailed my congresscritters, sent the Post article to my mother, and when I'm a little more with the program, I'm going to spam the relatives. Grandma, bless her, loves a good political cause. (Most of my family does, actually.)

So, ah, in other news, I'm feeling a lot better now. Still have a little bit of a cough, and I'm still pretty tired- though that could be heat, and the fact I haven't been eating really well, as much as it could be anything else.

Off to feed the cat now...
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Dear Freud,

You were fucking nuts, dude. No, seriously. You did too much coke and thought about sex way too damn much, and now everyone who takes Intro to Psych has to suffer through your bizarre theories. We all hate you. You were a freak. I've stared at so much of your crap in my textbook this afternoon that my eyes feel like they're going to fall out.

You suck.

No love,
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Last day of class before Thanksgiving break. Which is really a couple days I have off anyway, because of my schedule, but whatever. Should be really entertaining. About half my Psych class wasn't there on Monday; today I expect only the other die-hards. Which is fine, because if only a few people show up, the prof hands out extra credit points to everyone who's there. Not that I need 'em, but still.

We started the chapter on Abnormal Psych last class, and we should finish it today. I am so, so annoyed that Abnormal Psych, the class, didn't work with what's laughably refered to as my schedule for next semester, because damn, that would've been cool.

'Course, it is a junior college, and we're limited in our upper-division classes, but still. They suck.

I still have just the one class for next semester, and it's driving me insane. What really pisses me off is that it's not even my fault. Stupid school... Why does this crap keep happening to me?

In other news, we've finally figured out what we're doing for Thanksgiving (thank you, Grandma, for finally getting it together there.) Mom and I are cooking the turkey in our brand spanking new oven, then wrapping it up and taking it over the freeway to Grandma's.

...And I just checked the listings for English classes for Spring again. No joy there. The Bible as Literature is open, so are both sections of the Fiction Writing class I dropped after one class meeting because the teacher was a hack. He's still teaching it, so that's a no. He's also teaching Intro to English Lit, damnit. I really, really hated that guy. "The only genre you may write in my class is Popular, none of this sci-fi or mystery or romance or whatnot, because everyone knows these are not genres anyway." And his examples of 'popular'? John Grisham and Stephen King.


So anyway, not going there again.

Oh, that's cheerful. There's a Psych class called Youth Suicide I can fit into my schedule. Uh, no thanks...

Also, a note to the people who put the catalog online? Uh, guys, if you're going to change the class headings, (Computer classes went from Information Systems to Computer Info Systems, and are now Computer Info Tech) could you please take the old ones off the search page? Because I keep pulling up the old ones, and getting "no sections match search criteria" and I'm like, no one's teaching Computer Literacy? Get real...

Argh! Beginning Javascript, same time as my Finite Math. Bastards.

Bleh. Yeah, I definately need to swap my school stress for family stress for a few days. It'll make me feel so much better about everything. Really.

Okay, this is not helping. Let's think about something else. Like how I'm crazy enough to still be looking at the claims list for [livejournal.com profile] au100 about every other day going, "hmm, no one's claimed those ships I wanted yet..." I keep expecting one to turn up, but the other... well, I only know one other person who writes Moody/Penny, and she, unlike me, is nowhere near insane enough to even attempt this. I've kinda sorta promised myself that if I can get caught up on all my other writing crap, I can do it. I mean, I was good and didn't even sign up for NaNo, which turned out to be a good idea since I've been so busy and stressed this month anyway...

So if I can finish all the other stuff I should be writing (yes, this is your cue to laugh) I'll sign up. Once. Still having the great debate about that other pairing; one at a time is best, I think. Even I'm a little daunted by the idea of 200 fics, even if 100 words is the minimum...

I need to get a life. Seriously.
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I can see I'm going to end up coughing up more money for LJ pretty soon. I was just bored enough with all my old icons, even though I had some good ones, to delete almost everything just so I could upload a new one.

Which I wanted specifically for this post, because it is GOF review time. :)

Constant Vigilance! )

And now to the non-spoilery part of the review, aka the Theater Rant.

People, this movie is PG-13. It is PG-13 for a reason, and trust me, it's not the bloody dragons. Shut up about the dragons, because while yeah, they might be scary, they are small potatoes. The PG-13 is all about the darkness, the last couple scenes, parts of which creeped me out, and the fact that this nice boy everyone thinks is so pretty gets murdered by the bad guy. Duh... So, with that understood, why in the HELL were there so many little children there? Little children who needed booster seats, and couldn't keep track of their own sodas, and who were, not surprisingly, crying by the end of the movie?

I hope their parents had Voldie-and-the-Death-Eaters-nightmares to deal with that night.

Also, a special "no love" shout-out to the people standing in line behind us to get into the theater. Talking as loudly as possible, thus shouting directly into my mother's ear? Not a really good idea. She totally almost killed you. I almost helped. It was not that loud in there. Shut UP.

Next bit of rantyness. Danial Radcliff fangirls. Shut up, shut up, and shut up. You're getting worse than the Orlando Bloom fans at Pirates of the Caribbean, and I didn't think that was possible. They sighed and whistled during the bathtub scene, and again when his name came onscreen for the credits. I cheered for Alan Rickman and Maggie Smith, just to freak them out. Also because those two rock. Someone stood up to leave and I barely saw Brenden Gleeson's name, or he would've gotten a cheer, too.

I fear no teenybopper fangirl that lives in this town. :)

And a final Theater Rant- No love to the people who built the place, even though it's the best theater in town, and we drove all the way over from our new place, even though others are closer, because it's such a good one. Because they built their stairs all funky, so that when I looked up to see how bad the crowd was outside in the hall, and went to keep walking down the steps, I put my foot where there was no step, and fell, and smacked my knee and both ankles. The knee and one ankle are alright. The other ankle is killing me.

It was still almost worth it. Damn good movie. :)
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In case I haven't mentioned it before- and I don't think I have, being too busy to update much lately- I am going to strangle soemone in the campus mailroom. That would be because, even though I changed my address with the school as soon as humanly possible, I never got my notice to register for spring. That would be the notice with my priority registration date, which is one of the two, count them, two things that our Disabled Students Programs & Services is actually good for.

I discovered this a week or two ago, when I thought it'd been way too long and I should've gotten the notice, and went up to DSPS to ask when priority reg was. Sure enough, I'd missed it. By a week. I was like "Okay, you suck" but I tried not to yell at them, 'cause for once they didn't fuck up. They don't send the notices, but when I find the morons who do...

Anyway, I really should've registered last week, but I had the cold from hell then, and planning a schedule when you can't even think straight is- not the best idea. So I put it off, probably a little bit too long, until last night.

And now I'm really pissed.

I got into one class, no problem- the Finite Math class I'm taking instead of redoing the torture and hell that was Statistics. But I wanted a nice lecture and reading type class to go along with it, and I picked myself out a Criminology class on Constitutional rights, which is on the generel ed transfer list for the state university system. So far so good, right? Well, not, 'cause the class is full, and the waitlist is full.

So right now my schedule consists of one math class, three days a week, from noon to 12:50. I am not going to school at 7:00 AM for a class at noon, which means I've got to find something to fill in. Mom suggested an English elective, which I'm gonna need a few more of at some point, and I'll probably be able to scare up something there, but... UGH! I hate it when the school does this to me. I had a plan. They messed with the plan.

I also have a sinus headache, which is not improving my mood any. Gotta take something before I head off to school.

Oh well, some good news with the bad and annoying- that Psych test I was worried about? The one I should've studied for more last week, when I was sick? I got a 90/100. I thought half of what I wrote down for the essay questions was bullshit, but apparently my cold & Benadryl-addled brain coughed up the right bullshit. (Someone remind me to strangle Erik Erickson if he's not dead yet, though. Seriously.)

Second thought, forget Erikson. I'm seriously pissed at Sigmund freaking Freud.

I love my psych class. I do. It's fun and interesting, and my teacher rocks. We've never had a totally boring lecture. Till Monday, when I'm sitting there copying down all this shit about Freud and penis envy and all of that crap, and trying not to fall asleep. My buddy and I just keep looking at each other and rolling our eyes. We made fun of Freud while we were packing up at the end of class, all the way out of the room, down the hall, and downstairs. I swear, everything is not about sex and/or violence (but mostly sex, because it IS Freud, after all), okay? Jeeze. Guy was a freak.

So here's hoping we're finishing up with dear Sigmund today, and that it doesn't take too long before we move on to something more interesting and a little less annoying.

Okay, now I really have a headache.
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There is some wag running around LJ mocking people caught in Hurricane Katrina.

What the fuck is wrong with people?

I've never been in a hurricane. I live on the west coast of the US, so it's very unlikely I ever will be. I have, however, been evacuated for a natural disaster. One year when I lived in northern California, a bit north of Sacramento, we had record rainfall, and the rivers started to flood. My diary from that era is packed now, so I can't read through it and dredge up details, but I did find an online journal entry I wrote a few years after the flood, that talks about it.

It was 1997. Mom and I had just moved north, and our apartment wasn't even ready yet, so all our stuff was hanging out in a friend's garage. I don't think it stopped raining at all the first week we were there. Anyway, the rivers started to rise, and they started talking on the news about voluntary evacuations. We left then, because we could and we had a place to go- our friends' relatives- and because we knew how bad the traffic would be once the mandatory evacuations came.

We were lucky. Our friends' house was on the far side of the freeway from the nearest river, so when we were able to go back, things were alright. I didn't know enough local geography then to know that, though, so I spent most of the time we were out of town freaked out about how we might lose everything.

We were also lucky in that we were able to go anywhere at all. I lived in northern California for years, long enough to figure out that there was a pretty high poverty level in the area I lived in, that there were very poor areas of the county that always flooded, even when nothing else did, and that a lot of people couldn't afford to live anywhere else. A lot of those people stayed in the '97 evacuation, because they had no way to get anywhere, nowhere to go, and very little money. Most if not all of the deaths in our area from the '97 flood were in those areas.

Those people weren't stupid, and they sure as hell don't deserve to be mocked now that they're dead. Darwin awards? I don't think so. That's not even fucking funny. The people who stayed in New Orleans stayed because they didn't have a choice. They did the best they could, and not all of them made it. And the next person I hear say that they were stupid, or that they got what they deserved, or anything like that, is going to get kicked in the teeth, because they just don't get it.

Turn on your TVs, you assholes. Take a look at the news, shut the fuck up for five minutes if you can, and take a moment to realize that most of the people who stayed would have left if they could have, only they couldn't. Realize that even the lucky ones who are still alive may have lost everything they own, many of their loved ones, and whatever place they called home. Realize you're damn lucky, and stop mocking the people who aren't, or weren't. Stop making fun of that guy on the roof with his cell phone asking for rescue, because if Katrina had hit where you lived, and you couldn't get away, you would be that guy.

You'd be scared too.
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Damn Livejournal. It ate my long-winded bitching post about stupid plumbing problems and the hells of apartment living.

Yes. I don't feel like typing it all up again now, so, the short story- I broke the faucet in my shower a couple days ago, or at least the knob that turns it on. Now have to use Mom's shower till the handyman can get over here, which may be a bit as he's broken his ankle and we live upstairs.

Hit my head on the side of Mom's shower this afternoon, in addition to almost being blinded by the water- her showerhead sucks, the water comes out in really hard streams, and it's not fun...

Blech. First attempt at bitching was way better.
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The new mailman is so on my shit list right now.

Went downstairs to check mail. Nothing in the box except- another package notice. Miserable, pathetic, lazy... it's only one flight of stairs, the exercize won't kill you... Asshole.

So I- and I can't believe I did this- go all the way back upstairs, sit and brood for about two seconds, then- grab my ID, the notice, and my keys, and head back out the door. I must have walked a quarter of a mile looking for the damn mail truck, in the heat and the humidity and all. And of course, since my distance vision sucks, I could've skipped half that walking distance if only I'd been able to see that the white blur up ahead was some guy's van, instead...

I cannot believe I did that. Of all the stupid-

Gods, I can't stand this apartment. Can. Not. Stand. It.

My kingdom for a house, a duplex, something not-the-apartment where your address isn't number thus and such, back of beyond, end of the cul-du-sac, east of the pool, behind those garages over there.

I take back every bad thing I ever said about the old mailman- and he was old, much older than the new guy, but the stairs never seemed to bother him, and...

Hell. I'm just too miserable. Off to take a shower...

...and it's a good thing I didn't mail-order OoP, because I would be really pissed. Not that I'm happy now, or anything...

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I'm reading a thread on FictionAlley about fics and the new book; ie, what will become of the fics after the book is out? Trust the FAP gang to go jumping at shadows. It's not even an exploding dustbin, guys, get a grip. I mean, I guess the main worry is that OoP will 'invalidate' all these fics that are being written now, and all of the older ones...or that nobody will want to read them anymore with the new book out.


It's a personal choice I suppose, but I can't help thinking that they are being ridiculous again. I know some of the events of my post-OoP work in progress aren't going to happen in canon. I knew that ages ago. That's why I'm writing the bloody thing. And the only reason I want to finish it before the book comes out is so that I can play with my own ideas of what the Order of the Phoenix is, what it does...

I am constantly amazed, and flat out frustrated, by the idea that bounces around HP fandom, that fics can be wrong. Nobody's fic is wrong, for Gods' sakes. I swear. Sometimes I want to beat people with a stick. Or a large picket sign that says "Shut up, it's meant to be like that."

Case in point. Emerald and Ebony. Emerald and Ebony is a year five fic. Why? Because I plotted it that way. And because 'Voldemort's back, now what?' is a hell of a plot device. I knew that it would be contradicted by later books in the series, because it's obvious that with three more books to go, J. K. Rowling couldn't off Voldemort just yet. I, however, had no such restrictions.

Maybe I'm weird to just not give a shit about following canon to the letter. Or maybe it's my fandom origins. My first online fandom was Star Wars. I watched the movies as a kid, the way that you do, pretended I was Princess Leia... read several of the books when I was in junior high, and got hooked again through them. I tried to write fic using all of the book 'canon', but quickly found I'd set myself an impossible task. SW profic canon contradicts itself constantly. (It's worse now, as they're trying to include all the old comic strips and comic books, and crap that was never meant to be part of an overall story...) So I gave up. I still read the books, used what I liked, ignored what I didn't. Sometimes I played in the parts of canon that worked for me, but when there were none of those acceptable bits, I didn't shy away from doing my own thing.

I am, in my own way, fearless. I killed Mara Jade, shipped Luke/Mara before it was as popular as it is now (and have rather run screaming away from it since then...) I have written slash, and NC-17 fic.

So. My post-OoP fic. It's post-seventh year, but I still want it to be what it is. Other fics will come from OoP, I'm sure. This one is something different.

I have realized I'm not going to finish the thing in- *glances at icon* twelve days. But I can finish the outline by then.

As for people thinking there's no room for fic with more canon coming along- *sigh* Doesn't anyone remember Goblet of Fire? A hundred thousand people in the HP fandom went, "Holy shit! Voldemort's back!" and hit the keyboards. Hit them hard. You guys think it's going to be different this time around? With 900 pages of new stuff? With the hints we've gotten about what some of that new stuff entails?

Get real.
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I got a really interesting bit of feedback for my Alias story "Triangle". The person was honest enough to point out what I know are serious weaknesses in the story, but the really interesting part is that she said she almost didn't read the thing at all because I use "/" for emphesis. I have never heard of this annoying anyone.

I am strongly tempted to tell this person that she should have read the story on the Silverlake archive, or my own site, so those unsightly slashes would be nicely replaced with italics. I mean, I'm sorry, but there is no way I can duplicate italics in plain text. I have to use something to indicate my stresses- I stress a lot more words than I should, probably- and my characters' thoughts. When I write longhand, I underline them, but that doesn't work in plain text, either.

I used "*"s once, and "_"s, and no one ever complained about those. And my buddies at the Star Wars Galaxy roleplaying game use "~" to indicate thoughts, but I've always found that extreamly annoying. I hated the underscores, and got tired of the astericks after a while, but that's just me. So I don't know. Should I have a poll? Which method of emphesis in plain-text do you hate least?

I mean, I got some good feedback from her, really I did, but the last time I chose not to read a story because of its fromatting, it was one of those bad conversions where all the quote marks and apostrophies had been repliaced by superscript numbers. I find that seriously distracting.

So I'm looking at my keyboard trying to figure out what I haven't used yet. Parenthesis, anyone? ;)
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I received this slightly odd review for 'Emerald and Ebony' yesterday:

This story immediately lost credibility for the gross error of ages. Minerva and Severus are NOT the same age. I don't know why the author felt it necessary to do that, the romance between them could have been just as sweet with the age difference. And I hardly think Snape is one to place great value for beauty and youth for their own sake.

It's anonymous, so I'm responding to it here. First of all, I won't get into my long drawn-out speal on why I don't believe Minerva is nearing my grandmother's age, but 1.) she is not described as old in the books, and 2.) movies take creative license with books all the time. (ie, I don't think she's as old as Maggie Smith, either.)

With that out of the way, I can't understand why it is people insist on telling me that things in my fics are wrong. A misspelled name is wrong. Screwing up canon (as opposed to screwing with it on purpose) is wrong. Stuff I change because I want to is not wrong. And excuse me for not feeling it necessary to add in my author's notes, "In this story Severus and Minerva went to Hogwarts together". It's totally obvious that my Severus and Minerva did go to school together; I believe it's in the first page. The first letter M. writes, anyway.

As to that last bit, about S. not placing great value on youth and beauty... what? I don't think I ever described E&E's Minerva as being really young and really pretty. Maybe there's a line in there to the effect of, Severus thinks she's beautiful. Is she? Hell if I know. If that's in there (and it may not be; I have two very long Severus/Minerva fics in the works now, and my memory's not perfect) he's probably not talking physical aspects anyway. Grr.

What I think really annoys me about this, though, is the HP fandom's stubborn, almost fanatical, inability to understand the concept of AU in fic. Their inability to understand the very idea that brought me to fanfic in the first place. You can change anything. Anything. And if you're not sure what the established canon is, you take it wherever you want it to go.

People's failure to grasp this wouldn't be so bad, if it weren't for the fact that these are the same people who look at other speculation fics and adore them. You don't see many (okay, aside from rabid 'shippers, but never mind them) who tell authors that Harry is never going to marry Ginny, or Hermione, or whoever. Because we don't know if Harry will marry anybody, ever.

So why is that okay to play with, while I get told constantly that my fic is wrong?

I am now seriously considering a very sarcastic sort of note for my HP fic page. Something along the lines of, fuck you. It's supposed to be like that.



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