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Friday afternoon, and I'm here again with my laptop and my boredom. There are things I could be doing, but... yeah. I'm just not really in the mood to stare at the several hundred PowerPoint slides I have to study for next week's Cognitive Psych test. I swear, I can't believe that class is only four units. Seems like it should be five or six for all the stuff we have to do. But maybe that's just me being grumpy.

I couldn't get to sleep last night for the longest time, hence the three chapters of fic I posted over at [personal profile] aurordark. I was tired of staring at the inside of my eyelids, so I figured I'd get up and do something (somewhat) useful. I was eventually able to get to sleep, but I did not want to get up this morning.

Part of it, I think, is that it's staying dark later and later. The sun wasn't even fully up when I got to school this morning. Normally I don't go in on Fridays, but I had a couple meetings to go to today.

One, with the Assistive Tech guy at Services for Students with Disabilities, went really well. I actually went in to talk to him about these new electronic pens they have now, which can transfer your notes to computer. But after talking with him, I decided it wasn't going to work for me. He did have some really awesome ideas about how I can keep up with my notetaking, though. It's been driving me crazy that I can't get every word down, but I literally cannot write fast enough. So I'm not going to anymore.

I'm going to take my laptop or my Kindle and a Bluetooth keyboard and type my notes. I'm also stealing borrowing Mom's camera to take pictures of the whiteboard so I don't have to rely on my crappy drawing skills to copy diagrams and such.

I seriously wanted to hug him for that suggestion. And he apologized to me for the e-pen thing not working out. I was like, no, no, this is awesome, you've been so much help, thank you!

Now I just need to talk to my teachers and make sure they're cool with me typing my notes. I think they'll be alright with it once I explain the circumstances, but the thing is, given my disability, it doesn't really matter what their policies on tech in the classroom are. I have the right to reasonable accomidations, and that covers things like laptop use- even in classes where the professors don't want laptops being used. I'll try the nice approach first, and honestly with these profs I don't think I'll have any trouble, but I have backup in the form of the DSS office if I need it. Which is good to know, and takes a lot of the weight off my shoulders.

All in all I'm doing better today than I was yesterday. I feel productive for a change, like I"ve actually gotten things done. And they're things that are going to help me out in the long run.

I've got about half an hour before my second meeting, which is actually a psychology club workship where we're going to talk about classes for next semester, share dirt on what profs are awesome and which ones should be avoided at all costs, that sort of thing. Should be interesting. I register on November 4th, and I only have the most vague idea of what I'm taking. I know, I know... that's bad of me, I should have it more together than this. It's just that I get so caught up in the day-to-day school stuff, that I forget to plan ahead.

One thing I'm probably not going to do, which I'd considered, was a Women's Studies minor. I really wanted to do it, but it's 20 more units, and I'd have to take another research methods class. I loathed the psych one- though I did seem to have gotten the guy who's arguably the worst teacher of that class in the whole department. I haven't heard a good word about the guy from anyone who had that class with him, which at least makes me feel somewhat vindicated in thinking he's a nit-picky jerk. Anyway. I don't want to hang around for the extra semesters 20 more units would take me to complete, but I think I'm going to take a couple of random women's studies classes that appeal to me. I'm looking at one for next semester, History of Feminism, that looks pretty cool. If I'm really lucky the WS teacher I have this semester will be teaching that too. I really like her, she's very good.

I'll probably never take another class from the Cog Psych prof, but that's a whole 'nother story.

When I woke up this morning I really was regretting my decision to schedule the meeting with the tech guy, and to go to the club workshop, but now that I'm here and I've managed to survive most of the day without killing anyone or dying of boredom, I'm glad that I came. I got some very helpful information and suggestions from my meeting at DSS, and I don't see how the psych club workshop could fail to benefit me.

Plus, I'd just have sat around in my PJs all day if I'd stayed home, watching crap on TV and moping around the house. Sometimes I think it's good for me to get out of the house and have to be around people, even though sometimes I'm not awesome at that either.

I will say, though, that I'll be glad when this day is over and I can go home. It's been a really long week.

Also my arm is kinda sore from the flu shot I got yesterday at the health center, though it's much better today. It only hurts if I raise my arm past a certain point, which is much less annoying than the flu would be. Now I just have to hope everybody else on campus got their free flu shots and aren't spreading it around classes or the common areas. As I discovered last year- or was it the year before last? I don't remember- you can still get the flu if you get a shot, but it's much less horrible. More "hey, I feel kinda crappy" and less "OMG kill me now my hair hurts and I'm throwing up air." The latter of which, I've also had in the past, and, yeah, I'd love to never have to experience that again.

I guess I should start hiking across campus for the workshop soon. I'm just not that enthusiastic about the idea. I mean, I want to go, yeah, but it's literally on the other side of campus. But I chose to spend the day on this side of campus anyway because all that's out on that side are the science buildings. Oh, and the agriculture departments. There's no food over there unless you count the vending machines. Besides, the library has a Starbuck's.

I'm getting so spoiled in college, I swear. :)
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Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.

I actually had a fairly good morning, but this afternoon is turning into One Of Those Days.

I got on the bus to come home, and there was a guy getting off the bus while I was trying to get on. So, no problem, I move over, say "sorry, excuse me," to the guy. He's like, "It's cool."

The driver then says to me something like, "In a hurry to get on the bus, huh? You have to wait, check if anyone's getting off first." Sorta grumpy.

Me: "I'm sorry, I didn't see him." Not even that pissed off. Yet.

Him: "Well, you have to LOOK."

Me: *deathglare* thinking, too pissed to speak, "Asshole, I'm visually impaired.

Next: 30 minutes of me fuming about this, trying and failing to calm down. I decide I'm going to make the driver regret this. Get out my cane, unfold it, make sure he sees it.

I start to get up before the bus is fully stopped. I often do this and I'm fine. I made a grab for one of the poles, thinking I'd just slide to a stop and laugh it off.

I either missed the pole or there wasn't one there. Fell forward onto bus seats. Hit my leg, hip, etc, on seat dividers, hit my jaw, I think, on the bottom edge of the bus seat.

Me: "Shit!"

Other guys getting off bus: "Hey, are you okay?"

Me: "Yeah, yeah."

Driver: Says NOTHING.

Me: Get to door of bus, unfolding cane. Finish unfolding cane, smack the end onto the top of bus steps to make sure it's settled. Smack a bit harder than necessary. Glare at bus driver.

Bus driver: Will NOT look me in the eye, in fact looks AWAY.

Me: Get off bus and walk home.

So now I'm home and I'm still kind of fuming. It's partially my fault, maybe entirely my fault, for getting pissed off and letting that distract me, so that I fell. But there's no excuse for the rudeness from the driver, and no excuse for him not seeing if I was okay.


So, I'm gonna go sit on an ice pack for a while, and see if my face is swelling. I hope to hell NOT, because I still have to go to the bloody eye doctor today.
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I'm almost all packed, I just have a few more things to chase down. And I need to figure out if I'm carrying my laptop in my new backpack, or struggling with 10 lbs of computer on one shoulder (I really hope the backpack works...)

I feel like I'm losing my mind, but that's not really all that unusual for me at this point before a trip. I always feel like I'm losing my mind. I keep trying to tell myself we're only going to LA, not Guam or outer Mongolia, as Mom says, but it doesn't really help. I don't want to forget stuff; I want my stuff.

And this is probably more than enough of an update, because I've got to pack this thing. More at some point later, maybe even pictures. (You're all so thrilled, I can tell.)

Alright, I'm off.

(Hahahahaha happy little arm-waving mood penguin, how awesome is that?)
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Well, when I get sick, I don't mess around, that's for sure. I went to see my doc on Friday, figuring I might be going into a sinus infection. My hearing had started going in and out, my blanace was off, and I thought, this is not good.

Yeah. No kidding it wasn't good- I have a sinus infection and an ear infection, both really nice ones. It does explain why I've felt like such crap, though.

I still don't feel 100%, but the antibiotics are doing a fantastic job. Now if only they wouldn't make me feel totally stoned one to two hours after I take them, when they peak. "May cause dizziness." Riiight. May also make me feel like I need to use my cane as a walking stick, so as not to walk into walls, trees, people...

It's an adventure, let's put it that way.

But I am SO much better than last week, it's not even funny.
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I gotta get me some new icons... or be able to use the other ones I have uploaded. *sigh*

But anyway. We gave our notice on the apartment yesterday, escrow for the house closes on the 20-something of September (too unawake right now to remember exactly when)... We're in for it now, and all. And I'm still trying to settle in to school, and get through the stress of the first couple weeks.. One of these would probably drive me nuts. Both... are turning me into a stressed-out mess, with too much to do, not enough time to do it in...

You'll notice I've been quieter lately, not posting here as much, answering tags and comments as fast, or writing as many posts for my other great obsession. It's gonna get worse before it gets better. And it's not that I don't love you guys, because I really do, but- like I said, I have all this moving crap to do, and they still expect me to do the normal going to class stuff at the same time, too, which I can never figure out- don't I get a break from classes so I can move? Anyway... ugh, I'm so tired, I didn't get enough sleep last night, and my brain's still kind of fuzzy here... What was I saying? Right. It's not that I don't love you all, because I really do, but there's stuff I have to get done that can't wait, so I'm going to be a little scarce lately. And exhausted. And stressed. And probably depressed, when the stress builds up enough- My psych teacher says there is a correlation, which I didn't know, but makes absolute sense if you think about it.

So, all the stuff I should be doing, or promised anyone I would do, I will do. Just probably not as quickly as I'd be able to do it if I wasn't moving in (OMG Ahhh! *Home Alone face*) about a month, give or take a day. Plus there is the school thing, and the thing where I want to know if it'd be possible to make freshmen-hunting legal, just to thin out the population a little, and the part where I'm still expected to do school crap, and OMG what is my Stats teacher smoking, NO ONE should be that freaking perky about math at his age...

And all I really want to do is sit back, relax, write more Moody/Penny fic and more Jack/Irina fic, pass my classes, and enjoy the last two seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer I have on DVD and have not had time to watch. Oh yeah, and be in the new house, without the packing thing, or the cleaning up the old apartment thing, or, gods know, the unpacking thing, where the most common words in the house for ages will be "Hey, have you seen...?"/"Can you remember where we packed...?"

On the other hand, when we gave notice yesterday, the manager told us a couple cool things. Namely, they are replacing our horrible carpet after we move, which is great- this stuff is so bad, we had water leaking out of an ice chest once- just water, mind you- and it sunk into the crappy excuse for a carpet pad and stained. No shit. They're also going to repaint, and replace the craptastic linolium. Yay! This means we don't have to obsessivly clean stuff that is very hard to clean, and I have to tell you, Mom's been a lot calmer since we found out she doesn't have to try so hard to get the water stain out of the carpet from Hell in 3D.

I got a bit confused about the dates, and thought next Monday was Labor Day. Bah, I wish. I was all excited, thinking, okay, get through this week and you have all this time before you have to go back to class again. And I do. After next week.

And I really, really need more t-shirts with rude phrases on them, the ones I have are too polite. Probably time to find a pair of ear plugs and go to the mall. I need clothes in general, really, jeans are getting pretty worn out and all, but I hate clothes shopping so much I'll put it off as long as possible. I really have to be in the right mood to deal with the teenyboppers and the skater guys and all the rest of those idiots who don't seem to do anything but walk up and down the mall, giggling and staring at the blind girl, because OMG teh strangeness of it all... and hey wow, look, what's that white thing she's got, kinda looks like a cane...

They're staring, I know they see me... but do you think they can get the fuck out of the way? Hell no.

That's okay, though. I'll hit 'em if I have to. Not hard, you understand- well, okay, let me qualify that. Not hard, most of the time, unless they are really horribly obnoxious and deserve it- but just hard enough to get the point across. "Oh my God I am SO sorry, I didn't see you there!" At which point the connection is usually made- hey, how about that- cane, blind person.

Though my personal favorite is still, "Hey, watch where you're- Oh. Sorry."

Anyway, I suppose I and my cane, and my backpack carrying my own weight in textbooks, ought to finish getting ready to go now... at the speed I seem to be moving this morning, that's gonna take at least another half hour. Bah...
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I'm seriously considering just ignoring my mother when she comes knocking on my bedroom door in a few hours. It feels much later than it is, so I keep expecting to see her, coming to drag me off to Grandma's for another fun-filled night of odd food and crappy games. I don't want to go. I really don't want to go.

Tomorrow we're going to my uncle's ex-roommate's place to watch Finding Nemo. I don't want to do that either. I'm feeling overexposed to my family, and I don't know if I can even deal with my uncle, the roomie, and the girlfriend, even though they're all more or less okay.

KB Toys was...interesting. At first we thought no one was there and the place wasn't even open, but we checked the mall door. It was open, so we went in. There was a large line in front of the store, so we joined it. They let people in a few at a time, and someone had to leave before another person could go in. Crazy. Then, they have half the aisles blocked off so you can only go one way. First you had to weave your way through to the aisle you wanted to look through; then you had to line up with everyone else and walk through the entire rest of the store to get to the cash registers. It was crazy, and a lot of people lost patience and left. We didn't, though- Stubborn, that's all it is. We're just stubborn.

No Eowyn, sadly. Goddamn short-packed figures. Sometimes I could just kill the people who think this stuff up. But I did find something worth standing in line for- the short-packed Galadriel figure from Two Towers which I've been going after for ages, plowing through racks of Gollum, King Theoden, and the occasional Ringwraith at Wal-Mart and Target every time I'm there. The Ringwraiths, for some reason, tend to fall on my head. Though I got hit today with a Gollum (Mom knocked it off the pegs accidentally, and I couldn't duck in time).

So we stood in line for almost two hours to spend $5.99 on an action figure that's going for at least $20 on eBay. Sometimes my mother just rocks. Anyway, we had some fun laughing at the people lugging huge sacks of stuff around, spending upwards of $200 on toys and various other crap. If you spent at least $100, you got a free Care Bear, but we didn't really want one that badly. I was going to grab one of the Care Bear beanies, though, in memory of the original bear my parents gave me back in the 80's, but they were sold out. Very sad. I have fond memories of my Care Bear; it was the green one with the shamrock on its chest, and I believe I loved it to death.

I distinctly remember getting that bear; it was my birthday, and we went out to dinner at a local pizza place I used to love. It's closed now, but they had the best pizza... anyway, I remember opening the oddly shaped package at the table- you know, those strange half-box tray things stuffed animals used to come in?- and just hugging that thing for all I was worth...

That was, of course, the year the Care Bears were in season, and I still sort of wonder who my mother had to kill to get it. I appriciated the gesture, though. :)

By the time we got out of KB, we were way too awake to go home and go back to bed, so we went out for breakfast and then hit a few more stores. We were out with the insane masses for about five hours, which was about all we could stand, but we got everything done that we'd planned on doing, and only the last two or three stops were really crowded.

Of course, now my feet are killing me, and I'm starting to get bummed out because I don't want to go to Grandma's. I'll be there for hours, and they'll make me play that stupid game...ugh. Sometimes I wish I'd stayed up north in the boondocks, where at least they couldn't so easily get to me.

The novel is kind of dead in the water right now. I have ideas of what I'm doing, where it's going, so it's not writers' block, it's just...exhaustion. I don't have the energy to write anymore.

*sigh* It would be so cool if someone could come along and rescue me from my relations...thank gods I have two more days off after this; I'm going to need them to recover.
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My poli sci teacher reminded us earlier this week that today is Black Friday. They call it that for reasons having to do with how much money the stores take in (they're 'in the black' as opposed to 'in the red') but it's always reminded me of the plague for some reason- you know, the Black Death?

Maybe because I usually avoid it like such.

But it's inching toward 5 AM, the sun isn't up yet, and I, being crazy and having the day off and all, am hitting KB Toys in search of an elusive, one-per-case Return of the King figure. Ah, Eowyn, the things I do for you...

I got no writing done yesterday at all; none. I tried, but it was too hard with everything I had to do before we went to Grandma's, and then...there was Grandma's. I feel like we were there forever, even though we were home by 7:00. Of course, we went there at 1:00ish, so that's seven hours of Grandma and the rest of the gang.

Believe me, I'd rather have been writing NaNo.

The family is...still the family. They're still obsessed with games I hate, but at least my uncle's old roommate talked them out of playing charades. Never play any game with my family if you can help it, but charades least of all- they're cutthroat, they have too many rules, and they take it way too seriously. I remember being yelled at as a child for not making the gestures right, or for forgetting things. They made me cry, and then got madder when I didn't want to play anymore.

Oh, and never, ever believe them when they say they'll go easy on you the first game while you figure things out. They won't. Doesn't matter what game it is; they play for keeps.

Maybe this is why Mom and I don't play a lot of games.

Anyway, I'm off to beat up little kids at the mall with my cane- or at least trip their parents a few times if they try to get in my way. :)


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