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Fanfic commentary, shamefully late. Alias, "Ice and Glass" for [livejournal.com profile] dagnylilytable. I should have done this a lot sooner, but I was so buried under school stuff all the time, and the words were never quite there. Suddenly they seem to be.

Ice and Glass, with commentary )
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Gods, I'm tired.

I should be studying for my finals- I know, it's always something, isn't it? And I am going to go and study, but...hell, I wrote this thing, you know? May as well post it.

So. I was avoiding studying for my PoliSci final (*yawn*), went skimming over my old Alias fic (Game Over, if anybody cares), and the first line for this new one suddenly hit me. And the rest of it kind of flowed from there. *shrugs*

They have all killed Allison )

I had no busienss writing this today, of course. But I won't tell if you won't.
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Probably the most overused fic title last summer, but I wrote mine, or most of it, the day after the season finale. And proceeded to lose it amidst my old school papers from last semester, history notes and math homework.

I found it again yesterday, and finished it.

Two Years )

Took me hours to find the part of this I wrote last semester, and I was paniced that I'd lost it for a while... Anyway, I think some parts of it that I wrote yesteday may have been colored by having seen the seaosn premier, but oh well.

Will post on the sites as soon as I've gotten a summary written. Oh yes, and I get home from *sigh* class.
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[Also posted at the GreatestJournal, but I'm posting it here because I doubt anyone will see it over there.

Wrote this a while ago, but it's one of those where it took me a while to figure out it was finished; it didn't need to go on anymore.

Someone had to tell her... )

I should post this to ff.n, submit it to FictionAlley, but I'm lazy. It is on my site, though, over here.

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I'm trying to be productive today, so I'm doing a bunch of stuff I swore I was going to do ages ago. I've mailed off a bunch of junk, cleaned up all the mistakes I could find in the urbandruid pages, and submitted a couple things to FictionAlley and fanfiction.net.

First we have The Best of Hands, which is the previously untitled (Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] tarimanveri) OoP missing scene story you guys have seen already. Sirius and Snape, and a side of Snape/McGonagall.

The other is The Knowing, which you haven't seen. Yet another OotP fic. Summary as follows.

The Order of the Phoenix is bound together by the things they know, bound by secrets, dreams, and nightmares. Sometimes friends and lovers, but always allies, their strength is in the knowing. Moody/Tonks, Snape/McGonagall, Lupin/Black.

Yes, I know it's different on the webpage. I've added updating it to the list of things I need to do today.

No Buffy yet, and the mail's already come. I thought Amazon was just being obnoxious saying I wouldn't get it until the 15th, but maybe they were serious.


Alright, now I'm really annoyed. Went to check on the package at the post office site, and it tells me- your package was misrouted, error has been corrected... yada, yada, yada. It's on its way back to Richmond.

That's it. I appreciate free shipping as much as the next person, but next time I'm paying for UPS.

Excuse me for a moment, I have to go beat my head against a wall.
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Because I feel like showing it off, and because somebody asked (that would be [livejournal.com profile] tarimanveri), here's the OoP missing scene fic, which is still lacking a title.

Minor OoP spoilers, but nothing major (as in, no death spoilers).

Snape/McGonagall, PG-13 at least for language and such )

There's a bit more that decided it needed to be written today, mostly dealing with returning the cloak, but it's pretty useless. I may do something else with it, though.

...So? Title suggestions? Comments? Anything?

By the way, has anyone noticed that LJ spellcheck suddenly can't figure out contractions? Strange.
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9 1/2 hours. And my nerves are going to kill me.

I'm finding all sorts of ways to waste time, though. So far I have taken out the trash, checked the mail (oh, yay, the power bill), posted about a dozen comments in other people's journals, re-read huge chunks of Goblet of Fire, stressed over the character death in OoP, read more chunks of GoF, and shoved books around on my shelf to make room for OoP- not that it's going there for a while; I have to read it first, then it goes to Mom.

I keep looking at the clock, willing time to go faster, which of course isn't happening.

Got the car back yesterday- it goes and it stops now. My uncle needs a fan club.

Of course, then we picked up a nail in the tire, so had to go get that taken care of. Went to the Sears in Clovis (next suburb over) instead of the Sears close to home, because Mom couldn't face those people again after they refused to help her with the battery. And my uncle got us a replacement battery in Clovis, so we figured, they're more helpful. They were, too.

Spent a fun hour wandering around the Clovis mall- even their tiny Waldenbooks is doing something for the Harry Potter book, I overheard a clerk telling someone they'll have cookies and punch.

Yes, but they have to keep mall hours, which Barns & Noble doesn't. Which amuses me.

And yes, I was going stir-crazy enough that going out to get a tire fixed seemed like more fun than staying home. It was, too.

Okay... I'm bored, and was suddenly inspired to post this thing I finished a bit ago.

Really dark, and I'm not kidding here, Snape/McGonagall )
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I already did one thing for the [livejournal.com profile] hp100 boggart challenge, but this one just hit me. It was really hard to pare this one down to 100 words; the Moody boggart was a lot easier.

It so had to be done, you know.

Minerva's boggart. Snape/McGonagall.

Sometimes I just want to hug them both.
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I took a very long nap this evening, so I'm going to be awake for a while.

Little something I wrote- Harry Potter drabble for the [livejournal.com profile] hp100 challenge of the week. Boggarts.

This is Moody's.

I had a lot of fun with that. Will probably go back and do some of their older challenges for my own amusement, as some of them were pretty good- patronus, mirror of Erised, and end of term in particular.
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I've got to get my act together, get my sites up. I write something I actually want to share with people, I want to be able to do it right away.

Sent this one to Fiction Alley, so eventually it will be up there. Also finally got it uploaded to fanfiction.net, and hate myself for going to the effort...

Anyway. The Secret Hours

Harry Potter. Snape/McGonagall. A Chamber of Secrets what-if. Probably first in a series. Because don't you ever wonder why, when things happen, no matter what strange hour it is, Snape is always followed immediatly by McGonagall, or vice versa?

I probably should have started with Sorcerer's Stone instead, but I was reading Chamber when this one hit me, so...

I've also got two multi-chapter fics that are going up with the Urbandruid pages; one is the post-GoF fic I'm trying desperatly to finish before Order of the Phoenix comes out; the other is a serious epic, starting with Voldemort's first rise and probably going clear through to his second. I'll probably do some fast-forwarding after Halloween of '81, skip forward to Harry Potter's first year at Hogwarts, maybe... haven't gotten that far yet on the outline.

Silly thing about that story, really- I started it as a vignette, just a short Minerva point of view. And then it just started growing, until I started sketching out the chapters- and I used to hate outlines- and realized just how large it was going to be when it grew up. I was trying to keep it within canon, but I already had to fudge it a little.

I was just going to sit on both of these fics until they were done, but it seemed silly to only have my single completed HP fic on the sites.

Yep. I'm going through a Potter phase.

And I could kill FF.N for having that lovely little 'select your main characters' thing and not bloody listing Minerva McGonagall.

They have Filch listed, though. Argh!
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I am determined to finish two major projects by the summer solstice.

I am crazy.

Project #1 - Urbandruid.net. Which is getting there, but there are sections for which I have done next to nothing. Some of them I just think I'm going to scrap for now, and maybe not do at all.

Project #2 - The tentatively titled Harry Potter fic, "Lost Bastion." This is my post-GoF fic, and I really want to finish it before I read Order of the Phoenix. Never mind that some of the stuff in OoP would probably help; I am determined to do it my way.

Nobody ever said I was sensible, did they?

But the fic is coming along nicely, and with two sections for Urbandruid crossed off the list, probably three, things are looking a lot better.

I think the biggest problem I'm having with the domain is that most of what's left for me to do is essay-writing, for various fandom sites. And I'm having a seriously Harry Potter phase- it's the fic, and the OoP countdown- and the HP site is done. I suppose I could add some icons, but that would require the making of icons. Which I should do... I only have one HP icon, and you're looking at it. I need more Snape icons. Must have more Snape icons.

Obsessed? Me? Never! :)


Apr. 4th, 2003 06:48 am
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I've been too busy to write, buried under piles of schoolwork. Especally since I missed all my Wendsday classes (it was W., not Tuesday) to go to the eye doctor.

I passed the word problems test in math; now we're on to factoring, which I think I already hate. Stopped by my teacher's office after class for a quick little catch up tutoring session, which I think helped a lot.

[livejournal.com profile] fablespinner has a yard sale this weekend, and I know she has some good stuff. I, of course, have no money, which totally figures. Catch you next time, D!

I should do real, you know, journal entries about a few things, the con I went to with D and Wendsday at Dr. L's being two of them. One of these days.

Going to Michael and Jonni's tonight- social, no Cam stuff, which probably means beer or alchohol of some form. Having a former bartender as one of your best friends really rocks, you know. "Here, Christine, try this..."

Have decided I'm throwing them a party before they go.

Oh, and due to the resurgance of my Gundam Wing obsession, Ghost Knight chapter 15 is up at FF.N. It's not up on my site because I see no point in uploading to Sentri what I'll just have to upload again to Urbandruid.

I should probably mention Piers Anthony's Incarnations series as a bit of my inspiration somewhere in the author's notes. Especally On a Pale Horse.

Yeah. My ex has good taste in books sometimes, even if he is, well... our former fearless leader, eh [livejournal.com profile] bohemienne?
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It was coming, of course, as soon as the obsession crawled back out from the dark hole into which I had once hidden it. You knew it was coming.

Yep. It's a seaQuest fic. Starkfic, and none too cheerful. Like I need more dark fic...

No Salvation.

She's bitter and she's crazy, but she's such fun to write. And I still, still, hate FF.N, but it was something to do with the fic while I'm stressing over midterm crap and slowly piecing together the SQ site.

Which is coming together rather well, considering I still have a history paper to write and a lab practical exam to study for, not to mention the omnipresent math homework. I was up till about 1:00 AM this morning resizing screencaps (and I'm done, thank Gods) and making icons. There was no reason for the icons, I just felt like making them.


Feb. 2nd, 2003 12:50 pm
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Have shot off email to [livejournal.com profile] thenonsense, containing list of ideas, seeking second opinon. Now have nothing else to stall with, so must go and do homework.


Also finished Alias fic last night, Triangle. Revising last ep, "Phase One". Syd sneaks Irina out of federal custody to go rescue Jack- mother-daughter ass-kicking little adventure. Posted to ff.n despite telling self I wouldn't; like the way the reviews pop up in my inbox for a day or two after. 2 so far, not that I keep track or anything.

Sigh. Math homework. Right.
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I didn't get home untill after Mom got off work yesterday. Looks like this is how it's going to be on Tuesdays and Thursdays, between bio lab and the foreign language lab. Today I'm home by 1:00. Biology, math, break, history, home. We're actually getting down to work in history today, I hope

Finally checked my grades from last semester; I got a C in French I. Which is about what I figured. Being me, I'm wishing it had been a B, but passing is passing.

I wrote about a page of the Alias fic yesterday- am to the point now where the reprecussions of Ice and Glass really start to come through.

Just because I like you guys, a preview:

"Come to my office, Jack. We need to talk."

Yes, we do. Unfortunately I don't think you are in a listening frame of mind, Assistant Director Kendall.

I have little to say, myself. But what I have been given is less an invitation, more a command, and so these things don't matter. He beckons, I come.

Into his office, fairly large space but it seems suddenly small; myself and Kendall within is too much.

"I've heard what happened here last night," he begins.

"Have you? Good. The condition she was in- It never should have come to that." Long practice keeps my voice steady and detached. In this voice I could do anything, say anything. In such a voice I have interrogated a rogue's gallery of suspects and informants; In such a voice I have supported Arvin Sloane's every word, hiding a desire to see him dead which never ever really leaves me.

Kendall glares; this is not what he means. "I agree, and we'll deal with that later. What concerns me now is you."

He picks up a folder, withdraws something from it. Tosses it down on the desk so that it slides towards me. I see it out of the corner of my eye; sharp, high-resolution image, printed from surveillance tapes.

The kiss.

Formatting may suck, but I'll fix it later- must dash off to Bio now.
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I've spent the afternoon making thumbnails and coding. And now for some reason I am annoyed with myself for not having an Alias pen name to go with the rest of my collection. I always think my real name is too boring for these things. Hmm... Chris Bristow? Hell, why bother? There are probably a million Bristows, like there are a million Malfoys now. I'll check FF.N sometime, just for laughs.

At least the bastards finally let me overwrite the HTML fic with the text file. I like it better in HTML, or maybe I'm just used to, when I put things on a website, being able to code them. Go figure. FF.N is a nightmare, though; was talking to [livejournal.com profile] thenonsense about this yesterday (other things too), and she's given up on the place. Probably this is wise of her, but I keep hanging in there. I mean, I get the occasional review at FF.N. Granted, a lot of them suck, but the two I've gotten so far for Without Light are good.

Fuck! I go to the trouble of correcting the episode title in the summary (It's "A Higher Echelon", instead of "Upper Echelon") and they go and cut it off at the first quote mark. Grr... Must fix.

Okay. LJ spell check is hilarious. I couldn't remember how to spell Echelon, which it wasn't actually much help with. As for the rest of it, apparently Lindsay's username is a misspelled word. Who knew? And "okay" is not a word. *lol*

Mmmkay. FF.N still sucks, there are 100 people with Malfoy in their aliases there, and no Bristows, though there is a Mrs. Sydney Vaughn. Why am I not surprised?

Some people have that, you know, handle for all occasions thing going for them. Me, I collect them, and I go through these phases where I loath all of them. Right now I look at my collection- Lilly Malfoy, Anne Khushrenada, Anla'shok Ivanova, and I find them...I don't know, lacking something.


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