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Dear Disabling Students,

Do you think it would be too much trouble for you to send my last Stats exam before the final BACK to my teacher? Because right now I have a big fat zero for a test I probably aced, it's bringing my grade down when it just went UP, and I'm FURIOUS.

I've spent most of the day having panic attacks, freaking out, and curled up in my chair sobbing, but I'm really over that, and now I'm just PISSED. I know it's the end of the semester and you're busy, and I DON'T CARE. I need to know what I got on this test so I know what my grade is going into the final; I expect it to go up and I'd planned on doing some celebrating this weekend, but nooo, you have to get all stupid and lackadaisical about everything as usual, just when I most need you to actually DO YOUR JOBS.

It's actually really easy. I took the test. I saw you put it in the envelope. Now put the envelope in the prof's mailbox so he can POST MY FREAKING GRADE.

I'll be back on campus on Tuesday to take my Stats final. I'll also be seeing you charming people. So you might want to have it fixed by then. Just sayin'.

No love,
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Gacked this from my pal [livejournal.com profile] ashkitty, who gacked it from someone else:

Privacy PSA
A friend just shared some disturbing info:

1. Go here: http://www.spokeo.com/

2. Type in your name.

3. Be appalled by the amount of personal info (name, address, phone #, age group, names of family members who live with you, or the fact that you live alone) they've gathered about you and are providing for the world to see. They even provide a map to your house.

To opt out, you need to go all the way to the bottom, find the little tiny gray 'Privacy' link, click that, go through their hoops, go to your email, and confirm through your email.

(My friend found that the 'not-a-bot' code was impossible to read. If you guess right, you won't know, because the screen won't change, so you just have to keep trying until you get an email confirmation message that you want to opt out.)

Snopes.com's listing said that, during their trials, clicking the link emailed to them took them back to the spokeo.com privacy page, and the records to be blocked remained intact. So, be aware that it might not work.


I went and looked me up, and was appalled at what they knew about me. I managed to delete my record, but I had to try three browsers before the whole removal page would load. Also, you can only use the same email address a couple times to remove a listing, AND if you try too often to remove one, it'll cut you off and tell you to try again tomorrow. Trying sometimes = mistyping the not-a-bot random letters/numbers.

I was able to get rid of mine, Mom's, and two listing for Grandma, one old, one current. Got stalled on getting rid of Grandpa's. Some of the info they had was so wrong it's funny, like my uncle and a woman I've never heard of living in my grandparents' apartment with them. Less funny, the complete phone number and the random creepy facts they know about us.

I'm a little less freaked out now that I've been able to get rid of some of this stuff, but... oy.
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In a word? Argh!

I'm not sleeping much lately. Went to bed around 4:00 or 5:00 this morning, and woke up around 9:30. And that's actually more sleep than I got the night before, or the night before that. It's really too bright in my room to sleep in the mornings, so if I wake up I usually stay awake. That's not new, but I'm going to strangle the 'new' neighbors. They've been here for a while, but I'm starting to think that the place next door has some Curse of Annoyance on it, because everyone who's ever lived there has driven us nuts.

They are getting better, though. The first people who lived there had loud fights and louder make up sex, both with the windows open. *facepalm*

We had various members of that family for a while- some kind of divorce/breakup, I think. Don't miss them- they also had bratty kids they never kept an eye on, and had this habit of slamming the side door to their garage so hard it rattled stuff on my desk (and not so incidentally scaring the CRAP out of me.)

The current renters? Fireworks. Little and not so little crackles and booms, on and off for the past week. I woke up this morning, and it's trash day, so at first I wasn't really annoyed. Then I realized that the garbage trucks don't make crackle/pop/BOOM noises.

The neighbors do. Middle of the day, middle of the night, whenever. And I know, tomorrow's the 4th and everybody always gets a little crazy around here with that this week. But seriously, people? Waking me up?

Just don't steal my fucking lightbulbs like the last morons did.

eta: Oh for fuck's sake! The idiots are fighting. I can hear them over my iPod. *facepalm*
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Argh! I really hope this !@#$ing credit card thing isn't going to end up needing its own tag. Today I got a little package in the mail with my 'sample' of some dietary suppliment thingy, Acai Berry or some such nonsense. Enclosed is a packing slip that informs me I have 15 days to cancel this 'subscription' or I'll be chared $83 something- $94 with shipping! It also says there's a 30% 'restocking' fee if I return it.

We'll just see about that!

What creeps me out is that it came addressed to ME, at my house. Why would that be? Wouldn't whoever got ahold of my credit card number want the crap they bought sent to THEM?

On the plus side, good luck to those idiots with 'charging' me with anything else, since the bank closed the account yesterday.

I just feel like I'm losing my mind. I don't need this right now. Not that I ever need it, but...

So upset my hands are shaking. I think I'll go do something else for a while.
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Argh! Argh, argh, argh!

I got this automated phone call from the fraud prevention department at my bank, and I figured, probably no big deal, because last time they were just being a little paranoid.

Turns out? Not so paranoid this time. There's a bunch of charges on there, weird stuff I sure as hell didn't do, mostly little but they were adding up. This woman at the bank was reading off charges to me and I'm going, "No, no, OMG WTF? No, no, okay that one's actually mine... that one too. No, no, OMG!" etc, etc. Long story short, they stopped payment on all that crap and closed the account. I'm to destroy my credit card and any of those 'courtesy checks' I happen to have. (Of those I have none, I always shred them when they show up.)

I suppose I'll go feed my now-useless credit card to the shredder in a bit, but right now I'm a little freaked out. I know it's obviously the best thing to do, closing the account, and I should get my new card in 7-10 days, but this is really inconvenient and annoying.

I'm ALWAYS careful of how I use my card online, and have never ever given the number out over the phone, and I use Paypal for all my eBay stuff, so I'm left wondering what online store I bought from lately got hacked. The bank, of course, isn't likely to tell me if they ever figure it out.

I'd meant to post something today, but this was not what I'd had in mind. And I wasn't having the best week before this. *headdesk*
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Happy Christmas, gang. Or whatever you celebrate (or don't).

We've had a kind of strange one here so far. I still feel like Christmas should be a week or so away, maybe we'd be ready then. We just got the lights on the three night before last, and so far the only ornament we hung was the one that's been on Mom's dresser since she found it under her bed about six months ago (Sam must've decided it was a cat toy, stolen it off the tree, and carried it back there, little turkey.) We're going to try to put the rest of the ornaments on tomorrow.

Tonight we had some festive Christmas DVD watching- our classic Christmas favorite, "The Ref", and then, because we bought it last week and hadn't seen it yet, "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor."

Also baked some cookies, from some mix we found on sale. "Take out of fridge, slap on cookie sheet, bake." They're not awesome, but they didn't take much effort either.

Tomorrow it's brunch at Grandma and Grandpa's in the dining room at their retirement home. (Nowhere near as bad as it sounds, the food's actually really good and has the added benefit of none of us having to cook it.) My uncle may or may not be eating with us, depends on his work schedule. It should be... interesting. But at least we don't have to be there till 1:00.

I was going to say something else, but I'm falling asleep at the keyboard here, so, bed for me.
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I promised an update, didn't I? Yeah, I thought I had. It's taken me a few days to get to it- and I actually have been meaning to do it for a while.

I guess the easiest thing to do is to group the updates by subject, so, in no particular order-

State of the Kidneys: I had blood work. I had a CT scan. I had other tests, and the less said about those, the better. What did my doctor learn from all this, you ask? #1, by the time the doc decided to do the CT, the stones were gone. The only thing he saw on the scan were really good pictures of my poor inflamed bruised-up kidneys. He thinks I had a couple stones and they passed. No, really? #2, as to the blood work and other tests- half the reason he wanted to do these was to get baseline readings. But at least according to his nurse who called me with the results, all of my results are 'normal', nothing jumped out at them, I'm probably 'just one of those people', etc. *headdesk*

State of the School: I still think they should issue hunting licenses for freshmen. We have way too freaking many as usual. It's about the middle of the semester, and my teachers are piling on the work. Especially my Spanish prof, who is really easygoing but who I think my classmates have managed to royally piss off. Our attendance has more weight on our grades than our exams do, and you get extra credit points at the end of the semester if you have perfect attendance. Which is great, except it means everybody comes to class, even the people who don't want to be there. And all they do is talk. In English. When we're supposed to be working in pairs or groups or even when the prof is lecturing, these idiots are chattering away, texting, answering their cell phones... Today he took roll halfway through class, gave us a ten minute break, and told us we could all leave if we wanted to. He says next time he's just going to tell them to leave. Three people left, and you'd be amazed how much quieter it got after they did. Here's hoping they don't come back.

State of the Laptop Hateway: This stupid fucking computer, I swear to Gods... it's been trying to die for a while now, you all remember the keyboard adventures (I still have keys that don't work, or work very rarely) but now it seems to be spreading to other components. A couple weeks ago, Anna here decided she didn't have a CD drive anymore. And has been unable to recognize that the thing's still there, ever since. Then one day last week my mouse refused to work. It came back, but I'm seeing a sign of the times here. Mom was talking about replacing the computer for Christmas anyway; now we're crossing our fingers the thing lasts that long. Also wondering how much fun it's not going to be to try and get all my stuff off of here without a damn CD drive. (I hadn't, of course, updated my backup CDs in a month or so, as of the CD drive crash.)

State of the Big, Time-Consuming Project: Goes a little like this. School's doing a semester in London in the spring. It's not cheap, but it looks fantastic. My geology prof, who I really like, is one of the teachers who's going, and she clued me into a major national scholarship for students who want to study abroad. I had to write an essay, plan a project to promote studying abroad and the scholarship, send transcripts, and fill out a ton of forms, which is what I spent half of September and the first part of October doing. I'll know if I get the scholarship in mid December, and at this point I've just accepted that I'm going to be stressed beyond belief until then. The scholarship is up to $5,000. Even with the financial aid I discovered I qualify for this semester (*thwap* to the guidance counselor for sucking at her job as usual) if I don't get the scholarship, I can't go. And I really, really, really want to go. I think I have a fair shot, because the scholarship people like junior college students, students who've never studied abroad before, and, yes, folks, disabled students. Check, check, and check. It's gonna be great if it all comes together, but in the meantime it's also been this huge mess of stuff and bureaucracy and red tape and nonsense, and it's driving me insane.

State of the Fam: You guys know I love my family. I do. But with everything that's going on lately my bullshit threshold is practically nonexistant, and hanging around my relations isn't exactly stress free. Sometimes we think Grandpa is doing better than Grandma, which, considering, is really freaking scary. They both tripped and fell last week; Grandpa bruised his knee, Grandma gave herself a hell of a black eye with her glasses. They did at least get checked out by the infirmary people at their nursing home, but still, Mom and I were facepalming when we found out about this. (And note that we found out when we met them for dinner one night last week, when Grandma took off her sunglasses.

State of the Parent: Mom gets her own section, because she's saner than the rest of them right now. Of course, it turns out that her foot still hasn't healed from the fall she took months ago, so now she's in physical therapy for the foot. Only the doc who's sending her for the PT just put her on medicated patches, and while she's wearing those they can't do half the treatments at PT that have really been helping. Mom's been getting that kinesio tape like that US women's beach volleyball player wore at the Olympics, and she says it's really been helping. We're pretty sure all the drug patches are doing is masking the pain, and I know there've been a couple days when Mom has pushed herself too far, because it didn't start hurting when it should have. Mom's considering smacking the doc upside the head. If she doesn't, I may do it for her, 'cause I've about had it.

State of the Druid: Actually, between one thing and another I've about had it in general. It's election day, to which I say, "Thank Gods, now you can ALL shut the fuck up." We vote absentee, I sent in my ballot last week, and I really do not care at this point. California has this charming measure on the ballot, Proposition 8- asshole conservatives want to amend the friggin' state constitution to say that 'marriage is only between a man and a woman', blah, blah, blah. Bigots and homophobes r'us, especally around here. They've been demonstrating for the damn thing in major intersections, the mall, and around the Barns and Noble. I gave them the thumbs-down, each individual idiot, as we drove past on Saturday. I swear they were so pissed they were turning purple. One guy waved his giant American flag at me, like the finger of admonishment. To which I say, it was fucking raining, asshole- flag's supposed to be put away. Honestly I felt like I was very restrained- I didn't give them the finger, or roll down the window and scream at them, which is what I really wanted to do.

I really wanted to dare them to take their little hatefest on the road to San Francisco, and see how it played out there. I'll spare you guys the rest of the rant, but those people really made my blood boil.

In better election news, our illustriously moronic mayor, Alan Autry (yes, that Alan Autry, whom you might remember as "Bubba" from In the Heat of the Night...) decided not to run again, so at least we're rid of that embarrasing idiot. Who always seeemed to be under the impression he ran the county and the state, instead of just the city. IIRC, he wanted to pass a city ordinance about illegal immigration. We're in the middle of California, not the Mexican border. He spent most of his time at Starbuck's and the gym, anyway. I may miss having him to kick around, but... I think he'll be like George W. Bush. We can always still make fun of him.

*sigh* Moving on. I'm so stressed I'm hardly sleeping, or at least I don't feel like I am, and I need a vacation. Oh, and if I could just hear a "yes" from the scholarship people...

Oh yeah, I knew I forgot one.
State of the Ants: Because it's only just now starting to cool down, the little fuckers have been making incursions through most of September, and we found a few in the kitchen last week. I foolshly put on some clothes they'd had access to, and ended up with a TON of bites, 10+, which is not good when you're as allergic as I am. It rained a lot over the weekend and yesterday, and I hope they all drowned.

...I think that was everything. *hugs*
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Ugh... So today's the first day of class. Oh, joy.

It's going to be 94 F, which is a downgrade from the 97 they were predicting last night.

This still sucks.

It sucks even more because I spent the last 2 weeks fighting a kidney infection, the last 10 days or so on major antibiotics, and I still feel like total crap and am hurting in places I shouldn't. I'm going back to the doc on Thursday, unrelated mole removal, and I'm debating if the kidney stuff can wait till then.

Since I spent all weekend popping the painkillers said doc gave me for the infection, and need to take more after I eat breakfast, I'm thinking it probably can't wait. Will call her after I get home from (whee, yay) class.

I don't have class till noon, which'll give me time to fight the bookstore lines and go get my new student ID/library card, if I decide I'm up for that today. And I only have to buy one book, for Oceanography, since we use the same Spanish book for Spanish II as we did for I (Thank you, Professor M!)

I keep trying to console myself about the back to school thing with all the good stuff about school- access to our library, whose nonfic section rocks; no freshmen in my classes; two profs who are really good and whom I like; and, well, I was getting a little bored anyway.

On the flip side we have: State U cut their fall enrollment again, and we know what that means- Freshman Menace, redux; the heat; the fact I feel like crap.

Oh yeah, and I'm exhausted, because I've been staying up later than I should have to watch the Olympic finals in stuff like gymnastics and swimming. (No love to NBC for intentionally putting the best stuff on dead last. And I'm still pissed about equestrian being on freaking Oxygen, too. Assholes...) Network gets nasty letters when I have time to write them.

It's gonna be a long day.

Did I mention I don't really want to do this right now? If it just wasn't so hot... (Okay, I'd still be annoyed and tired, but I wouldn't be as worried about my kidneys.)

Anyway, I apologize for being so out of touch for so long. Kidney infections really suck, and I think I've had this one for close to a month. Yeah, I know, I'm an idiot. I was going to call the doc ages ago, before I thought I passed that stone, but things calmed down, so I figured I was clear of whatever it was. Then it started up again week before last, and I did call her.

And now need to call her again. Bleh.

Kidney infections suck.

I'll tell you this, though- those freshmen had better stay the hell out of my way, or I may not be entirely responsible for beating their ankles with my cane, not to mention all the swearing.

Well, learning new vocab words is all part of the college experience, yeah? ;)
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Okay, I'm at skip=80 on my flist, and I've been skimming, so if you posted something you want me to read, let me know here?

Sorry I've been so scarce lately, but school and life have been- well, not kicking my ass exactly, but keeping me pretty damn busy. I have a small ton of homework and I'mt rying to do too much around the house. This place is a complete disaster. I really meant to do more last week, which was spring break, but I ended up spending half of last week sleeping, or dealing with migraines and wishing I could sleep. I endd up with one sample of the good drug the doc gave me left, and one of the "OMG this is fucking with all the veins in my head ew make it stop" drugs, which I really didn't want to take. And rather than taking my last of the good drug, I dug into the stash of painkillers left over from the kidney stones of doom. And if you're wondering why I didn't just call the doc's office and ask for a script, since the samples worked, I did, but my NP was on vacation last week and the office was swamped. So I got them to cough up some more samples, and called back yesterday about the script.

Medical stuff, whee )

I fully expect that when this week is over and my stress level goes down, I'll relax my way into a migraine. That's what happened the weekend before last.

This whole week I feel like I've been going nuts, like I hit the ground running when I got out of bed on Monday morning, and I pretty much haven't stopped since. Too much to do, as usual, and the house is a wreck, like I said, which just contributes to the general feeling of chaos around here. Hence the trying to pick up stuff thing.

Which runs into the "we have too much stuff" thing, and the "we don't have enough places to put all this stuff" thing, and the "we bought new really cheap bookcases at Big Lots but haven't had time to finish putting them together" thing.

I'm telling you, the fun just never stops around here.

In the interest of 1.) cleaning out stuff and 2.) making money, I'm slowly going through all of my action figures, toys, and various other collectibles, and listing the stuff I think will sell on eBay. It's been kind of a pain, and their new fees suck, but so far I seem to be making more of a profit off my stuff than eBay is, so... It'll do for clearing at this stuff.

eBay listing and assorted rambling; feel free to skip )

I really like this whole spring cleaning thing. Actually I like the part where I can get rid of stuff I don't want (so much of it in the "oy, why did I buy this?" category) and get money for it. The part where I have to figure out the gordian knot that is the US Postal Service mailing rates is a lot less fun. I think I need to see if my uncle the software engineer/math guru can write me some kind of program to decode the rate schedule. Seriously, I think the USPS is the next ENIGMA.

And now for something completely different... Spanish class, and the fun I'm not having at school.

Okay. I like my class, as a class- not the people in it so much, but the prof's okay, the material isn't too incomprehensible, and attendance, participation, and homework count for more of our final grades than the exams, so it doesn't matter what I can't spell right or conjugate appropriatly. I have an A. Keeping it isn't too hard.

But. I swear to Gods some days I want to chuck all of my classmates out the fucking window. Case in point. I'm sitting in the hall before class this morning reading the New York Times, which they hand out for free in the library- and a couple of them ask me, "We didn't have class on Monday, did we?"

Cue me facepalming into my paper. "Yep. Oh yeah, and we had homework."

Actually, I kind of forgot to mention the homework until the class before us had left, and I'd seen our prof out in the hall, because I'm evil like that. Morons.

We have a syllabus. Included in that syllabus is a schedule for every day we have class, that says what we're doing. It also says when we don't have class. And I really thought that everybody knew spring break only runs for a week in college, no matter how much longer the public school kids get off for.

Argh. Just...argh.

And now, off to the pharmacy! whee...
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I know I say this every year, but I hate this bloody time change, I really do. 'Daylight Savings Time,' my ass. Haven't they figured out yet that 1.) the days start getting longer this time of year anyway, and 2.) We have the same number of hours of daylight no matter WHAT time they say it is? It's such nonsense, and I wish California was one of the states that had figured that out and gotten rid of it.

I didn't get to bed till 1:00AM last night, which was technically the artist fomerlly known as midnight. And I know that whatever time my clock SAYS it is, it's actually only 5:30 AM, and I should still be asleep for another half an hour.

I can't remember how long it took me to get used to the time change and stop bitching about it last year, but I suspect I have a ways to go yet.
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Good morning, flist. (I started to say 'Good morning ladies,' as most of my flist is female, but then I thought it might kinda annoy Mike. Hi, Mike!)

Anyway. It's way too freaking early as usual, and I'm (sob) getting ready for my first day of class. It hasn't had the best start.

I sort of meant to clean up some stuff in my room over my vacation, which mostly ended up ammounting to moving a bunch of crap into boxes so I could move the bookcase my phone line is behind, so we could hook up the DSL in my room (had to switch a wire over from the separate phone line we had for me, so the phone jack worked on the main line.) And those boxes have been kinda hanging out, getting slowly emptied as I put stuff away.

I thought I'd pushed them far enough out of the center of the room that I wouldn't trip over one when I got up to shut up my alarm clock this morning, but...Apparently not. I tripped over something when I dashed over to my alarm. Normally I'm more careful, but we must've hit the volume control during the DSL set up, because I woke up with the radio SCREAMING at me, scared myself to death, and wanted the noise to stop NOW.

I fell, of course. Hit my arm on a box- I think that might be okay- but what really may come back to haunt me is the large muscle in my leg just below my butt. I landed right on it, and it's still pretty sore. On the plus(?) side, it's going to be pretty cold today I think, so maybe it won't bruise too badly. I don't have time to sit on an ice pack this morning (am not really too intersted in that anyway) but maybe I'll sit on a cement bench on my break...

I have class every day except Tuesday, and the only thing I have on Thursday is an 8:00 AM Spanish lab. And possibly some independant work to do in the language lab, I seem to recall a lot of that from my French 1 back in the day.

I guess I'm pretty much resigned to going back to school, and kind of excited about my English Lit class. Spanish not so much, though it'll be good to start learning the language for real, not just the bits and pieces you pick up living in CA, plus the swearwords a friend taught me in high school (I still remember how to tell someone to F their mother in Spanish, which I've never actually done...)

As usual, the real reason i don't want to go has more to do with the other people I have to deal with than anything else. The lost freshmen, including all the pissed off ones who 'forgot' to apply to State, and whose parents are making them try and take classes at City College. The crowds of people scrambling to get classes (and good luck with that.) A friend of my family who works for the college told me before Christmas they were having budget issues again, which means they'll be cutting stuff wherever they can, which means fewer sections of stuff.

I really hope enough people signed up for English Lit to keep it afloat. I'm really counting on English Lit to save my sanity at school this semester, since I figure nobody will be there but students who at least have half a brain and like English. It's pretty much an elective for everyone but the English majors, and I like the English majors, most of the ones I've met. I like the elective people even more. I'm really hoping the class makeup will be a lot like that of my Classic Myths class. We had some fun in there.

I know nothing about my teachers yet, and I'm hoping they're alright too.

Mostly I'm looking forward to getting this day done and over with, because the first day is always the worst. I'm taking the cane and will probably be carrying it in my hand when I get out of the car, that's how bad the crowds are. (Plus I've figured out no one asks me for directions, for some reason, if I'm carrying it...)

And I suppose I'd better go finish chucking stuff into my backpack, dig up my bus tokens, and other fun stuff. I'm going to try to update a little more this semester than I did last, but we'll (as always) have to see how it goes.
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So the promised clarifications post has, as of 9:43 my time, 4719 comments. I fully expect that to max out. When I looked at it last night, it crashed my browser, so it's getting its own second IE session opened.

I have no real news beyond that, because they're not saying anything, and what other users/groups are saying, other people are following and linking along much better than I could having barely been up for an hour.

What I have is a bit of a rant. Been a lot of these around lately, I know, and I'd love to use my LJ for what I got it for, but I've got to get this off my chest first.

So. LJ has a problem with fanart depicting Harry and Snape. Not a pairing I'm a fan of, but there are lots of those.

HP fans, a lot of other fans, and a bunch of users just going, "uh, WTF is LJ smoking this week?" have a problem with LJ. And it's getting bigger, because every time they promise 'clarification', they muddy the waters. "We mean this stuff, not that stuff." "Yeah, [x] stuff is safe." And next time 'round: "We never said that."

Yes, you did, and you'll have thousands of people waving screencaps and the like in your faces if you keep, you know, lying.

Now, [livejournal.com profile] strangemuses reckons LJ/6A's got their lawyers scrambling to come up with the legalese saying what we can and can't do on LJ, which is what we really want to see. And I think she's probably right, which begs the question- If they weren't ready to change the ToS, Why the FUCK did they start going after this stuff before they had the TOS to back it up?

Nobody (okay, most of the still reasonable people) is saying that LJ doesn't have a right to decide what content they want on their site and what content they don't. What we're saying is that when they decide to change the rules on us, they should do it like, you know, they're required by California law to do. Tell us, for fuck's sake! You do that, you look as professional as we all used to think that you were. We all read the new ToS stuff, think, either 'hm, I can live with that' or 'no, that's not going to work for me', and stay or go. Quietly, no mess, no fuss, maybe some people bitching about LJ/6A, but nothing like this.

That's right, LJ, if you're reading this. You could have avoided this whole thing, or most of it. You'd still get some disgruntled users, but you know, whatever.

(And the [livejournal.com profile] lj_biz post did crash my other browser session, and nearly forced me to hard restart my entire computer, which it doesn't really like, so, you know, ta, LJ.)

Moving on.

Last night when [livejournal.com profile] strangemuses and I were talking about this, she said something about seeing a comment (I think?) indicating that even flocked posts containing content LJ didn't like would get us banned, but like a dork I didn't ask her for the link, because the post wasn't crashing my browser then. Anyone see anything like that, or is my sleep deprived brain remembering wrong? Also, there was something about it being retroactive... hidden in comments, of course, to 'clarification' post I can't get to anymore. Argh.

If that's in there, and wasn't just stuff she and I were speculating on (and I don't think it was) then this, well, sucks.

Again- I feel like I keep saying this, maybe because it's not sinking in with the LJ leadership, apparently- nobody's saying they can't ban whatever the hell they want on here. They'll lose some people, but that's life. But to do it this way, expecting us to follow these invisible rules, and make them retroactive? And saying that locking it up as best we physically can on their site, isn't good enough?

That's one rant. Yes, there's another.

Not only does the legal definition of porn exclude fictional characters, be they in art or print, 6A is basically lumping all of us who're bitching about this as unfair in with the pedophiles. And that really fucking pisses me off.

Let's start over, huh? Hi. I'm [livejournal.com profile] urbandruid. I like Harry Potter, among other things. I can't draw for crap, but if I could, I'd probably draw stuff LJ wouldn't like. I write erotic fanfiction sometimes. (Not with underage characters, because that creeps me out.) I don't want your kids to read it any more than you do, so I'm careful about what I do with my fic, where and how I post it. I just recently went back and friends-locked the one adult story I've posted on any of my journals in the past year. That's all I can do. If that's not enough, you need to tell me. And my friends, before they flood your posts with cat macros again. (Which, btw? I think is funny as hell.)

Also? I'm not a pedophile, and I really honestly have NO WORDS for how much it pisses me off and disgusts me to be lumped together with them. And yeah, I know LJ said that [livejournal.com profile] burr86 was just 'letting off steam'- then they turn around and call us the same names he did, only without the capslock of rage. (4841 comments, as of when I went back to check that idiot's username in their post at *checks* 10:14 AM pacific.) I think it's brilliant that you want to keep real porn off of your site- I don't want it on mine either. Trouble is, you don't seem to get what porn is, and isn't.

It isn't the same thing as obscene content.

See, here's the thing. You can (again I say this) ban whatever you want on your site. But if you're going to coach it in legalese, would you please give your lawyers some IV caffeine (I'm sure they need it by now) and ask them to look it over and show you the numerous places in your statements where you, quite frankly, just need to get your thumb out? I've seen other users say this and I'll echo it- if you don't really know what you're talking about, don't try. Your users are a hell of a lot smarter than you, right now you've probably pissed off people in almost any field, and they'll be more than happy to tell you where you're talking out of orifices you shouldn't be using for that. Again.

Between the cat macros.

Oh, and one last thing. A special no love to [livejournal.com profile] brad, Brad Fitz, who I used to think was pretty cool in the days before he sold out to Big Brother 6A. Okay, Brad, we get that you're bored with LJ, you're leaving, you don't care. But the contempt and the disdain with which you spoke to people who used to be your users, not these assholes'? Really fucking sucks. "They said it was porn, so it's porn." When people tried to correct you, you didn't want to hear it. Your attitude is, "They say it is, you say it isn't, I don't have time to dig through and find out." And you clearly don't give a shit. Nice. (In the sense of, "Okay, you're an asshole. You gone yet?")

And still 6A doesn't get why we're mad? Maybe they need those caffeine IVs too. Might help. Or not.

In a word, guys? Duh.
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Why am I not surprised that the promised 'clarification' or whatever on [livejournal.com profile] lj_biz never materialized?

[livejournal.com profile] bubble_blunder is my hero, for this open letter to LJ/6A, which you should all read because it is awesome and pretty much 100% expresses my views on this nonsense, only, you know, politely.

My favorite bit from the post:
"We are not arguing your rights to make rules regarding what content that you are and are not willing to host. And we would gladly make an effort to follow those rules, if we actually understood what they are. Unfortunately we don't." (emphasis mine)

I spent until about 4AM last night/this morning using Lj-Sec to back up this journal to my GJ. And this was after, mind you, spending all fucking day downloading .NET and ljArchive (because I want to keep my comments in some format, too, damnit)

Backing up the journal really wasn't a whole lot of fun. I'm cautious, so I did a chunk of recent entries first as a test. That all went well, so I told the program to transfer all the remaining entries, picked up my book, and settled in to wait.

Forgetting, of course, that while the program would have no problem transfering that much stuff at once, my internet connection might take exception. It did- the connection's too slow for LJ-Sec, apparently, as it got dropped at the LJ end, then the GJ end. And somehow in going back and trying again, I ended up with two of half my posts.

Cue an hour and a half of 'edit, delete, edit, delete, edit, delete'... I finally just got rid of all of it because it was easier, then went back and posted in chunks of 30-40 entries. I have 719, so you can just imagine how long that took, and how much fun it wasn't.

I think I got all the posts up, but there were two at least I know of that I couldn't get to transfer, so I need to go back and check to see what else I missed. Oh, and go edit a bunch of entry titles, because everything after the 'and' symmbol (which along with the number seven, I can't type at the moment and have to c/p because my keyboard is being evil again) didn't make the transfer. I use the and symbol a lot, apparently, to judge from the many suddenly nonsensical entry titles.

I'd like to express a general "BAH!" (and two upraised middle fingers) to LJ for these hours of joy and contentment (<--- sarcasm) because I pretty much blame them for this.

Oh wait, I do blame them.

Next post or two: An update about my *gasp* real life.
Also: a bit late, but better late than never: my take on HP and the Deathly Hallows. Which I seem to still want to keep typing as 'Hollows'.
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Okay, so here's the thing.

I think I'm cracking up under the stress of finals. Not as bad as [livejournal.com profile] scottiegirlc might be, but anyway... ;) I'm almost to the point of laughing hysterically at everything, and I can very easily see myself bouncing off the walls, explaining to my pals in Soc, "But we've got to save Spike!"

Bizarre dreams last night mixed Fresno City college and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Wait, what did I say about almost cracking up?

Z minus seven days. Which sounds like a long time, until you figure out that it's all rolling down from here.

Wed. May 12 - Class. Study. Algebra homework.
Thur. May 13 - Study. Algebra homework. Eye doctor's appointment.
Fri. May 14 - Algebra chapter 9 exam. Study.
Sat. May 15 - Finish Algebra review. Study.
Sun. May 16 - Finish Algebra review. Study.
Mon. May 17 - Algebra final.
Tue. May 18 - Study for Soc final.
Wed. May 19 - Soc final

I really don't think it would be so bad if they didn't expect us to learn the last of the new material while we're cramming for finals. Or at least while I'm cramming for finals. I know people who haven't even started studying yet. Their perogative, of course, but fifty review problems will not do themselves.

I wish they would, though.

Somehow I'll get it all done. It's not so much that I don't understand the Algebra, because I understand most of it, it's just that there's a lot of it.

Am still v. very worried about Spike, though.

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I think I've totally lost track of what I was doing.

It could have something to do with the fact I've had music blasting in my ears all day, and I turned it off. It seems too quiet, but I'm going to have to go get ready in a bit here, so... yeah.

I've been cleaning my room most of the day. Actually seem to have made some progress, but now I'm exhausted. And of course the day's not over yet.

I still get to go to Grandma's for tonight's family activity. Which is the private little memorial thing for great-grandpa. I'd call it a wake, but most wakes involve alcohol. Ours won't. It should, but it won't. I'm sort of not looking forward to it, even though we need to do it. Even though we need to sit down, finish going through his stuff, and decide what to do with the box of ashes on the hearth.

We went through some stuff on Christmas, but nobody wanted to touch too much of it without Grandma there, because inevitibly we'd take something she felt very attatched to, and nobody wants to hear about it. I ended up with a map of "Russia and the former Soviet Union" dated 1993. Goddess only knows why great-grandpa had a map of the old USSR, but it's a good map, National Geographic or something. Nobody else wanted it, so I took it.

I have no idea what I'm going to do with it. And there's no one alive who knows why he would've had such a thing, which strikes me as, in a way, quite sad.

And morbid as this may sound, I always seem to end up with things belonging to the dead relatives I wasn't that close to, as opposed to the ones I was. I have nothing of my great-grandmother's on Mom's father's side, or her sister, my great-aunt's, and I loved them best. Miss them most, too.


But at least we're doing something. Because I really don't want to get older, be clearing out Grandma's stuff when she dies, and go, "oh, look, kids, it's Great-Grandpa. Can't believe he's still here... shit." You know?

So anyway. This promises to be really strange and depressing. Even if it doesn't degenerate into Trival Persuit games that last all night, or discussions of Mad Cow disease. (Don't ask. Please don't ask. I don't want to think about it.)

And there's not even any pie left. Bah.
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I'm seriously considering just ignoring my mother when she comes knocking on my bedroom door in a few hours. It feels much later than it is, so I keep expecting to see her, coming to drag me off to Grandma's for another fun-filled night of odd food and crappy games. I don't want to go. I really don't want to go.

Tomorrow we're going to my uncle's ex-roommate's place to watch Finding Nemo. I don't want to do that either. I'm feeling overexposed to my family, and I don't know if I can even deal with my uncle, the roomie, and the girlfriend, even though they're all more or less okay.

KB Toys was...interesting. At first we thought no one was there and the place wasn't even open, but we checked the mall door. It was open, so we went in. There was a large line in front of the store, so we joined it. They let people in a few at a time, and someone had to leave before another person could go in. Crazy. Then, they have half the aisles blocked off so you can only go one way. First you had to weave your way through to the aisle you wanted to look through; then you had to line up with everyone else and walk through the entire rest of the store to get to the cash registers. It was crazy, and a lot of people lost patience and left. We didn't, though- Stubborn, that's all it is. We're just stubborn.

No Eowyn, sadly. Goddamn short-packed figures. Sometimes I could just kill the people who think this stuff up. But I did find something worth standing in line for- the short-packed Galadriel figure from Two Towers which I've been going after for ages, plowing through racks of Gollum, King Theoden, and the occasional Ringwraith at Wal-Mart and Target every time I'm there. The Ringwraiths, for some reason, tend to fall on my head. Though I got hit today with a Gollum (Mom knocked it off the pegs accidentally, and I couldn't duck in time).

So we stood in line for almost two hours to spend $5.99 on an action figure that's going for at least $20 on eBay. Sometimes my mother just rocks. Anyway, we had some fun laughing at the people lugging huge sacks of stuff around, spending upwards of $200 on toys and various other crap. If you spent at least $100, you got a free Care Bear, but we didn't really want one that badly. I was going to grab one of the Care Bear beanies, though, in memory of the original bear my parents gave me back in the 80's, but they were sold out. Very sad. I have fond memories of my Care Bear; it was the green one with the shamrock on its chest, and I believe I loved it to death.

I distinctly remember getting that bear; it was my birthday, and we went out to dinner at a local pizza place I used to love. It's closed now, but they had the best pizza... anyway, I remember opening the oddly shaped package at the table- you know, those strange half-box tray things stuffed animals used to come in?- and just hugging that thing for all I was worth...

That was, of course, the year the Care Bears were in season, and I still sort of wonder who my mother had to kill to get it. I appriciated the gesture, though. :)

By the time we got out of KB, we were way too awake to go home and go back to bed, so we went out for breakfast and then hit a few more stores. We were out with the insane masses for about five hours, which was about all we could stand, but we got everything done that we'd planned on doing, and only the last two or three stops were really crowded.

Of course, now my feet are killing me, and I'm starting to get bummed out because I don't want to go to Grandma's. I'll be there for hours, and they'll make me play that stupid game...ugh. Sometimes I wish I'd stayed up north in the boondocks, where at least they couldn't so easily get to me.

The novel is kind of dead in the water right now. I have ideas of what I'm doing, where it's going, so it's not writers' block, it's just...exhaustion. I don't have the energy to write anymore.

*sigh* It would be so cool if someone could come along and rescue me from my relations...thank gods I have two more days off after this; I'm going to need them to recover.
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My poli sci teacher reminded us earlier this week that today is Black Friday. They call it that for reasons having to do with how much money the stores take in (they're 'in the black' as opposed to 'in the red') but it's always reminded me of the plague for some reason- you know, the Black Death?

Maybe because I usually avoid it like such.

But today...today it's inching toward 5 AM, the sun isn't up yet, and I, being crazy and having the day off and all, am hitting KB Toys in search of an elusive, one-per-case Return of the King figure. Ah, Eowyn, the things I do for you...

I got no writing done yesterday at all; none. I tried, but it was too hard with everything I had to do before we went to Grandma's, and then...there was Grandma's. I feel like we were there forever, even though we were home by 7:00. Of course, we went there at 1:00ish, so that's seven hours of Grandma and the rest of the gang.

Believe me, I'd rather have been writing NaNo.

The family is...still the family. They're still obsessed with games I hate, but at least my uncle's old roommate talked them out of playing charades. Never play any game with my family if you can help it, but charades least of all- they're cutthroat, they have too many rules, and they take it way too seriously. I remember being yelled at as a child for not making the gestures right, or for forgetting things. They made me cry, and then got madder when I didn't want to play anymore.

Oh, and never, ever believe them when they say they'll go easy on you the first game while you figure things out. They won't. Doesn't matter what game it is; they play for keeps.

Maybe this is why Mom and I don't play a lot of games.

Anyway, I'm off to beat up little kids at the mall with my cane- or at least trip their parents a few times if they try to get in my way. :)
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NaNoWriMo Progress Meter

I'm going to hit the 50k by the end of the month, there's no question about that. Whether my book is done by the end of the month, now that's the question. I still have a lot of story to tell.

I spent most of yesterday writing, and it was fun. Sort of exhausting, but fun. I'm still exhausted, but that may have a lot to do with the fact that it's Wednesday and my alarm woke me up not even half an hour ago with bad Sheryl Crow tunes. And it's, you know, Wednesday, which means computer lab.

Ugh. Speaking of. When I got there on Monday, there was no sign anybody from Disabled Students had been there or done anything. I can't say I was surprised, just, you know, mildly furious. I almost put my fist through that damned bolted-down flatscreen. Anyway, when my teacher turned the rest of the class period over to us (to work on lab stuff or whatever) I did what a lot of people normally do in this situation; I left. The teacher didn't say one word to the others, but to me, it was, "You're leaving already?"

Um, yeah. It's not like I can see to work on my lab junk, and the sooner I get over to Disabled Students and start leaning on them, the sooner I might see some results.

Nearly two hours later, I got five minutes with the only counselor left in the office, who of course had no clue what was going on, why I was coming to him, or- and this is the kicker- what the note my counselor left in my file said, because her handwriting? Hieroglyphics. So anyway, I told him what was going on (or what wasn't), he called the tech guy, and actually got him on the phone instead of his voice mail, and supposedly everything is all settled now. There should be big changes when I get to class today.

If there aren't, I may have to kill someone. I mean, come on, guys, give me a break. It's November; I'm PMSing; I'm stressing about finals and all the pre-final tests; I have to get ready to deal with my crazy relatives, who still don't know what they're doing for Thanksgiving; and I'm trying to write a novel in 30 days.

Given that...do you really want to piss me off? Me, I'd just duck and stay out of my way.

Mom's birthday is Friday. We were supposed to go see Michelle Branch Saturday to celebrate, but the concert's been postponed; apparently Michelle is sick. They're going to reschedule, but we're both a bit annoyed by this. Not sure what we're going to do for her birthday now. Probably get into trouble of some sort. :)

So I had this essay test in Poli Sci on Monday. Kind of not fun, but I think I did alright. I don't know when I'll find out for sure, but it probably won't be today. That's a lot of essays to grade. Not that I expect my prof is going to read all of them himself. Of course, I, being the perfectionist I am, have been thinking since Monday that my essay was a little weak in this area or that one...not that I can do anything about it now, of course.


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