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Hey, guys.

Yeah, still alive. I've been busy, with one thing or another. Lately it's been house cleaning. Yes, cleaning my actual house. It's about as fun as it sounds, but it needed to be done. I couldn't find things, the spare room was a mess... It's looking a lot better now. My only problem is that I moved all the extraneous junk out of my bedroom and into the spare room/office so I could vacuum, and now I don't want to put the junk back, so I'm looking for other places to stash it. Which probably means I now need to tackle a closet...which I'm not exactly looking forward to. The closets are where old messes go to hide around here.

Anyway. So I'm on summer vacation, and when I'm not cleaning, I'm rediscovering my love for old dead fandoms, like seaQuest. Yeah, I know... but the first season was a touchstone of my childhood, and I just... I miss it.

Only problem is, all the LJ comms I used to go to for fic prompts are deader than the fandoms. Does anybody have a good place? It can be on Dreamwidth, or whatever other journal site anyone might be using these days. I could just use a little inspiration and am not sure where to find it. Or I keep finding communities that sound really good, and they're dead or closed. Even Theatrical Muse is closed, which is crazy. I can't help remembering how insane that used to be, and how much fun we had (okay, so we were making fun of people a lot of the time, but still.) We did some crazy stuff back in the day.

Jeeze, I think I'm getting old. :)
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