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Fanfic commentary, shamefully late. Alias, "Ice and Glass" for [livejournal.com profile] dagnylilytable. I should have done this a lot sooner, but I was so buried under school stuff all the time, and the words were never quite there. Suddenly they seem to be.

Ice and Glass, with commentary )
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I think it's time to rotate the icons. I need a few more fandom options.

Monday. My least favorite day of the week, without peer.

I'm back to the eye doctor this afternoon. I don't even want to think about it. I was enjoying my eye doc-free life, you know? I hate it, the waiting and the wondering- what are they going to tell me is wrong this time? I feel fine, the eye hasn't really been bugging me at all, but... Yeah. Nervous, I suppose.

Am re-reading the original Star Wars Zahn trilogy, aka the Thrawn trilogy, aka the- what the hell was the other term for it? The Heir to the Empire trilogy? I'm realizing recently that my favorite EU characters are mostly Zahn creations; Mara Jade, Garm Bel Iblis, Talon Karrde, Captain Pellaeon, Grand Admiral Thrawn. Oh, and Jaina Solo, though she doesn't get great lines in this one at all. Neither does Jacen, but I've always had a little less fondness for Jacen. (Actually, the twins get no lines, as they're newborns, but anyway...)

When I was in junior high, I had a battered hardcover copy of "The Last Command", book 3 in the trilogy, which I carried in my backpack for luck. Those were the days- when I had room for a hardcover in my backpack. Now I can hardly squeeze in a paperback. Incidentally, that hardcover is a lot more battered now, as a result of 8th grade, but I survived it, so maybe there's something to be said for lucky books. Or not. :)

In the back of my mind I'm plotting my stuff for NaNoWriMo. But up front I'm just obsessing over fic. Part of it's because I'm on a bit of a roll with my main Star Wars undertaking, have just come up with a really strange plot twist for "Five things that never happened to Alfred Bester", and I've been bitten by at least three different Alias bunnies. I'd kind of like to strangle the bunnies. Lately my stories understand that I have homework and medical appointements. Bunnies...do not.

Although perhaps my fics aren't that forgiving either. Right now, when I should be chasing down a pair of socks and collecting my textbooks, I'm adding lines to the damned SW fic.

Okay. My little cast of Imperials has to shut up now. They really do. I mean, I'd just love to explain to my Algebra teacher (not to mention my mother) that I'm late to class because my original character and Grand Admiral Thrawn refused to shut up. I wouldn't believe me, either.

Right. School, eye doc... Wish me luck, gang. I'm off.
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I hit my knee getting into the shower this morning- well, I suppose it's yesterday morning now- and it's been driving me crazy since. The only time it doesn't hurt is when I've got an ice pack on it. I'm significantly less than thrilled by this. There's very little bruising, mostly soreness, pain, and swelling, which isn't good. I seem to have hit the place directly between my kneecap and lower leg bone. Lucky me.

Livejournal needs a better mood setting for this sort of thing than "sore". Sore doesn't come close to covering it.

It's funny, but I think the lj randomizer thing is strangely truthful. I can't explain it, but there's some sense in the nonsense. Try it out. :)

For all zero people who care, the Gap fic is coming along, and it's spawning little ficlets on the side. Apparently now that I've opened the door, every character I have even the slightest liking for wants to have his or her say. And here I was thinking I'd be able to sit down and hammer out the next chapter of Standing Stones this week. But no, half the 'Gap' cast is whispering in my ear, saying, "Pair us up, you know you want to! Look, subtext!"

Useless Fic. TM, patent pending.

If I'm going to write crap nobody is ever going to read, it might as well be original stuff that I have a slim chance of maybe getting paid for. I know this; I do. But the novels in progress are all going to require extensive editing before I can get back to working on them, and I'm just not up for that. Plus they're all suffering from having no plot outlines, as I haven't touched them since way before I started outlining anything.

My Harry Potter fics have better plots because I've actually paused to think about what I'm doing with them. I used to hate outlines, but with "Standing Stones", I didn't have much choice; there was so much going on that I had to start writing it down, just so I could keep it straight in my head. And from there it progressed to writing outlines. More like lists of events in the story, with some notation to mark what I've written up to, but anyway.

I'm trying not to stress, to just...go with the flow. Not worry for a while. It's silly and time-wasting, but if what I really feel like doing is writing weird fanfiction between bouts of icing the knee, than that's what I'm going to do. No matter how stupid it seems.

I'm using randomized stuff from my own LJ for titles for a while; I'm lazy, and some of them are strangley fitting.

Okay. One more round of ice for the knee, and then I'm going to bed.
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I'm feeling miserable and tired. Mostly tired. I didn't get a lot of sleep last night, and what I did get wasn't solid. Weird dreams.

And I have a dentist appointment today, one I forgot about completely until they called to remind me about it yesterday. Way too late to cancel, which sucks, as I really don't want to go. I have a serious loathing for my dentist, which probably has something to do with the fact that when I went in for my last filling, the last ten minutes or so of it were done without Novocain. Even though I was weeping in pain, even though I told him it hurt- We're talking full on horror movie evil dentist from hell stuff.

I can tell you this, though- if I need any work done, it's sure as hell not getting done by him. I'll pull out my own teeth first, thanks.

I don't need this right now. I don't want anything to do with it. 'Cause, you know, I really need more medical stress right now. Seriously.

Have been amusing myself this week by writing fic for obscure sci-fi books, specifically, minor characters from Stephen R. Donaldson's The Gap Cycle. I think this thing of mine might be the first Gap fic in existence, or at least the first that might see daylight.

It's a bit odd even for me, writing something like this- knowing most people have probably never heard of the source material, and that the fic, if I ever put it up anywhere, will probably be read even less than my other fics- which is, you know, saying something. The obscure fic to beat all obscure fics.

So I'm toying with cryptic summaries to amuse myself, since nobody's going to read the thing anyway. "The Gap is full of crazy people. This is about the sane ones."

A week, one day till my surgery. 26 days until I start back to school.

Bored much? Me? Never.
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The closer it gets to OoP time, the more anxious and worried I am. [livejournal.com profile] tarimanveri is saying, 'please don't let [the character who dies] be X', and now I'm afraid of who X is that she's heard about (don't tell me, I'm better off not knowing).

I've been thinking about this for a while, and I desperately don't want it to be- well, several characters, and I won't say who because if it is one of them, somebody might be stupid enough to tell me. I'd have to kill them, but done would be done.

So I'm trying to keep myself busy, plugging away at various things I really do need to get done. But I seem to be easily distracted today. I'm constantly, almost obsessively, checking my email, the way that you do when you're waiting for something- even though I don't know what it is I'm waiting for.

My new Tom Riddle figure glows in the dark. So does the little diary accessory he came with. It's really very amusing.

I need to call the bookstore so I can at least stop worrying about tomorrow, but I'm really not ready to do that just yet.

Anybody else feel like answering five semi-random questions from me?
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So, is it bad when Tori Amos isn't angsty enough for what you're writing, and you have to dust off the Evanescence again?

Anyway. Went out today, as my library books were due and Mom's glasses were in. And wouldn't you know but the car died again? We wandered across the street from her eye doctor's, got some lunch. Came back, car still wouldn't start. Called the tow truck again. I decided, what the hell, let's just reach over and turn the key, try one more time.

It started.

Fucking car. Evil, it is. It's going to Toyota next weekend, too. Have had it with this.

Library does not have one single copy of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe checked in. *shakes head* I'm trying desperately to find stuff to read in between my re-reading of the last half of Prisoner of Azkaban and Goblet of Fire, so that I don't end up spending half the week with nothing to read till OoP.

I went to the video rental place, figuring I'd pick up a movie or two, maybe a game. Right. They're out of everything that looked remotely interesting. Tell me it doesn't figure.

In other news, my grandmother's finally decided what we're all doing for fathers' day. (Yes, that is a bit odd. Don't ask- none of us can figure it out either.) Anyway, it's brunch, which means great-grandpa, who doesn't know anybody from- well, anybody. Always fun, that.

So I've been snapping at Mom all weekend, which is horrible of me. I hate fathers' day, though- always gets to me, no matter how much I try to tell myself that it doesn't matter.

I still maintain that those who don't have fathers ought to be exempt from having to celebrate this nonsense.

10:30 is brunch at Grandma's. Ugh. That's way too early on a Sunday to be dealing with my family, but what can you do? Going is less trouble than not going. But I swear, if I have to endure the "you know you could call me" lecture one more time... Yeah, and you could talk to me yourself, instead of telling Mom you said I'm invited to do stuff with you, too... so back at ya, Grandma.

Dear Auntie Em,

Hate you. Hate Kansas. Keeping the dog.


Very old bumper sticker. I want this on my car (if I ever get a car...or have a reason to own one).

I'm torn suddenly between wanting to finish the Narcissa Malfoy scene I'm working on, and wanting to write something entirely different. Not one of the originals- I haven't touched them all summer. Just something...different.

Strange, for as many characters as HP has, but I'm running out of Death Eaters. )

Must hang curtains tomorrow.
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Things I have learned today-

Evanscence isn't conductive to writing anything but dark creepy angst. Really.

I can't stop listening to it anyway.

A week is a long time.

The pile of CDs that migrates daily from my desk to my bed and back can't go on the shelf; there's no room for it.

I should have started writing Naricssa Malfoy a long time ago.

It's only a matter of time before I start writing X-Men movieverse fic.

I have too many works in progress. Well, I knew that one a while ago.
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I'm reading a thread on FictionAlley about fics and the new book; ie, what will become of the fics after the book is out? Trust the FAP gang to go jumping at shadows. It's not even an exploding dustbin, guys, get a grip. I mean, I guess the main worry is that OoP will 'invalidate' all these fics that are being written now, and all of the older ones...or that nobody will want to read them anymore with the new book out.


It's a personal choice I suppose, but I can't help thinking that they are being ridiculous again. I know some of the events of my post-OoP work in progress aren't going to happen in canon. I knew that ages ago. That's why I'm writing the bloody thing. And the only reason I want to finish it before the book comes out is so that I can play with my own ideas of what the Order of the Phoenix is, what it does...

I am constantly amazed, and flat out frustrated, by the idea that bounces around HP fandom, that fics can be wrong. Nobody's fic is wrong, for Gods' sakes. I swear. Sometimes I want to beat people with a stick. Or a large picket sign that says "Shut up, it's meant to be like that."

Case in point. Emerald and Ebony. Emerald and Ebony is a year five fic. Why? Because I plotted it that way. And because 'Voldemort's back, now what?' is a hell of a plot device. I knew that it would be contradicted by later books in the series, because it's obvious that with three more books to go, J. K. Rowling couldn't off Voldemort just yet. I, however, had no such restrictions.

Maybe I'm weird to just not give a shit about following canon to the letter. Or maybe it's my fandom origins. My first online fandom was Star Wars. I watched the movies as a kid, the way that you do, pretended I was Princess Leia... read several of the books when I was in junior high, and got hooked again through them. I tried to write fic using all of the book 'canon', but quickly found I'd set myself an impossible task. SW profic canon contradicts itself constantly. (It's worse now, as they're trying to include all the old comic strips and comic books, and crap that was never meant to be part of an overall story...) So I gave up. I still read the books, used what I liked, ignored what I didn't. Sometimes I played in the parts of canon that worked for me, but when there were none of those acceptable bits, I didn't shy away from doing my own thing.

I am, in my own way, fearless. I killed Mara Jade, shipped Luke/Mara before it was as popular as it is now (and have rather run screaming away from it since then...) I have written slash, and NC-17 fic.

So. My post-OoP fic. It's post-seventh year, but I still want it to be what it is. Other fics will come from OoP, I'm sure. This one is something different.

I have realized I'm not going to finish the thing in- *glances at icon* twelve days. But I can finish the outline by then.

As for people thinking there's no room for fic with more canon coming along- *sigh* Doesn't anyone remember Goblet of Fire? A hundred thousand people in the HP fandom went, "Holy shit! Voldemort's back!" and hit the keyboards. Hit them hard. You guys think it's going to be different this time around? With 900 pages of new stuff? With the hints we've gotten about what some of that new stuff entails?

Get real.
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I have too much junk, too many books, and not enough places to put them all. My room is a wreck. I'm cleaning it in small stages, because it's hot, I'm lazy, and I don't really want to clean my room anyway.

It's not like I don't have enough to do. Really it's not. But here I am...plotting more fics.

I'm thinking, oddly, X-men movie/Harry Potter crossover. So I'm trying to imagine the X gang at the Sorting, and what houses they'd end up in. I see Jean as Ravenclaw, but I'm not a huge Jean fan, so if I do write this thing (and let's face it, I probably will...) she's not going to be a major character anyway.


Jean, Scott/Cyclops, Rogue/Marie, Logan/Wolverine, Storm/Ororo... Kurt could be Hufflepuff...

...and I can't believe I am even considering this. This is lame, this is really awfull... but I've got this scene in my head, Dumbledore and Xavier, and D. promising he'll take care of Xavier's students.

I should be shot. Seriously.
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In which my little Slytherin has a summer job, a prefect badge (thanks, [livejournal.com profile] art_ackerley!), and is torn on a couple of issues

Tabitha Meme II )
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I think it's a mark of how bored I am that I actually went outside to get the mail today. Seems a bit cooler today- probably only high 90's instead of the 100's we've had all week.

Ah well. At least I didn't have to use my hair dryer after my shower- though five minutes on the porch probably would've done for that.

Been meaning to put this together for a few days, and since she's talking to me right now: [livejournal.com profile] tabitha_nott's meme thingy (although I'm still unclear on exactly what a meme is.

dear Tabitha... )

Something tells me she's not done, so there will probably be more later.
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I've got to get my act together, get my sites up. I write something I actually want to share with people, I want to be able to do it right away.

Sent this one to Fiction Alley, so eventually it will be up there. Also finally got it uploaded to fanfiction.net, and hate myself for going to the effort...

Anyway. The Secret Hours

Harry Potter. Snape/McGonagall. A Chamber of Secrets what-if. Probably first in a series. Because don't you ever wonder why, when things happen, no matter what strange hour it is, Snape is always followed immediatly by McGonagall, or vice versa?

I probably should have started with Sorcerer's Stone instead, but I was reading Chamber when this one hit me, so...

I've also got two multi-chapter fics that are going up with the Urbandruid pages; one is the post-GoF fic I'm trying desperatly to finish before Order of the Phoenix comes out; the other is a serious epic, starting with Voldemort's first rise and probably going clear through to his second. I'll probably do some fast-forwarding after Halloween of '81, skip forward to Harry Potter's first year at Hogwarts, maybe... haven't gotten that far yet on the outline.

Silly thing about that story, really- I started it as a vignette, just a short Minerva point of view. And then it just started growing, until I started sketching out the chapters- and I used to hate outlines- and realized just how large it was going to be when it grew up. I was trying to keep it within canon, but I already had to fudge it a little.

I was just going to sit on both of these fics until they were done, but it seemed silly to only have my single completed HP fic on the sites.

Yep. I'm going through a Potter phase.

And I could kill FF.N for having that lovely little 'select your main characters' thing and not bloody listing Minerva McGonagall.

They have Filch listed, though. Argh!
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I received this slightly odd review for 'Emerald and Ebony' yesterday:

This story immediately lost credibility for the gross error of ages. Minerva and Severus are NOT the same age. I don't know why the author felt it necessary to do that, the romance between them could have been just as sweet with the age difference. And I hardly think Snape is one to place great value for beauty and youth for their own sake.

It's anonymous, so I'm responding to it here. First of all, I won't get into my long drawn-out speal on why I don't believe Minerva is nearing my grandmother's age, but 1.) she is not described as old in the books, and 2.) movies take creative license with books all the time. (ie, I don't think she's as old as Maggie Smith, either.)

With that out of the way, I can't understand why it is people insist on telling me that things in my fics are wrong. A misspelled name is wrong. Screwing up canon (as opposed to screwing with it on purpose) is wrong. Stuff I change because I want to is not wrong. And excuse me for not feeling it necessary to add in my author's notes, "In this story Severus and Minerva went to Hogwarts together". It's totally obvious that my Severus and Minerva did go to school together; I believe it's in the first page. The first letter M. writes, anyway.

As to that last bit, about S. not placing great value on youth and beauty... what? I don't think I ever described E&E's Minerva as being really young and really pretty. Maybe there's a line in there to the effect of, Severus thinks she's beautiful. Is she? Hell if I know. If that's in there (and it may not be; I have two very long Severus/Minerva fics in the works now, and my memory's not perfect) he's probably not talking physical aspects anyway. Grr.

What I think really annoys me about this, though, is the HP fandom's stubborn, almost fanatical, inability to understand the concept of AU in fic. Their inability to understand the very idea that brought me to fanfic in the first place. You can change anything. Anything. And if you're not sure what the established canon is, you take it wherever you want it to go.

People's failure to grasp this wouldn't be so bad, if it weren't for the fact that these are the same people who look at other speculation fics and adore them. You don't see many (okay, aside from rabid 'shippers, but never mind them) who tell authors that Harry is never going to marry Ginny, or Hermione, or whoever. Because we don't know if Harry will marry anybody, ever.

So why is that okay to play with, while I get told constantly that my fic is wrong?

I am now seriously considering a very sarcastic sort of note for my HP fic page. Something along the lines of, fuck you. It's supposed to be like that.

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I do twenty things at once because I can. It's a game I play. I plot out three fanfics while writing a fourth; I mull over tonight's episode of Alias while devising Dragonlance LJ icons in my head. I scratch my head over the fact I can't get the proportions right in the icons I've made so far, including the Snape one I'm using now. Damn Photoshop. I realize that I should give my friend [livejournal.com profile] thenonsense's PSP a shot. And somewhere along the way I pass a milestone.

Of all the things I have written lately, this is the strangest...and the one of which I am most proud. Never thought I would write such a thing, or want to. My first Alias fic, but that's not the milestone.

No, the milestone would be that it's slash. Mild, implied slash rather than the explicit version, but still. Wow.


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