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Oh, HP fandom, I've been totally ignoring you forever, and you're still carrying on just the same. Isn't it lovely to know that some things never change?


Normally I probably wouldn't even mention this, but I just got up from a nap, I'm in a weird mood, saw this, and thought, "WTF?"

I was going to try and explain the whole thing, but I'll just link to the fandom_wank post, it's easier: http://www.journalfen.net/community/fandom_wank/1227910.htm

And then we have the OP's follow-upish thingy here. It's a lot shorter than the original posts, and I think it illustrates well the reasons I want to tear my hair out and hit my head on my desk repeatedly, because this woman is a MORON.

I'm not even gonna get into the whole Lily/Snape vs Lily/James thing. Nope. What's really driving me nuts about this is that the OP seems to think not liking Lily = misogyny.

ARGH! That does not mean what you think it means, OP.

Unless, you know, she's really into this whole Lily = Eve thing she's got going, and since Lily is The Original Woman Who Represents All Women, disliking her means you hate all women.

Seriously, people? Seriously?

If I wasn't used to this kind of nonsense from HP fandom this would be pissing me off a whole lot more, but it's still the stupidest thing I've heard in a while.

And I felt you all needed to know that. :)
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From [livejournal.com profile] fannish5:
What five nitpicky things do you wish writers in your fandom(s) would get right?

I have to say, I don't actually do a lot of reading in my fandoms these days, outside of certain archives, groups, etc. I probably should read more than I do. So... here's some stuff I came up with off the top of my head, that I vaguely remember from, say, the last time I trolled Fanficton.net. (Which has been, you know, a while.)

#1- Alias: Okay, I know the finale did some wonky stuff (some of us, me included, would say it went somewhat beyond wonky, into the realm of "J.J., put down the bong, and never drop acid again, ever.) but please please try to remember all the canon that came before it. Irina, for example. Not always evil, not always simply out for global domination.
(A special no love to J.J. Abrams on that one, for making Irina a Bond villain. Of course, what do I care? My Irina has been AU, one way or another, since the end of season 2.)

#2- Harry Potter. Slytherins are people too. No, really, stick with me on this one. Not all Slytherins are cardboard-cutout evil (are we sensing a theme here, btw?) ...and at the same time, not all of them can be redeemed, or should be. One thing Severus Snape does not need in any way, shape, or form, is your vapid, Mary Sue self-insert OC and her vapid, Mary Sue-ish purple prose. And his hair really is greasy. Please just deal with that.

#3- All fandoms. Okay, this is really nitpicky. I write a lot of AU. Some of it's a little AU, some of it is a lot AU. It's all got one thing in common: I change stuff. This really isn't that hard to understand. But people will insist on believing in the main AU (for example, I had someone review "Never To Be Alone In The Dark", which is an unfinished chapterd Babylon 5 story where Marcus survives. (I'd link it, but it's M/I, and most of my friends are sick to death of that one, and I don't want tomatoes thrown at me.) The reviewer was okay with that part, but told me I'd made it look like Marcus and his brother hand gone through Ranger training together, which they didn't do. Except that in "Never," they did. This isn't in any way really important to the plot, it's just something that comes up in a conversation Ivanova has with a Ranger who had a crush on William, Marcus's brother. And yet every time I go through my folder of saved reviews- and this one was overall nice, and I did save it- that comment drives me fucking crazy.

I guess it bugs me because it's not the only time that's happened. I had people- numerous people- accept the total freaking AUness of "Emerald & Ebony," in which Harry kills Voldemort in 5th year. (Happens 'offscreen', as it were, but still.) And what do they gripe about? I had Snape and Minerva the same age, and this apparently is a serious goof on my part. Except, you know, for the part where I meant to do it that way.

One of these people also told me how old Hagrid was. Hagrid played no major part in the story at all- I think I had him there for about two seconds, talking to the Trio. His age had no relevance. (And, not being a Hagrid fan, I really didn't care.)

It's fanfic, kids. It's all pretty much AU anyway.

#4 - Alias. History, people. If you're going to do something like write about Jack and Sloane running around doing CIA stuff back in the day, or Irina doing KGB stuff, please please try to get at least a faint grasp on what was going on in the area of the world you put them in, at the time you put them there. I know it's complicatd- I have a huge book on the KGB that I still haven't made it all the way through- but I know we can remember the big stuff, like when the Soviet Union collapsed. There should be an obvious difference between AU ("What if the Soviet Union never collapsed, and Irina was running the KGB?" and historical inaccuracies ("It's, say, 1999, and we're still talking about things like the Iron Curtain, West Germany, and Krushchev, not in an alternate history kind of way, but in an "oops, I got a D- in history, sort of way.")

#5 - Star Wars. This, too, is quite bitchy on my part, but, look. I've read the majority of the books, particularly the Zahn novels, about a billion times, with particular attention to the characters I like best. Please spare me the "I think 'x' was standing over there, not there when y event happened." Dude. I re-read that chapter, just to make sure I got it right for the fic. I do know what I'm doing.
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Ok. This is called the "Weirdest/Scariest/Freakiest Reviews EVAR meme."

Here's how it works:

Post your most unusual review/feedback in your journal for the world to ponder. Then tag five people to do the same in an attempt to beat you.

So. Tagged by my buddy [livejournal.com profile] by_starkiller; not doing the contest part, but posting the weird stuff I can come up with. Since I'm not doing it for competition, and because I really couldn't decide, we have a three-way tie.

First, we have this review for Emerald & Ebony, my first Snape/McGonagall story. Gotta love Fanfic.net.

I think you should write a sequel to this. Maybe when they come back from the summer Snape and McGonagall are married. Not just that maybe Minerva is expecting! Well just email me if you need the ideas. I can think of many things to happen. Not just that what if they already have kids. I got the story for them. I'll let you know when I have typed up my version of the fifth book!

Sadly, this person never did get back to me about their version of the 5th book. Really really broken up about this, I can't tell you how much.

Next up, for Once Upon A Legend, a Babylon 5 fic from Ivanova's POV:
You've got skills. Stop writing and I will hunt you down and kill you.

I think they meant this in a good way, I really do. But I have to wonder- does this qualify as my first death threat? (And is that like first flames? Is it a big deal? Should I frame it? Throw it a party?)

And last but not least on the bizarro scale, this gem, for The Bitter End, which is a strange Star Wars fic I wrote in high school from the POV of one of my old roleplaying characters. The Dark Empire thing this guy's ranting about, if anyone cares, is a comic book series where the Emperor was cloned a billion times, Luke turned to the dark side, and related lame overdone things. I was bored and I wanted to sort of rewrite it- or write around it, from the POV of that OC. I do agree that I may have given the Emperor a lame first name, but he sort of needed one, and I think I picked it for the vague assocaiton it has in my head with MacBeth. So there, dork. :)

Uhhh, your an Imbecile. The Dark Empire plotline was the greatist thing ever to grace the expanded universe, the greatest and most evil character had returned in a clone body. Yes thats right "body" the clones where just empty shells waiting for Palpatines spirit to enter them, once it did Palpatine took control of its body thus the clone has no life, in essence Palpatine is literally REBORN. This story makes no sense, and even if Palpatines first name is Duncan (which it probably isn't because that name is stupid) there is no such thing as Gillian Skywalker. I hope Palpatine could escape the netherworld and return to destroy the Yuuzhan Vong, and return the Galaxy under Imperial control. PS The Eclipse class star destroyer is the best starship ever created, partly because it was Palpatine's flagship and his taste is good-or should I say EVIL.

I should probably also note that this review was signed by one "Lord Exor." I think this is an attempt at ripping off a Star Wars comic character, a Sith Lord by the name of Exer Kun... not sure of the spelling, but I know his sucks. If it were my nick, I'd check the spelling. Just saying.

So... tags. Anyone who wants to do it, or [livejournal.com profile] pandoraculpa, [livejournal.com profile] evil_whimsey, [livejournal.com profile] rian219, [livejournal.com profile] analise, [livejournal.com profile] ashkitty.
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Okay, I wasn't going to do this. No, really, I wasn't. I have a week left until I start back to school, I have a ton and a half to do, and fandom wank doesn't make the list.

But we all know how much I like procrastinating, and this has really started to piss me off. So.

Cassie Claire. Yeah, you knew it had to be her, right? )
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I am starting to be really scared by the commentary appearing in the Snape/McGonagall thread at FictionAlley. When did my ship become overrun with children? Oh, I know, I'm a snob, but there's just something about this kind of thing that grates on my nerves. Maybe it's because I feel like most of these people haven't a thought in their pretty little heads, and they don't seem to, well, get it, you know?

See, once upon a time there was no Snape/McGonagall ship, per se, there was just me, and after a while a few other people, all of whom were intelligent and mature and basically the kinds of people I like to meet in fandom, people you can talk to about stuff. And we were ridiculed and flamed, and we debated McGonagall's age for months... And now we're overrun with newbies and kids, most of the old-timers are gone, and I hate it. I hate that juvenile element that's moved in and taken over.

And I know I'm being stupid, that this stuff doesn't even matter, but gods how it bugs me.

Anyway, I think I'm too hungry to even rant coherently anymore, so I'm going to go do something about dinner. And then I suppose I'd better get on with my Algebra homework, since I spent half my day downloading Windows patches. I swear, damn software's got more holes in it than Swiss cheese.
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Dear folks,

Hi. I don't mean to bitch, really, but I have a small request. Please never ever again write a Remus Lupin fic and include in the title any of the following: moon, wolf, werewolf, and did I mention moon?

It's not quite as annoying as post-OotP fic titles using the word 'veil', but it's real close.

Lilly Malfoy


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