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Lemmie see here... did yesterday suck as much as I think it did? Um, yeah.

Mom and I went out to do a few things; we figured we'd be back in a couple of hours. Yeah. Right.

As we were pulling into a spot at the post office parking lot, a kid in the car next to us opened her door. Into Mom's driver's side window. Which broke. Well, shattered, really. Also sliced a BIG dent/cut into Mom's door right by the handle, jamming it closed. She had to climb out over the console and go out my door, and we have bucket seats.

Everybody's okay, us and the other people, just very shaken up, but the car wasn't drivable. We thought it would be easiest to have it towed, get a rental, and go on with our day. Hah! Insurance company gave us the rounaround, sent the car to a place that isn't open Saturdays, so that now we think our car is at the tow company's yard.

I called my uncle and had him pick us up. He was going to just take us home, but since he and my aunt have another car, he offered to let us borrow his pickup until we could get a rental.

So the upshot is, we have my uncle's little pickup, Mom's going to call and, er, straighten a few things out tomorrow, by which I mean heads will roll at AAA, and we ain't paying those tow fees, no freaking way.

Yeah. We're better now, but yesterday was not good. Mom was really upset, I wasn't much better. My aunt and uncle were great though- they're packing up their house to move halfway across the state, and my uncle dropped everything to come get us.

We're heading out in a bit to have dinner with them and some of their friends, then going to finish our last errand from yesterday- buying soda at Target.
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OMG am so, so freaking tired. I don't want to be awake now.

But in about three minutes, I have to call in and find out if they want me downtown for bloody jury duty this afternoon. Which I hope that they do not, because it's my last day of vacation without Mom around, and I'd like to, you know, spend it at home trying to get some of the stuff done that I haven't managed to do in the last, oh, month or so...


2005 bit, and I am glad it's gone. Other than us getting the house (YAY!) it was a total bloody nightmare.

They've decided the Camrey is a total loss.

Mom and I are like, "Duh?" I mean, seriously. They didn't damage it that badly when they stole it, but a.) the shop that's looking it over for AAA keeps finding shit wrong with it, and b.) it's an 1989 Camrey. It's just not worth that much.

Mom's gotten herself a car loan or two, and wants to buy a Carrola. She was going to get a Rav-4, because she really likes them, but they don't get as good of gas mileage as the Carrolas, and with us living out in the sticks now, and having to take the freeway and drive forever to get to places, we need something good in terms of gas mileage. And we can't afford a hybrid.

Whee, must call jury people. BRB.

ETA: I'm so out of it I called a half-hour early. Punched all those numbers in for nothing. *headdesk*
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Yay, 6 icons for free LJ accounts! Now to pick three more for each of my pups... (Who are still trying for paid accounts, but I'm holding out so far)...

And now for some random real life updates-

The Car: At the electronics shop being looked over for the insurance people. Who Mom still wants to strangle for not getting the car out of the tow yard as soon as they were supposed to, leading to the tow yard filing with DMV for a lein sale on the car. Note to self: even though the car's been bailed out, remind Mom to send in the paperwork contesting the lein.

Finals: Three chapters left to review. I probably should've finished going over the personality chapter last night, but it had more Freud in it, and my brain was fried after Alias. (Priorities, ya know.) Still, I think I'm doing okay. The prof emailed us all our grades to date the other day, and I have a midrange B. It'd be a higher B if I hadn't spaced out on two assignments that were due while I had the Death Flu verson 1.0 and 2.0 earlier, but oh well. I'll be fine. If anything, I'm overstudying, since all I have to know is the answer to every multiple-choice question on the old exams, which he was kind enough to provide for download. But I'd rather overstudy than not study enough. Still, I'll be glad when this is over. This time tomorrow I'll be free.

Family & Holiday Crap: Sort of up in the air right now. My great-aunt and uncle were coming in from Mass., but my aunt has power of attorney for a friend with terminal cancer, so they're staying there. Which I can totally understand, but I'll miss them. I don't get to see them very often because they live so far away, and my great-uncle is grandma's older brother. Which means he's really good at dealing with her. So's my aunt... Anyway, now that they're not coming, the local aunt and uncle are thinking of going to see her folks, which would leave it with Mom and I, Grandma and Grandpa, and the Bay area aunt and uncle. Am trying not to think about this too much till I get through the school crap, as I can only take one stressful thing at a time right now.

Health: Speaking of stress, I'm doing all of the stupid stress-related things I tend to do. My sinuses are going nuts despite daily doses of Advil Cold & Sinus, which is probably not a good sign. I hate how wired the Sudafed in that stuff makes me, but it's the only thing that works on these headaches. (Speaking of, I need to go chase the last C&S with some straight Advil...) Kidneys are poking me a bit, too. I know why- they don't like all the caffine I'm drinking to stay awake through the Psych reading. Time to water it down with, well, some water, I suppose. Oh, and I've been neglecting my iron pills again, which means I'm anemic, which means I'm already cold, and I don't want cold drinks right now. Bah.

House: We still need window coverings and a ton of other stuff, but since we might need to buy a car... Yeah. But we started decorating for Christmas. should put the ornaments on the tree at some point, but at least we finally got the lights done. And all of my Christmas Snoopy stuff is out, including my new snowglobe, which I should take pictures of because it's just too cute.

Writing & stuff: I have ideas and no time to write them down. This is annoying me. A lot. I'm going to end up with pages of scrawled notes in my writing journal which won't make any sense later, but at least I'm trying to get the broad pictures down when they hit me. I made sure I was caught up enough on TM last week that I wouldn't have to worry about it this week, though there are a few things I may go back and write for people because they were cool topics. Also have a TON of stuff to write for That Other Thing. I have a huge list of stuff I want/need to write, that I figure I'll start digging into after the final.

To my long-suffering flist: Love you guys. Sorry I haven't been around much this week, but I'm not great company anyway with my brain fried on Freud and general psych. Give me about twenty-four hours, I'll be human again.

And now for some Advil, and then back to work.
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First of all, a big, BIG thank you to [livejournal.com profile] analise, who solved my PowerPoint problem with a nifty download link to a free viewer from Microsoft. Who I still hate, but a little less than I did last night, when I went out to look at software and found a new copy of PowerPoint for over $200! (Bill Gates, you suck! Even if he does give tons of his money to charity- still, he's got so much of it, he's living off of millions anyway, and we all know where he got them from... Bah.)

So I'm a little less stressed about my final now, which is a GOOD thing. Thanks, Ana! :)

About the car... *sigh* I love the PD, I really do, and I think it's awesome they found the car. But, guys? When you say "not drivable", we're thinking more "the car is totaled" than "some moron stole the rear license plate and thus the car is not street legal anymore." Why just the real license plate, I have no clue. Very annoying, though, and it's happened before, someone took a bunch of rear plates out of an apartment complex parking lot where we lived a few years back, including ours.

The worst thing they did to the car, aside from stealing almost all of our stuff, including really stupid things I can't see why they'd want, was rip out the stereo and all but one of the speakers. Don't ask, I guess they couldn't get it out. They shredded the dashboard to get at the speakers, though, and it's really a mess.

I'm almost as pissed about the stuff they stole, or just threw away, as I am about the stereo. We didn't even have much that was really good in the car, just the usual junk people carry- a little emergency kit in the trunk, with some flares and jumper cables and whatnot, some spark plugs and light bulbs and crap in the glove box, the car registration, which, uh, duh, isn't gonna do them any good without the car... oh yeah, and a bottle of hand sanitizer. Who the hell steals that? Let's see, what else did they get? A tire gauge, a little first aid kit, some twine... Oh, and I found a piece of a map that they'd torn up on the floor. I do not get it.

Out of all the weird crap we used to keep in the car, we found: the sunshade for the windshield, one cup holder, our city map (they shredded the state one, of course), an ice scraper, a squeegee, the owner's manual for the car, and the pack of tissues I had in the glove box. And that's pretty much it.

It's pretty sad when you're looking through your car, going, "Hey, they didn't get the ice scraper!" (And Mom is all, "Oh really? Cool, grab it!")

The police found a couple fingerprints, unfortunately our guy's not in the system yet. I'm not really surprised. We were probably some charming kid's first grand theft auto.

It could've been worse, though. They tried to get the battery- couldn't get it out. Hah! Didn't steal the spare tire, either, which after everything else they got, I have to say is really surprising.

In other news, I think I'm finally over the flu-like thing I brought home from soemwhere last week. Must find out who gave that to me and smack them upside the head. But at least I'm feeling better, and am back to eating real food again. If I never see another cracker or bowl of mashed potatoes or rice again, it may be too soon.

It's supposed to be around 55 today. (Yeah, that's the high.) Ugh. I hate being cold. I really hate being cold.

Ah well, it's off to school for me. Last class before the final, and our last exam before same. WHY do they do that? Do they think we don't have enough tests coming up or something? I always wish they'd just put more stuff from the last chapters on the final, and give us a break here...


Dec. 5th, 2005 03:06 pm
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The PD called on Friday night; they found the car. It was "not drivable". Of course, that being the weekend, the place they towed it to was closed. So, Mom and I are going out there in a little bit to take a look. *wibble* I'm really not looking forward to this.
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As of tonight the car will have been gone a week. I'm really starting to wonder if we'll ever see it again.

I thought I'd eaten something that disagreed with me a few days ago- unfortunatly I still feel pretty cruddy, so I'm afraid I picked up a bug somewhere. *sigh* I'm actually not feeling so great right now, so I think I'm going to go back to bed for a bit. I'm kinda hoping I feel better when I wake up again, but I guess we'll see.


Nov. 26th, 2005 06:40 pm
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Well. I had an interesting evening yesterday.

Mom and I went to see GoF again, and I now have another rant brewing about morons who bring little children to films with scary things in them. The woman sitting next to me had obviously seen the movie already, as she kept telling her kids to watch for upcoming things- so why in the hell did she bring them? The younger one got freaked out by the dragons, and I thought, ohh boy, wait till they see what happens later on.

Stupid people, I swear...

So we came out of the movie chatting about the parts of it we'd liked, and stuff that was still really funny the second time around... and we looked for our car. It's after dark, a bit cold, and neither of us brought jackets.

No car.

Now, we're famous for not remembering exactly where we parked it, and we're usually only a row or two off. But we knew which section of the parking lot we'd parked in, between the mall and the movie theater. So we searched it. A couple of times, even way over by the mall where we knew we hadn't parked. I remember because we'd thought, it being that obscene day after Thanksgiving and a huge shopping day, it'd be packed, but as we were pulling down a row, someone came out and we were able to get a good spot.

Well, I'm sure there was something in that nice good spot, but...

...no '89 Toyota.

We live in the car theft capital of the nation- we trade off honors with Newark, New Jersey, and we're tops this year. Go us. And the '89 Camery is one of the most stolen cars on the planet. This car has in fact been stolen before, from in front of my grandparents' place, before we bought it from great-grandpa. It came back that time, obviously. And this mall isn't the greatest place- it's not quite in a bad area of town, but real close to some areas that are, and, well, I hate to say it, but it's one of those places where sometimes we can be walking through, and be two of the few white people there, and people look at you like you're the only white people there, and this is a problem for them. There are lots of guys who are just hanging around, looking like trouble, and we tend to avoid the place on Friday nights.

After dark, the parking lot creeps me the fuck out. So I was kinda anxious to get out of there. We went into the mall to call my grandparents, who weren't home. Sigh. So we thought, no problem, the malls' a big transfer station for the bus systems, everything stops there, we'll just catch the bus I take home from school, and be close to home.

So we're sitting there, and we're sitting there, and we're not seeing any busses, and this is freaking me out, because since every bus in the city stops there, all directions, it's usually packed. We thought we were okay though, since there was a family waiting in the next bench. Until they came over and asked us if we were waiting for a bus, then told us the busses stopped running a while ago.

We thought they were just being obnoxious- let's pull the white chicks' legs and all, wouldn't be the first time around there, sorry to say- until a car pulled into the bus stop and they got in.

We went back to the mall, and tried my aunt and uncle, even though they're both sick and we hadn't wanted to bother them. No answer there, either. I figure they went back to bed and turned the ringer off. It's what I would've done.

So we're at the mall, and it's almost 9:00 now, we've been looking for the car and waiting for a bus that wasn't coming for at least an hour and a half. They're closing the stores in the mall, and pretty soon the mall will be closing.

We called a taxi and waited around nervously by the doors till it showed up. I was afraid we'd get some scary guy who I would not want to give directions to my house, but we got a very chatty lady. A bit strange, but she told us all about the people she'd driven to the Gwen Stafani concert that night, and it wasn't too bad. She even suggested giving us a receipt for the cab fare, in case the insurance would reimburse us for it, which I hadn't even thought of.

So we finally got home, and Mom called the police to phone in a report. We get so many stolen cars in this town that they don't even come out to take the report anymore. They said they'd sent out a car to check the lot again in case we'd just missed it, and they'd call us back. Not surprisingly, there was no car. So they tried to take the report. Apparently the system that lets them do that from their cars wasn't working in theirs, so they had to drive back to the station and call us back again. I gave up trying to stay awake and went to bed as Mom was finally getting the report done.

She called the insurance company this morning. It has to be gone 48 hours before they'll pay for a rental car, which may or may not be in time for Monday morning, depending. Thankfully my grandparents will loan us one of their cars if we need it, so we don't have to deal with one of my uncle's Rancheros. The grandparents have a spare car now because they bought a new one after theirs recently got stolen, only to have the old one come back.

I'm kind of not expecting that to happen for us. We just bought gas for the Toyota, so if they just stole it for a joyride, it'll take 'em a bit to run it down. My theory, though, is that they stole it for parts, and if the cops ever find it, they're going to find what's left of it.

I know we've said a time or two- okay, maybe more often than that- that we wouldn't miss the car if it went away. Which is true, but neither of us were thinking about being stranded at that mall on a Friday night, in the cold, with the busses not running. (And later for them, speaking of- they were on the weekend schedule, which stops running around 7:00, because it was the day after Thanksgiving. Which was not posted on the bus I rode Wednesday, even though the 'no service on Thanksgiving' bit was. They're gonna hear about this, I think...)

The only good news, if there's good news here, is that we didn't have anything really valuable in the car. Just one of the two garage door opener controls we got, and the registration paperwork in the glove box. Which has our address on it, eek. No proof of insurance, though- since I don't drive, Mom carries that stuff with her.

I think what really pisses me off about this is that it got us stranded someplace kinda creepy after dark. The timing sucked, and it was cold. It could've been worse, of course- it had looked like it might rain Friday, but only sprinkled a bit before we went into the movie.

I keep thinking this is my fault, because I was the one who had really wanted to see GoF again, but Mom was all for it, too, and she keeps telling me not to worry about it. I still sort of do, though.

But GoF was definitely worth a second viewing. *nodnod*
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I want our car back. The shop didn't get the part yet, though, so... maybe Monday. My uncle's Ranchero tried to strand us at the grocery store today. He had to come out and fiddle with a couple things to get it running again.

I miss the Toyota.

So we drove the Beast to Barns & Noble last night to watch the cute kids in costume and pick up our book. It was fun, and there were some great costumes. I saw Professor McGonagall! Brilliant movie-accurate costume. *covet* Minerva was somebody's mom. Awwwww.

The local news sent *sigh* the weatherman to cover the party. He's so annoying.

Today was...hot and icky. We had to drive out to the house to pick out a new countertop for the kitchen, as the old one was discontinued(!). Mom was displeased. So was I, because it was HOT. And for some reason it's been muggy and humid lately, which isn't usually a problem for us at all. Then we had to get groceries, the few we could fit in the car, because have I mentioned it has no tailgate, so we can't use the truck bed part?

GODS I miss the Toyota.

Came home sweltering hot, took a cold shower and then a nap. It was lovely.

And now I'm going to do what I wanted to do all day, which is go and crack open HBP. I'll see you guys around. :)
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Yep, still alive, despite many attempts by the heat to melt me into a puddle.

Car update: They fixed the distributor which was causing our car to do that lovely "I don't think I want to start now" thing, also the drive belt that was making those funky noises. When they went to test all this stuff to make sure it worked okay, they noticed that some harmonic thing which holds the belt in place was wobbling. The mechanic told my mother we could just keep wearing out belts...or he could replace the harmonic thingy. So we're replacing it, but they have to order the part from the dealer, which means we have to cross our fingers they'll have it and get it put in today and we can (please GODS) get our car back.

State of the loaner: I love my uncle very much. He's a nice guy, and it was awesome of him to loan us a car, even if it is one of his fixer-upers. However. There was a moment yesterday when Mom and I both wanted to strangle him.

That's because our power went out during the hottest part of the day (and it was out for FOUR FREAKING HOURS, but anyway) and we decied to leave Hell's own apartment for a bit. We went out to dinner at an all you can eat buffet place where they let you hang out forever. We kept calling home to see if the answering machine picked up, because it was easier than calling PG&E's hotline and playing touch-tone twister on a cell phone. ("Please input the seven-billion-digit code from your utility bill now") We figured when the answering machine picked up again, the power was back.

Finished dinner. Called home. No dice. Sooo... We went out to the library, the fancy new one on the north end of town. Yes, we went to Yuppieville in the bigass Ranchero, because we have no fear. Funny as hell, all these yuppies in their SUVs doing double-takes at the stoplights.

Anyway, when we went to head to the library, the engine almost didn't turn over. When we finally went to leave the library about two hours later- not because the power was back yet, just because we were so tired we wanted to be home even if the power was out- we were pretty sure the car was dead. It would start to turn over, chug its way towards full power as it does- and then kind of sputter out.

There was much facepalming and swearing and "He's dead, he's SO dead!" We finally got it started, after about fifteen minutes sweltering in the damn car, and drove home. Still no power. It sounded like the whole apartment complex was down at the pool, which was where I was going as soon as I dropped my stuff, changed clothes, and grabbed a towel. A PG&E truck was down the block, but I figured he'd be camped half the night, since their estimate for when it'd be back was between 10pm and 12pm Friday.

And as we were walking up the stairs- when we were on the porch unlocking the door, I kid you not, we heard the air conditioners kick in in the buildings, and lights started to come on, and the gang downstairs at the pool started cheering. I admit, I did a little dance on the porch and some yelling myself.

Is that timing, or what?

But oh god, that car- It has no air conditioning, no dashboard lights except an alternator one we've been ignoring because it never goes out, sometimes the turn signals don't work (which is okay, really, as no one else in town uses them either) and the other day as we were coming home Mom went to touch something on the dashboard, and the front cover plate tried to fall off. The bigass heavy one that runs the whole length of the front end? Anyway, I got to hold it on for the last mile or so home, and it was heavy. My poor little hands... Anyway, we wedged it back in place using the duct tape that had probably been keeping it there before, and have tried not to breathe on it since.

It has no backseat, and the truckbed in the back is useless because there's no tailgate. We had visions of our groceries scattered on the street- not good.

All in all? I miss our Toyota very much, and I may hug it when I see it again.

Oh yeah, and that's it- two power outages in one week. I'm buying a new battery for the laptop today. *grumble, curse* Bloody Gateway... "removable parts not covered by warrenty..." They suck.
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I hate our car.

Before the real estate fairy came through for us and we decided to buy the house, Mom was getting a new car this year. I think the car must know this, because it's been really bad this summer. It will get overheated and refuse to turn over and start, sometimes stranding us after two or three errands. I've been stuck at the crappy mall I only go to because it has the best movie theater, at Rite-Aid with ice cream melting in the back seat, at the post office, my dentist, the office supply store, and once, rather embarrassingly, across the street from the sales office for our new housing development.

We know it does this, and we've been trying to muddle through- give it enough time between turning off the engine and starting it again, pop the hood and air stuff out to cool it off, or for little stuff like picking up the mail on the way in to the apartment, just not turning off the engine. We've babied it and been nice to it, bribed it with car washes and fuel injector fluid, we even bought it new windshield wipers...

And last week it started making this... noise. Like one of the belts (and we only have one) was going. Too.

We know this noise. It's done it before. It started making said noise back when I was still in high school, fall of my senior year, I think. We went camping with relatives and some friends of the family- this whole huge group that used to go every year, it was insane and fun- down south at New Brighton Beach. We still lived north of Sacramento at the time. The damn thing died on us outside of Fairfield, and I mean died- black smoke pouring out from under the hood and everything, it was pretty scary. Mom and I ended up on the shoulder of a freeway exit ramp way out in the middle of fucking nowhere, in the heat, trying to figure out where the hell we were exactly so we could tell AAA where to send the two truck.

Our day got worse from there. The tow truck took us into Fairfield, and the nearest auto shop he knew of, which was Good Guys. According to the husband of a friend of Mom's who used to drive trucks through that area, it was the really horrible side of town where two women should not have been walking from Good Guys to Motel 6 at sunset. It was the Motel 6 from hell, too, so dirty and creepy I slept in my clothes, wore my shoes into the bathroom, and prayed, a lot, that nothing bad would happen to us.

So, to make a long story short, we know what the noise means. Sooner or later something will blow up, stranding us wherever we are. It would be better this time, because we'd be somewhere in town, not out in the sticks coming home from a camping trip, and AAA will tow the car anywhere within 100 miles of where it dies, which obviously includes anyplace in town. BUT. It's still summer in Fresno, which means too freaking hot, and- we'd just rather avoid the whole experience if possible.

So, Mom drove the car to the shop today, to have them check out both issues. She called me a little bit ago with the latest.

That "I don't think I want to start yet" thing? Our distributor is disintegrating.

That "oh shit not you again" nose? Drive belt.

They have to order parts, it'll be at least two days, maybe more.

I kind of want to blow up the car, except it's already trying to take care of that on its own.

As if I needed more stress right now?

Damn car...
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9 1/2 hours. And my nerves are going to kill me.

I'm finding all sorts of ways to waste time, though. So far I have taken out the trash, checked the mail (oh, yay, the power bill), posted about a dozen comments in other people's journals, re-read huge chunks of Goblet of Fire, stressed over the character death in OoP, read more chunks of GoF, and shoved books around on my shelf to make room for OoP- not that it's going there for a while; I have to read it first, then it goes to Mom.

I keep looking at the clock, willing time to go faster, which of course isn't happening.

Got the car back yesterday- it goes and it stops now. My uncle needs a fan club.

Of course, then we picked up a nail in the tire, so had to go get that taken care of. Went to the Sears in Clovis (next suburb over) instead of the Sears close to home, because Mom couldn't face those people again after they refused to help her with the battery. And my uncle got us a replacement battery in Clovis, so we figured, they're more helpful. They were, too.

Spent a fun hour wandering around the Clovis mall- even their tiny Waldenbooks is doing something for the Harry Potter book, I overheard a clerk telling someone they'll have cookies and punch.

Yes, but they have to keep mall hours, which Barns & Noble doesn't. Which amuses me.

And yes, I was going stir-crazy enough that going out to get a tire fixed seemed like more fun than staying home. It was, too.

Okay... I'm bored, and was suddenly inspired to post this thing I finished a bit ago.

Really dark, and I'm not kidding here, Snape/McGonagall )
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Two days!

I *heart* my Snape icon, I really really do...

Must call Barns & Noble later today, find out about their hours for Friday night/Saturday morning. I'm panicking because I can't find the HP release party listed on the events schedule for our store, even though there's been a big-ass banner sign hanging over the store entrance for half the month.

I will be slightly paranoid until I have the book in my hot little hands. Just the way it is.

I actually managed to hold off on starting to re-read Goblet of Fire until late this evening, after a long nap. So that should keep me busy, if slightly frustrated, for most of the time remaining in the countdown.

Car update- my uncle got us a new battery out of Sears (which is nice, since we paid for that darn warranty) and replaced the starter, which he said was bad. Something sure as heck was, and knowing nothing about cars, I would suspect something called a starter might have a little to do with the fact that it was hard to get the car to start running. :) He also noticed our brakes were going out, and offered to fix those.

He's having shoulder surgery on Friday. Mom and I have both tried telling him to take it easy, but- he likes working on cars, has fun doing it, and I think sees our Toyota as a bit of a challenge.

He was supposed to bring it back tonight after he got off work and got finished with the brakes, but he didn't show up. We figure he ended up working late. His job is really a pain in the ass sometimes.

He did finally relent to Mom's big sister routine enough to tell us he'd be fine after the surgery, since his girlfriend will be taking care of him, and his roommate will be back from vacation early next week. His girlfriend has to work Monday, though, and the roomie won't be back till Tuesday, so we've told him to call us if he needs anything.

Which, as I can't drive, will probably involve Uncle John calling me, and me calling Mom. It's either Mom or Grandma, and I just can't subject someone recovering from a major medical procedure to Grandma. She hovers, and I know she annoyed the hell out of me after I had my appendix out. She means well, but...no.

The weather reports are saying high 80's to low 90's for Friday, and it doesn't cool off that much at night. That plus the fact Mom and I've both gotten lazy means no Death Eater cloak for the release party. I'm bummed. They're doing a costume contest at [livejournal.com profile] ashkitty's B&N. Probably has a age cap anyway, but... *sigh* I just had visions of swirling that black cloak around...

Little kid: Who are you supposed to be?
Me: I'm a Death Eater, darling.
Kid: Eeep!

This must be done for Halloween, though. Must be. Not that I'll have anywhere to wear it or anything, but...

So I'm digging through my closet for the best non-cloaked Death Eater outfit I can come up with.

That nap is going to keep me up and running for a while now, but I couldn't help taking it. Got up too early this morning with the Neverending Construction Project In the Alley.
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It must be our usual mailman's day off, because when I went to check the mail I found two of those "sorry we missed you, you have a package" notices. Argh. The usual guy knows that even though the apartment numbers have been missing since they repainted the complex, there's a sign on our door- and I'm always home.

Our post office branch sucks. It's only open till 5:00 weeknights, really hard to get to, service is always bad. When we have stuff to send, we go to one of the other branches- usually any other branch. So it's annoying knowing my stuff is there, but that I can't get to it. Called Mom, and she said she'd try to get them on her way home.

In other news, the Toyota died when my uncle tried to start it this morning. Hah! Usually it won't do anything when other people are around, which is frustrating. Anyway, he got it going, and is going to take care of getting us a new starter and putting it in. We'll pay him back for the parts, buy him some Mountain Dew by way of thanks... My uncle is very cool.

I just hope that fixes the damned car. Just to be sure we're keeping the Ford through tomorrow, but I'm hoping...*crosses fingers*

And I think [livejournal.com profile] andromakhe has convinced me to listen to the OoP audio clip, so I'm off to do that.

But I'm warning you now, Andromache, if it's majorly spoilery, I'll... why, I'll tell you something worse after I read the book. ;)

update- okay, listened to clip. It's interesting, but frustratingly brief and uninformative. 1 minute 45 seconds, if anyone's interested.

No more spoilerish stuff for me though. That was just too weird.
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Damn car.

Damn car.

Wouldn't start when we were heading out to Grandma's. Which annoyed Mom more than it did me- I was sort of half hoping it would stay dead and we wouldn't have to go, but then she said she'd call Grandma to pick us up, and I thought, god no, it's bad enough as is.

Managed to get the thing started- then I was afraid it wouldn't get us home. My uncle came out to take a look at it, and it of course started right away. He came over later and swapped us cars- he's going to take the Toyota to Sears and get us a new battery, since our old one's still under warranty. They refused to listen to Mom. Sexist assholes. Anyway. So we have some old Ford my uncle's fixed up and is trying to sell. I haven't seen it yet, but you know, at least it runs.

The funny thing is that we're more worried about the Ford getting stolen by Mom's office than we ever were about the Toyota. Nobody wants a car that old anymore, and anyway, good luck getting it started.

I did decide, though, that if anybody tried to steal it while we were at Marie Callanders (left the engine running and me sitting guard) I was going to let them have it. No takers, damnit.

Oh well. They probably wouldn't have totaled it anyway- just run it out of gas and ditched it somewhere. Hence, we'd get it back.

I'm hoping the new battery will solve the problem- Uncle John says it's bulging out on one side, which doesn't sound good even to me. (And I can't drive, so why would I care how cars work? I just know ours has never worked right since it died a couple years ago and was towed to Pep Boys in Fairfield. They suck, by the way.)

Was hoping for a Ford Anglia, but it's a Fairmont or some such. Yellow.

Beats the lime green Ranchero we once drove for a week when the old car died while I was in high school. Horrible, huge, tank-like, and no power steering.

Got the curtains hung this afternoon- hottest part of the day, but we were stuck at Grandma's a lot longer than any of us wanted to be. At least we had my uncle and his girlfriend around to help distract the grandparents.

Oh, and great-grandpa. Let's not forget great-grandpa. He knew Grandma's name today- sort of. They told him at the rest home that his daughter would pick him up, and when my grandfather came instead he said, "You're not Patsy." The grandparents are encouraged by this. I'd be happier about it if he'd had a clue that she was the one sitting next to him at the table.

*sigh* My family. And the grandparents aren't traveling anywhere till September. They're going on some cruise through the Panama Canal with their oldest friends on earth. Mmmkay, whatever makes you happy I guess.

My uncle's girlfriend is very cool. Her ex-roommate works at Starbucks, and can get her free coffee. She said we could go sometime, if I wanted. Yay! Hell, I'd go even if I hated coffee- must counteract whatever ill effects the grandparents have on her.

Have had enough family togetherness for a while.

And I survived fathers' day. Yay.
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So, is it bad when Tori Amos isn't angsty enough for what you're writing, and you have to dust off the Evanescence again?

Anyway. Went out today, as my library books were due and Mom's glasses were in. And wouldn't you know but the car died again? We wandered across the street from her eye doctor's, got some lunch. Came back, car still wouldn't start. Called the tow truck again. I decided, what the hell, let's just reach over and turn the key, try one more time.

It started.

Fucking car. Evil, it is. It's going to Toyota next weekend, too. Have had it with this.

Library does not have one single copy of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe checked in. *shakes head* I'm trying desperately to find stuff to read in between my re-reading of the last half of Prisoner of Azkaban and Goblet of Fire, so that I don't end up spending half the week with nothing to read till OoP.

I went to the video rental place, figuring I'd pick up a movie or two, maybe a game. Right. They're out of everything that looked remotely interesting. Tell me it doesn't figure.

In other news, my grandmother's finally decided what we're all doing for fathers' day. (Yes, that is a bit odd. Don't ask- none of us can figure it out either.) Anyway, it's brunch, which means great-grandpa, who doesn't know anybody from- well, anybody. Always fun, that.

So I've been snapping at Mom all weekend, which is horrible of me. I hate fathers' day, though- always gets to me, no matter how much I try to tell myself that it doesn't matter.

I still maintain that those who don't have fathers ought to be exempt from having to celebrate this nonsense.

10:30 is brunch at Grandma's. Ugh. That's way too early on a Sunday to be dealing with my family, but what can you do? Going is less trouble than not going. But I swear, if I have to endure the "you know you could call me" lecture one more time... Yeah, and you could talk to me yourself, instead of telling Mom you said I'm invited to do stuff with you, too... so back at ya, Grandma.

Dear Auntie Em,

Hate you. Hate Kansas. Keeping the dog.


Very old bumper sticker. I want this on my car (if I ever get a car...or have a reason to own one).

I'm torn suddenly between wanting to finish the Narcissa Malfoy scene I'm working on, and wanting to write something entirely different. Not one of the originals- I haven't touched them all summer. Just something...different.

Strange, for as many characters as HP has, but I'm running out of Death Eaters. )

Must hang curtains tomorrow.
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Update- WinDVD still hates me, so I'm giving up.

Plotting ways to blow up our car- not that it needs it. Waiting for Mom to call again; she's taking the POS to Sears to get the battary checked.

Yeah. I was, you know, going out tonight. I tell you, the car knows. It knows.

More updates- Sears is useless, and I just hit my arm on a doorknob in the hall running to get the phone. Hurts.

And I don't think my mother is in the best of moods.

All I wanted to do was go buy curtain hooks, so we can hang my drapes this weekend... doesn't seem so much to ask, does it? argh.
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9 days.

WinDVD hates me, or at least doesn't like me very much. Plays DVDs very nicely, but refuses to do screencaps. It took me half an hour of surfing around online to discover it needs this other program installed in order to work, so I'm downloading that now, in hopes it'll help.

Mom called; car won't start. But she said she'd call again if she had to call somebody to tow it, and I haven't heard from her, so I'm hoping she's just stuck in traffic.

I really hate our car.

I was woken up by a call from my grandmother this morning- something about wanting to go up to Yosemite for father's day. Am considering supporting this, on the grounds that they couldn't very well drag Great-grandpa along with, and he's getting harder and harder to deal with. Doesn't remember who anybody is, or what year it is...We were never close, which is just as well, but it's depressing and it makes me very tired. I swear he has Alzheimer's, but the only one who will listen to me is Mom. Grandma can't deal, I guess.

*sigh* Father's day. I don't like fathers' day. Has a lot to do, I'm sure, with not having one. I used to; I don't anymore. I don't really like to talk about it either, but it always gets me on fathers' day. How I don't have one, how I've wished for years that I did...how I envy my friends their fathers.

I really think some of my serious liking for older men comes from that part of me that's seeking a father figure. It shows up in my writing like crazy, too- there's half a chapter in my post GoF Harry Potter fic dealing with the fact that Pansy Parkinson's sucks, and she looks to Professor Snape as the father she never had.

Yes. I'm wierd.

*sigh* Mom just called. Had to call the tow truck, and the damn car started up as soon as the truck got there. Goddamn fucking piece of shit Toyota! I hate that car.


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